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  1. Hello everyone! The wonderful C admin SirTacoface and the tadmin slide have helped to set up a design contest. TL;DR Imgur album available HERE. (But at least check the rules!) BACKGROUND: I have built a monopoly board on P at about 0,-500, along the north road from spawn. The purpose of the board is to have a playable mural of P history and community. Once it is complete, it will also be a fully functional and playable monopoly board (horses highly recommended). Players will be the game pieces. Monopoly money will be provided, "dice" will be available, and cards for chance and community chest will also be there. It should be a lot of fun once it's ready. However, all of the properties on that board are currently blank. There are 22 properties in all. This contest is to determine the designs for all 22 properties on that board. It will be built and decided upon by players of mcpublic/nerd.nu. Once the contest ends, I will be working on getting those designs placed on the board and will announce when it is ready for people to play monopoly. CONTEST RULES: The rules are pretty straightforward. Each property is 9x10 and designs can be any theme related to P. You could design a property to reflect a city, a build, a player, an inside-joke, whatever you like. It just must be related to P. However, you must stick to the standard server rules, such as no NSFW builds, no racism or homophobia, etc. While a normal property piece on a monopoly board is flat, you do not need to worry about that with this board. You also do not need to add the color bars (such as blue for Park Place). They will be the flat area next to your piece so people playing the monopoly board can run by if they like. You should also design one where the materials can be reasonably acquired on P, or it may not be completed. A lot of beacons and skulls would be awesome, but almost impossible to complete when there's so many properties. Captive mobs in your design may also be difficult (but possible in some cases), so keep that in mind. You do not need to be a regular p.nerd.nu player to enter. Anyone is welcome to design while the contest is open and vote once the contest closes. HOW TO ENTER: Log onto C.nerd.nu and use the command "/mvtp contest-monopoly". It will warp you to the contest area, where there are a bunch of 10x10 plots. Please remember to make your design 9x10 instead of 10x10. Use "/plotme" to get a plot and build away! You will only get one plot. Please use the closest available plots to the rules board so that people browsing the designs will see your build. Please also add a sign with your name and the name of your build. For example, if you decide to do a design based on the Unity spaceship, you might title it "Unity". This will help players remember your design when it comes to vote. Finish your design before 3/23! HOW TO VOTE: The contest will close on Monday, 3/23. You will no longer be able to claim or modify a plot on that date. We will then have 1 week of voting, which will end on Monday, 3/30. Voting will be done by poll on this forum. I will take screenshots of each design and link them with the options. If possible, we will keep the warp active so people can browse the builds in person, but I will need to check with the admins on that. The plan is for each person to have 5 total votes to allocate as they please. I will do my best to set that up in a way that prevents any funny business and allows you all to pick your favorites without issue. If the poll mechanism on the forum does not work for that purpose, we will do old fashion replies and I will hand count them. WARNING: While there are 22 properties available, only one property of any theme will be included on the board. This means that if two Unity properties win enough votes, only the design with the most votes will be placed on the actual board. Be sure to check other plots to see what themes they are doing before you decide on yours. There is a very real possibility of splitting votes! Keep that in mind when you design! Feel free to ask questions or raise suggestions. If there are any problems, we may modify the rules and we will do our best to let people know of those changes. You can also message or /mail me in game. Have fun!
  2. I normally build on P. I usually focused on a community project like UMC in the past, but this rev I am doing a monopoly board with a P theme. I would like to do a contest for the design of the property pieces on the board. I wanted to ask how I should go about setting this up. I would need an area where a lot of people can build, but it would need to be somehow restricted so that nothing else is built on that plot. I also wanted to know if anyone had suggestions for how to track the polls to determine the winners. I'd like players to be able to vote on the designs (regardless of which server they play), but also somehow prevent people from voting multiple times. Any input is welcome. I plan to hold the contest in the next week or so, so I will be checking back. Thanks!
