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  1. I do acknowledge the rules, and I happen to have read that post before I sent my appeal. I promise I'll prevent anything like this from happening again. thanks for replying
  2. banned for homophobia on p I didn't think it was a big deal, but that's my ignorance talking. I've been increasingly impulsive, but there's no taking back words so I apologise for any inconvenience. I am no homophobic and that wasn't my intention. I'm just a stupid kid who thought they were cool at some point but lost their way in some corn maze of insensitive memery. I've acted immature and annoying in the past and that's been something I've more or less tried to phase out in the past few months. edit: think i pressed tab on accident, sent it too early
  3. thanks or clearing that up for me
  4. Yes, but I cannot find the rev 31 carto.
  5. The carto maps on the wiki have the most recent revision labeled as 31 thought that's definitely incorrect. I'm trying to get screenshots of CJC from rev 31 but the rev 31 carto is rev 32!
  6. Ah, the wonderful world of stock photography
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