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  1. BOOM! I loved this rev. As i love all revs. The Spawn: • Was spawn easy to navigate? Could you find the things you needed to find easily? • On occasion I had trouble. Minecraft doesn’t provide the best way finding. I would recommend using only high-contrast signage. White on spruce perhaps • Is there anything you would like to see done differently with Spawn in Rev 26? • Even more OP items? • We tried make spawn very interactive, having plots players can claim inside spawn with some building restrictions, how do you feel this went? • Yes! I loved having a plot, and all the other plots were great! perhaps there could be the same amount of plots, but in spawn city? If we keep the loop around, let’s make the road a bit wider? The Over-world: • Do you think that this map size (6k x 6k) was good? Should it be bigger, smaller or similar next rev? • Hard to figure out. I don't travel much. Does it have an impact on performance? Even though there are big open spaces, it's nice to have open space. • This rev we used vanilla map with some painting. Do you feel it was a good mix of custom and vanilla? • Vanilla is fine, painted areas add a little something extra. It might be nice to do an enhanced vanilla!? Go in and augment? A big cavern, Much deeper ocean, oversized coral. Widen some rivers, deepen sand in deserts, etc. • How did you find the distribution of ores this revision? • Great! I want more everything! The Nether • This revision we had another custom Nether (3000x3000) created by totemo, it featured different biomes designed to provide areas for bulk mining resources like concrete powder and with structures from Community build contests and Padmins. • How did you feel about the custom generated map this revision? • Great! • Would you like to see a custom nether again? • Yes! We can have a chunk of custom, but not next rev.. since… we want the new stuff! • The Nether contains new custom mobs designed by cujobear. How did you feel about the custom mobs this revision? Weren’t the twins adorable? • I loves these! This was great! I want to make badges! • How was the distribution of quartz and glowstone? • I took so much glowstone from the nether, but we need a true 100% desert to stop strip-mining in the overworled. The End: This revision we had a custom generated End created by cheezychicken, (5000x5000) It featured separate islands of biomes to retain The End’s feel.We also redesigned the Dragon Fight- The Dragon Fight plugin was developed by totemo, and the bosses were designed by totemo and cujobear with input from all the Padmins. Generation: • How did you feel about the custom End this rev? Did you like the separation into islands? • I didn’t notice, i only went to the end to quickly get some shulkers • How did you feel about having ores generated in areas of the End that were plumped but didn’t have custom drops? How was the ore distribution? • Distributed! Dragon Fight: • How did you feel about The New Dragon fight? Was it too easy/difficult/just right in your opinion? • OMG. i didn’t fight the dragon yet. I don’t feel like I’m ready. • Any other suggestions you’d like to share for the fight? Elytra: • How did you feel about the method of obtaining Elytra this revision? • I got mine for free.. Since I am to scared of the dragon • Did you enjoy the Prize Boxes ?Did you feel the prizes awarded were worth the battle? Did you like the option of collecting different Prize Boxes? • Do you have any other ideas you have for methods of obtaining Elytra? Shulkers and other mobs: • Did you enjoy continuing to have free range shulkers instead of a shulker spawner? • YES! Free Range Shulkers FOR EVER • How did you feel about the other mobs that appeared in the end? Mapworld: • Are there any additions you’d like to see in Mapworld next revision? • Mapworld? Portals: • This revision we had 8 claimable portals across the map, all available from day 1 of the revision. • Did you feel that the number and distribution of portals this rev was good? • Honestly, i just want my own portal. • Do you have any ideas for how portals should be implemented next rev? • Can everyone have their own player-sized portal? the size of a door? It connects to the closest official portal. so it is one way travel only Iron Golem Spawners: The Iron Golem Spawner costs changed for this revision, based on the feedback we had received from the last revision. The cost of the upgrades remained the same • Do you feel that the cost of an iron golem spawner was fair? • 100% I keep giving faz souls, i get lots of iron Custom Spawners: • This revision we had a Creeper, Squid, Slime and Drowned spawner, all available to be found from the first day of the revision. • How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? Would you like to see more added as time progressed? • THIS WAS AMAZING • Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? • Were the spawners well hidden? Should they be harder to find? Easier? • If they were all found. Then it was done great. Shouldn’t be too easy. Custom Drops: • This revision we continued the use of custom drops from ores, mobs, and in loot chests. • This was great! • How do you feel about the rates of custom drops dropping, too frequent or too rare? • Gimme more! I want all the stuff! • Do you have any ideas for new ways to obtain custom drops? • Use existing crafting recipes to turn drops into special custom crafted drops • How have the custom drop trades been so far this rev? Any kinds of trades you’d like to see in the future? • All existing trades are amazing, and I want even more! Enchanted Mob heads? I can have Protection while wearing Cujo’s head? Custom trades: • Have you enjoyed the custom trades this revision?• Yes! • Would you like to see them return for next revision? • They better Events: • We Continued the weekly events this rev, would you like these to continue? • Yes Rev Theme: • This revision the theme was Road Trip ! • This Rev we worked with C to host a Build Contest which resulted in player builds being hidden around the map . Was this something you felt added to the experience of this rev? Did you enjoy discovering them as you searched the map? Would you like this to be included again? • YES DO THIS MORE! Were there enough submitted? Could there have been even more? I’ll built 800 • Do you feel the theme of a revision adds to your experience? • Yes! it adds a little something extra • Should events and server planning be more tied to the theme? Less? • They don’t need to be. Special one off, maybe. The Mod hunt was GREAT!
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