  3. I agree very much with your summary schererererer. Some generalizing and summary is necessary to make this complex issue a bit more "digestible", and hopefully no one takes it as you trying to designate sides. I think saberfysh's post on the forum also does a good job of explaining exactly what the non-staff are faced with: The comment is on the subreddit thread, permalinked here. What people in this discussion have to realize first and foremost is that there is a divide of information. Non-staff do not have access to the same logs, chats, and other records that the staff do. We are looking at this situation after seeing something dragged out that was appalling to say the least. We have no method whatsoever of verifying anything staff has told us about the severity and frequency of these occurrences. The first thing nonstaff have done, after finding out about this and whether they read it or not, was decide whether it was important or not. Not everyone who plays is aware this has happened, and not everyone who knows thinks it's worth discussing. Next, what is there to discuss? Are they upset specifically because Tharine was involved, and therefore it affects S? Were they upset because this pertains to an issue that was brought up in the logs during the arguments? Are they upset at the behavior? Are they upset at the response? There's a lot of people who are a mix of any of those things. Some are holding to just one of them, and others to all of them. However, saberfysh's comment does well at summarizing what the basic problem is for any such combination. "it shows a fundamental lack of respect, trust, and communication between the people in charge of upholding the virtues, rules, and continued success of the server." The staff responses, while obviously not completely representative of the staff as a whole, have been varied. Some were apologetic: Some believed that this is just a symptom that there are issues to be dealt with, and they will be in time: Some think this is blown out of proportion: Some, like some nonstaff, are tired of the topic: (Note: names were left out and links not given in the instance one of these comments gets deleted and the author wishes not to be connected to it.) What many of us are looking for is for acknowledgement of a specific problem. While I only gave short clips of various comments, none of these comments or any other staff commentary has done that. Any nonstaff member can say "X is the problem". Several comments by staffmembers in the subreddit post have included commentary along the lines of the following: It's been repeated several times that nonstaff input is irrelevant. Not by troublemakers, drama starters, or trolls. It was told by staff. Hearing a final response on what the staff has decided is what many of us are looking for. We want to hear what staff thinks about this problem. Is it a problem? If it is, what will they do to fix it? The ball is in their court. The rest of us are just watching to see what comes of this. To repeat: this decision won't change playing on the server at all. This is just something that many of us think is important, and we want to hear something from staff about what the final decision is.
  4. I feel like this discussion has turned into an argument over whether Tharine alone is a good or bad influence on the server, and it's utterly ignoring the behaviors and attitudes exhibited by other staff members in the logs, as well as since this all came to light. It's not as simple as people losing their tempers. If it's so human, so normal, then why is there not a correlating change to server rules to remove the "don't be a dick" rule? Obviously, it's because it is there for a reason, and that reason is that there will be points that interventions are necessary to prevent something from turning incredibly ugly. The fact that none of the staff here seem to think that is necessary for their own interactions, even after this public incident, just comes off as hypocritical.
  5. I am not trying to imply their are any factions at all. I am pointing out that the behavior of individuals acting this way towards each other is horrible. What I'd like to see is how the staff will handle this sort of thing. The rule against being an asshole has been on the servers for a very long time. Seeing the staff treat each other this way, even if the incidents were singled out, is not something players expect. I'm not looking to see something like a mod police or even repercussions for what happened. What I'd like is for the people involved to acknowledge that such behavior is detrimental to themselves, others, and getting work done.
  6. There's been quite a few topics brought up on the forums and subreddit in the past few months regarding how moderating is done, how bans are used and handled, whether the servers should be more democratic, how to deal with "toxic players", etc. While not directly related, Tharine's recent subreddit post announcing that she was leaving included links to several documents and screenshots showing admin and moderator behavior in their private channels. Some of it was discussions on the issues that had been brought up before, and some of the discussions had been completely unknown to non-staff. In summary, it was a window to several scenes of uncensored staff drama. Much of it was incredibly disappointing to read. This thread was a response to the lack of any action or statements by the staff. Obviously not everyone is up to date, especially since it's September, but the lack of any word from the staff on the incident is disheartening.
