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A Players YouTube [shameless plug]


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As some people know, during rev 24 of Survival DementedM0nkey and I created a lets play of the few days we played before everyone left. We decided not to do rev 25 due to the lack of pvp. We recorded around 2-3 hours, and couldn't find anything interesting to really do, so we abandoned the project. However with UHC and a new rev coming this saturday, we have decided to revive our lets play! Rev 26 will be fully recorded (though we tend to cut out the boring parts such as mining, unless our conversations are interesting) as well as UHC being recorded. Not only that, but we are planning to record any organized fights that want to be recorded and possibly commentated on. We're considering doing tours of cities on PvE, and also going through creative and showing off any builds we find highly entertaining. And finally, we're also interested in recording spleef events/matches possibly adding our own commentary as well.


If you are interested in getting your city toured, or your build on C shown off, please message me to let me know and we would be highly interested in doing so :]


While we're not going to be a strictly minecraft channel, our focus for the most part (at least at first) is going to be showcasing all the servers on nerd.nu.


Our new channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScrubismGaming

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