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[AC -> PMC] Rev 23 Planning and Discussion Thread


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We have begun to start the preparation for Survival rev 23. Ultimately, we are looking to get this rev built and out within about a weeks time frame. We're taking a different approach to a few things than usual, and would like to get everyone up to speed on a few things we're planning. If you have concern with any of them PLEASE bring them up to one of us Sadmins.

We'll be editing this post (and my claimed-for-space post following) to continue working towards the next chapter in Survival.


Hopefully will be outsourced to players again this rev, we've posted our looking for builds threads here and here . We've got nothing set hard in stone on it, aside from the regular expectations of all survival spawns "at least include a suitable safe zone to spawn into, as well as a section either immediately or close by to list the rules". 

Allowing players to build the spawn, arena, and various other buildings on Survival has continued to allow players to feel like it is their server, and that's something I feel we would all like to continue.
We're considering placing it in the Nether this rev. So there's that. We're looking at putting a portal there to the over-world, as well as a few warp signs to the general region around 0, 0 on the map. It'll help further clear up spawn camping, and allow us to put the arena in the center of the map.


Vanilla seeds tend to work perfectly fine on Survival, and I think we'll be going with one again this time around unless someone has a custom map they've been working on that I don't know about. If we go with vanilla, we need to look for a 0,0 (spawn) biome that is not ice/snow, jungle or ocean. These do not make appealing starts to revs. Players often complain of one road being entirely ocean, so that's something we ought to avoid as well.
Seems cyotie has found us a seed. Pending approve/deny.
EDIT: Seed found - hosted on build server. 


The current simple cardinal-direction road system worked great this rev, however we'd be open to suggestions to any different road setups. We're not stuck on it, but it's worked well thus far. Why fix it? 
Contemplating dropping first set of portals, and placing one in spawn area.


We're looking at keeping the current load-out of plugins, and hoping to add a few new ones. We recently added MobLimiter, and we'll continue to monitor that and player response to it. We'd like to look into...well generally redoing our chat functionality in it's entirety, which is a huge change, but something we'd like to further look into with HeroChat . It's got a lot of nifty features and a working ignore function, which is something we're still largely missing.

We've also fallen in love with the SimpleClans plugin  It'll allow for structured clans, as well as groups on the fly. It's got heaps of handy little bits of utility to it (such as friendly-fire modifiers and an ally/rival system - not to mention it's own kill/death ratio tracker). We're looking towards higher clan and group functionality - through this and a few other methods - but trying to eliminate placing any sort of constraint on 'clans' or what they are on Survival.

Another I've heard many players wanting is KillStreak although I truthfully have no hard opinion on it either way.
RebalanceVillagers is currently broken. Zombies villagers will not convert, and villagers won't breed, although there seems to be a pull request on the git that fixes the breeding problem. We'll need to look into alternatives that allow us to replace the trade sets with our own variable trades. We also want to be able to bring in our own trades, such as horse eggs. One temporary fix to the availability of horses would be a trade sign in spawn.
We'll be looking into the implementation of these on the Chaos map and hopefully getting feedback from it there.

Looking into the reintroduction of beds on Survival, current way would be through Syn's plugin, Lucky if it's finished (of if someone has an alternate idea?) 3 deaths within 5 minutes resets you to spawn proper. This'd allow for beds to be brought back, and mitigate some base and spawn camping. One thing viewed as both a problem and a benefit: it might spread the map out a bit. We'll be solving that, hopefully, by placing the world border at 1500 out and expanding it to 2000 after a week or so.
Grief bait's a somewhat unclarified rule in the Survival list, along with plenty others. I'd like to go forward from Trooprm's thread and make a decision on revising that rule.
Survival chat can often be a harsh place. While we all can agree, some shit talk is part of the PvP experience, some players often take things to far. In lieu of a working ignore function, and in response to the sometimes dickish attitude on S, I think we ought look towards reworking our chat rules. Low priority to getting the rev up, but worth discussion.
Some Non-Vanilla
Last rev we brought in about 8 creeper spawners per quadrant, by replacing existing poison spider spawners with them. We intend to do the same this rev. It allowed for better access to splash potion materials.
We're considering doing the same with witch huts this rev, and putting witch spawners in them.
We'll be keeping moblimiter as is
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Those plugins sound cool! Ignore would go a long way - it works wonders on another game I play where the gc is like S gc on depressants with a dash of vulgarity. Being able to more formally create groups (and stats!) goes hand-in-hand with the introduction and development of clanchat. It'll be interesting how that newer aspect of S culture continues to develop under the new plugins should you choose to use them.

I'll be interested in following these developments, the plugins in particular.

Thanks for being on the ball, SAdmins :-)

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Sorry for not posting an update sooner.


We have decide to go with a 1.6.4 rev because the 1.7 update is taking longer than any of us thought. The map has been picked and we have started working on it. We are hoping to launch sometime in the upcoming week, but there are still a few things that need to be done. The map is whitelisted and is on [redacted]. If you would like to be whitelisted you can ask any sadmin or techadmin.


Here is a check list of the things that need to be done. Anyone is more than welcome to help with any of these, but please post what you are working on here so we don't have the same thing being done twice. 


WorldEdit/Pasting in:

  • Spawn
  • Arena
  • Roads and nether portal areas



  • Nether roads
  • Admin room
  • Clan Hall- should be made inaccessible from the outside (could be underground), and should have a place for players to warp to from spawn.
  • Guideline room for new player - will be in the room under the first floor of spawn where the clan hall currently is.
  • Spawn secrets  
  • Hidden portals - need one for each quadrant. Please don't post coords here for them, send them to a sadmin. (+,+ Built)(-,- Claimed)(-,+ Built) (+,- Built)



  • Spawn - including correct flags
  • Arena - including correct flags
  • Clan Hall
  • Roads -  regions should go 25 above, 10-15 below, and should be the width of the road.
  • Portals -  regions should go to sky limit, and 10-15 below, and should be the width of the portal area. 
  • Nether roads and portals 
  • Hidden nether portals (+,+ Protected)(-,+ Protected)




  • Add spawners - will be done by a sadmin.
  • Add rule signs to spawn
  • Make spawn area look better
  • Test the simpleclans plugin

One last thing, this has been posted in private mod chat, so please keep this information private. 

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This thread has been up for way to long (thanks 1.7) , and I hope this will be the last update to it. 


I have made a public spreadsheet of what needs to be done before we can launch rev 23. As you can see there is very little left to do. The three biggest things are fixing the road regions, pasting the area in, and redacted.


  • Redacted is something that needs to be done by a Sadmin.


  • The regions made in the 1.6 map were copied over so they should only need adjusting. We will need to create regions for the portal areas.


  • For the arena, we will be using three of them this rev, and I would like to make a chain of islands in the ocean and have the arenas on the,. This will be four separate islands connected with bridges. There is a smaller arena made by chumazing, one mid sized one made by LadyRavenOwl (still being built, but should be done soon), and a larger one built by smiler. We will not be having a clan hall this rev because of simple clans, so I would like to reuse the building we were going to use and make it into a place with information about the arena.


I think it should look something like this. The shape and placement can change, the photo is more about the idea.




If you would like to help with the regions and/or the arena island let me know and I will add you to the server. 


One last thing, I'm typing this after being up for 24+ hours, so if some of it does not make sense I will fix it later. :P 

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