  7. I have long been a supporter of the admin and mod team and have frequently argued against having too much user involvement in moderation or choosing moderators. That is evident through my many posts on the forums and this subreddit whenever discussing of user votes for choosing mods, admins, and other various decisions regarding the server have come up. I am bringing this up, not because I want a lynching or to single anyone out, but because I want to see the admins and mods take a step forward in transparency. I have been disappointed, but I'm not leaving. To be perfectly blunt, staff drama does not affect how much fun I have logging in and playing CTF, hunting for Unity's sponge, building UMC, and modreqing my griefed farms and murdered mooshrooms for the hundredth time. All your drama doesn't change that I have ridiculous plans for the next several revs and not one second of playing on the server has ever been affected by the personal issues between mods and admins. It's been more than a week since the leak of quite a lot of information regarding specific instances of admin and mod interactions between themselves. While it was obviously cherry-picked to make a point, it was still very shocking to the userbase. Never, in the entire time playing on this server, would I have ever expected any admins and mods to treat each other so passive-aggressively and cruelly just because their opinions weren't uniformly shared. It was utterly disgusting to read what was linked. Many of us think highly of the staff for the work they put in towards the server. This post has absolutely nothing to do with that work. It has to do with people being horrible to each other. Not one mod, admin, or any other staff of any sort has made any comment on it. While I can understand the desire to minimize drama, I would expect at least a comment to the tune of "these issues do not reflect the day to day interactions among staff" or "while this may seem like a large problem, these were isolated incidents". The lack of these reassurances or any sort of visible action on behalf of the staff doesn't make these doubts go away. Keeping the non-staff in the dark about this does not seem like the way to go. I have no intention of leaving the server, and I'm looking forward to the new rev. However, I think this needed to be brought up. I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting for a head admin to step forward and say something, even if it's just the expected "this is embarrassing, and we're sorry it exploded into something so ugly, and we're looking into preventing it from happening again" sort of spiel. I'm sure many of us still hope that the admins and mods will take the recent events as a learning moment and try to be better to each other. This is a server for a game. Passive aggressiveness, venting on each other, bullying, and all that nonsense aren't needed and are far more toxic than anything else I've witnessed on the servers. Even if the staff have made the decision not to respond or bring up this incident, I still hope each of you looks at your own actions and considers, personally, "what can I do or not do to prevent this next time?" I will not be affected one bit by whether or not you guys decide to change how you treat each other. I just hope that you guys take this as a request to acknowledge this problem and deal with it.
  8. Crossposting the link sounds like a good follow up to this post, but I'd like to see this done regularly by the mods or admins posting the thread on the forum, instead of a player having to do it for them. Even if the post is a little "old", posting it now would be good instead of just saying something along the lines of "we should do that".
  9. Blah, had a whole post written up and my browser crashed. QQ 1. I am indeed on Seneca's perms. I am also on Wellspring's, Pico's, Port 80's, Endor's, Port Aperture's, and many many more. I have also only ever built anything in Pico and Wellspring. Most of those perms were granted at the beginning of the revision so I could utilize their (not at the time) "public" farms for UMC purposes. Most of them were never revoked. I'm not the best example for the discussion regarding number of mods or nominees from one area since I'm pretty involved all over the place. And to repeat, I don't think I would want to be a mod. You guys do a great job and are excellent at keeping the community as a priority. I know I have a temper and can be a controversial player with how I run UMC, so I have no doubt my becoming a mod would cause more problems than it would solve. Perhaps that will change, but the best thing for either group is that I do not join. 2. I think many other posters covered the reasons against player voting, for admins/mods AND bans, very well and can only say that I agree. 3. The only improvement I could suggest is something someone already suggested on the subreddit, but not here: announce the nominees and allow players to PM any concerns or comments to the current admins so that they can be addressed. This avoids public mudslinging, protects the privacy of the commenter, and connects a face to the comment for the admins who receive it. This also prevents shit disturbers from simply creating anonymous accounts to game anything for the lulz. It may get spammy, and it may be annoying when it happens, but these nominations are not terribly common and it'd be easy to just scroll past any obvious flames.
  10. Non-mod chiming in here. The issues brought up in the original post on the subreddit are minor and, to the average player on the servers, will not change anything in their server experience whatsoever. I hope that the admins and mods will keep this in mind when deciding what to prioritize after the new revisions have been handled. Despite all the whining on this forum thread and in the original post, we want new revisions much more than we care about being able to read through a boring moderation log. Could the servers be more open? For sure. That would be cool. Do most of us give a shit? Probably not. Not all the responses were positive to the post, nor were they all individual people. Hell, there's even quite a few people who are regular posters on the subreddit who didn't even chime in. IT'S BECAUSE WE DON'T CARE. There are much more important things to deal with right now, like upgrading to 1.6 or getting CTF going for fundraising purposes. Posts by a by a bunch of whiny people over things that don't really effect them whatsoever don't change that.
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