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Found 104 results

  1. Hey there guys, now that finals have released me from their vile clutches, I want to get up and going on a few things! Tebok's post with irc logs shows some of the discussion that went on tonight, and one of the things talked about was how we can better communication and help keep everyone in the loop between players, mods and admins. There's often a disconnect when player/mod Y comes to admin X and says "I've got Z problem," and then that problem gets discussed in the admin-o-sphere, but people outside it don't know that, and so it feels like there's nothing being done about it, no discussion going on at all (when that's not true). One way I see of combating that is by having some sort of working list of current projects/discussions, so that at least people are aware of what things are currently on the table, and who they can contact if they have questions/input. Perhaps have one for admins -> mods and staff -> community? I don't know what would be the best venue for this would be, or if we have something that we can use in the forums, but here's a link to a quick little google doc of my to-do list. Obviously please don't share that link outside of mods, as it's got 6K info in it, and let me know what you all think about some sort of official to-do list.
  2. I'm aware item frames make a server exploit possible. Previously I assumed this was a blanket issue across all servers. However, I've recently seen the frames in use on S, so there must be more to this issue than I'd originally understood. If spamming the items caused the exploit, making the items mod placeable would solve it on C usually, so there must be a reason we haven't done that. So would someone with a technical understanding bring me up to speed (in private on IRC if necessary)?
  3. Is it possible to enable /home and /modreq to record a player's heading/direction in addition to their location?
  4. Can we limit the discussion to P this time around, please. And can we have a (favourable, official) decision on it soon, pretty please. http://nerd.nu/archives/index.php?p=/discussion/19560