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Survival Suggestions / Feedback

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Heres my suggestion


It seems this revision over complicated plugins/commands, raiding, and prison pearl drove away a lot of the players.


My suggestion is do the opposite, this rev the server was really hard, it took a long time to gear up, and you could easily loose it to pvp or a raid.


Next rev, we bring back roads, a central spawn and no griefing, but we make everything easy to get. such as having enchant-ism, a big xp plump, and plumped diamonds.


I think another thing we need is something to keep players coming back and to pour their resources into. Such as a king of the hill, that happens at specified times, possibly every day, or once/twice a week, were a player has to stay on the cap zone for 25 minutes, while other people try and knock them off. To win this people would basically have to exhaust the other clans supplies until they didn't have any armor and weapons left to knock the other clan's off cap. The rewards for an event like this would be lots of hard to get things, like wither skulls, diamond/gold blocks, and unobtainable enchants, such as sharp 6, prot 5, unbreaking 4 etc. There is already a plugin for this, it can be configured for the cap to become active at a set time, or a mod could start it when theres lots of people on. 


Even if we didn't do something like a koth, I think a big weekly/bi weekly event to get people on and use up their resources would be great, as people would play the event, and gather resources during the week.

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