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how could I increase the score submission in reddit


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It depends entirely on that subreddit's userbase. If people are interested in your post and are pleased by it, they will likely upvote it. Because reddit has such a broad variety of different characters, getting to the front page can be very hard or easy, usually depending on who sees it. I suggest you lurk the subreddit you want to post in for a bit, to see what the users there generally approve of. Just a tip, this might've been better off being posted on "Off Topic". 

Some subreddits with tightly packed communities, like ours, will give upvotes to peers more often. Again, I suggest lurking, it helps a lot. Some users lurk for years before posting anything, but you probably don't want to do that. Familiarize yourself with the entire thing and make sure you aren't reposting, and you should be set. 

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