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  1. So you're banned for one month and all your stuff will have been rolled back so you'll start from scratch. You can re-appeal on the 27th of march and I suggest you get familiar with our rules. Closing this post tomorrow if discussion is over. Ban for oscelot_tamer on c.nerd.nu for Xraying on PvE nerd.nu/appeal by Ozomahtlii on 2015-02-27T17:41:22.802
  2. Hello Oscelot_Tamer I banned you for xraying and griefing, though I changed the ban to just xraying as the griefing was a mistake on my part. There are multiple instances where you are mining and suddenly change directions straight into an ore vein, for the most part into diamond veins, that would not have been visible to you without xray. Here are some of the instances (For clarity: this last one with glass is to show that you went into another persons mine just to dig straight to diamond) Do you still stand by your statement that you have never xrayed?
  3. X-ray offences have mostly resulted in one month long bans. This thread was indeed an appeal, but this thread will moved to closed appeals to keep the forums more organized so you will have to make a new appeal.
  4. Ban for oh_apollo on c.nerd.nu for Xraying on PvE nerd.nu/appeal by Ozomahtlii on 2015-02-26T21:00:56.380 You may re-appeal your ban in one month, so 26th of March. Also please re-read the rules and follow them when rejoining the server. (Will close this thread tomorrow if there are no replies)
  5. Hello Oh_apollo You have been banned for xraying on PvE, too bad you are denying it but I have lots of proof to back up the ban. In all of my next screenshots it will show that you went into somebody elses mining tunnels, and mined left or right straight to diamonds or other ores. First instance: The light blue colour at the left is diamonds and at the right are other ores, the light gray boxes are stone you've mined to access these ores, as you can see the ores were not visible and you would have to be quite lucky to randomly turn left or right into someones tunnel to find such ores Second: Same as before, I added both glass (where you mined stone) and black glass (where somebody else mined stone) to show the different players mining Third: Second part or third: Fourth: And some others Does this changes your mind of your previous knowledge of xray?
  6. There was a post about having a facebook page a couple of months ago, not much intrest from the members of the community:
  7. Hello furugutten, Since this is your first ban on our servers and this ban is more than 8 months old I'll unban you right away, though I would appreciate it if you read the rules. Enjoy playing on our servers :)
  8. Once player has been killed he has the respawn option or the disconnect server option on his screen, since he's been killed nolog doesn't count it as a log I believe so there wouldn't be a problem there
  9. I don't think that's the right attitude for this as I believe anyone should be allowed to play on the servers if they stick to the rules. I would see it as players from other server coming on survival, testing the waters but with a lower risc at start (by hiding further out the map), they will from time to time get killed or maybe try killing other people themselves, and might have fun from it, leading to more actively pvp'ing players. Also right now any more players would probably be a plus for the server... (though that may be just my opinion) I think having it on for a week or maybe two weeks would certainly be a good start, I'm certainly looking forward to it. But having a smaller map may be a partial solution for the far out bases.
  10. Hello athos, Since your ban is old I'll just go ahead and unban you. Just a friendly reminder, even if things seem silly, there are still rules that you will have to follow if you don't want to end up here again, and I hope you won't. Enjoy your stay :)
  11. Closing due to inactivity (2 weeks without replies) Please reappeal when you wish to be unbanned
  12. When you say removing them, do you mean removing them just before the suggested mods get modded, or as in not being allowed to voice negative opinions on suggested players? If it's the latter then we'd just see a lot more names put in the real nomination list and a lot of no votes from the people that would have voiced negative opinions. I suppose you mean the first but just wanted to make sure
  13. Also a question considering the policy of using this, what about farms? Would farms also have the possibility of being protected even though most people do replant?
  14. First of all, you were banned for hacking. Some users reported you in mumble and also in modreq so I came to check it out and noticed you were setting off a lot of no cheat plugin notifications and you were also going awfully fast, a bit later you started flying over trees at which point I kicked you with a warning to remove your hacks You rejoined without hacking for a bit then you started flying again towards a player, that is when I banned you for hacking Do you have anything to say about this?
  15. It is indeed linking to google, and he sends you such links as a sublte way of telling you to stop submitting unnecessary posts / questions that you could easily find the answer of on google. Had you searched on google you would have been able to update it already right after you asked that question, in stead of making another useless comment 4 days later
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