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  1. While not a suggestion for improvement, I have noticed that PvE's player count is roughly speaking inversely proportional to the length of time passed from revision start. Roughly speaking, p≈p°/(1+t/T½), where p is our player count, p° is our player count at rev start, t is time passed since revision start, and T½ is the time is takes for population to halve from p°. In other words, if it takes a week to drop our player count to half, it takes two more to make it a quarter, and four more for an eighth. This seems to be a recurring trend every revision.
  2. Me, I really would prefer if any and all donation perks would stay strictly out of the game itself. It's one of my favorite things on these servers that our chat boxes are so clean and devoid of silly titles and other irrelevant noise that plague so many other places. It would be a shame to make our server worse in that regard. If anything, maybe we could have a list of donors in similar fashion to the lists that track hours played. That, I feel, would be subtle enough and would not cause annoyance. I don't have a strong opinion on the other topics.
  3. Hi! For whatever reason there appears to be thousands of entities somewhere in Whiteoak. They cause crippling lag that leaves me unable to do anything. The previous picture is taken right in the eye of the storm: I am completely unable to move where I am, and it must have taken 20 seconds just to get that picture. It was hypothesized that arrows in Whiteoak-Port80's Skeleton Grinder could be the cause of this. I find that a credible explanation as the massive lag spike is only detected in a small area in and around where I am in the picture, hinting that the entities are probably deep underground. Whatever the reason, I hope someone can fix this in a timely manner. I'm absolutely stuck for the time being.
  4. The plugin SafeBuckets, the one that makes our water still by default, I feel has become more and more useless lately, and I think its future needs a serious discussion. I feel that SafeBuckets needs to be unplugged, and here is why: First of all SafeBuckets is very un-vanilla as a plugin, since it's not normal to see still liquid in Vanilla Minecraft, and thus goes against the server's theme. Secondly the still water it gives is rather useless. While it does make water elevators and some lava killing machines easier to build, it does not really add anything irreplaceable to the game: some signs surrounding flowing liquids will accomplish the same thing still water gives to us now. And while some water elevators arguably look prettier without signs in between water blocks, I would not consider water elevators pretty to begin with. Some may disagree. But most importantly I feel that SafeBuckets's primary function as a grief-prevention plugin is so unimportant that it practically does not matter. Griefers, as far as I can tell, are not persistent enough to acquire a bucket just to knock someone's flowers or torches over. And even if they were, the loss is hardly meaningful. As for more serious griefing like murdering with lava or making derpy lava walls around, those are easily traceable nowadays. At worst a griefer may attack someone's rails or redstone, which is actually quite severe, but that they can do with natural liquid sources even now. A much better option would be to write a plugin that makes rails and redstone waterproof. A plugin like that at least would not encumber the staff day and night, like SafeBuckets does. SafeBuckets also makes a few things if no impossible, at least very hard: It is impossible to dispense flowing liquids and this must be worked around with silly piston gates. Making ponds is tough because of the glitchy interaction with still and flowing water that makes some parts of the potential pond not fill up like it is supposed to. Nowadays you'd need constant mod surveillance just to make an artificial lake. The absence of SafeBuckets would obviously be beneficial for everyday building, but it would be particularly useful for making grinders. For example in a skeleton grinder getting the water to flow immediately would make building much less dangerous much faster. In an Ender grinder the benefit of getting immediate water cover is obvious. In summary, SafeBuckets is un-vanilla, seriously hinders everyday building, encumbers staff, and is irrelevant against griefing. If I was king, I'd replace it with another plugin like the one described above. But, all of the above was only what I think. I may be right, I may be wrong, some may even disagree. What I want here is a serious discussion on this matter. The server's interests are largely also my interests, and that's why I'd want a thorough investigation about this matter so at the end of the day we can be sure we're making the right decision.
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