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  1. rekt In the end it doesn't matter too much. I saw nerd going somewhere with a little ambition, the head admins at the time did not. We lost S, player numbers are dropping on the other servers, and there's not very much activity on the forums here compared to before. I just want to see a nerd PvP server succeed. Like did you hear about the wings? Could you imagine how fun that would be? Imagine a world where there isn't any roads. It's just floating mountains and landmasses everywhere, and players have access to wings at all times. You just glide everywhere. Like, that would be sick. Unique, fun, strategic. Sure there are flaws, but every idea has flaws that have to be worked out
  2. Sorry, been away from civilization and internet for a bit. But I don't know what you're suggesting. Are you saying start this as a new server without nerd, or start working on everything without nerds permission? If it's the first, then I guess I should explain that I really don't care all that much to start my own community and servers and what not. I've been pushing ideas out like this since like 2014 or something, if I really cared to start on my own or join another community then I probably would have already done that. If you're saying start on it on my own for nerds usage, why would I waste my time? If head admins had any interest in this idea at all, they probably would have replied here with some concerns or questions, or possibly have messaged me directly about it. Since neither of those have happened, I assume they are going to "keep this idea in mind" along with the many other ideas players have submitted over the years. Maybe one day we'll get that zombie survival event that I think C had a building contest for a couple years ago.
  3. I don't know man, it just depends who would be down to help build, who we could get to help out that understands tech stuff and who all wants to really see the server happen. If I was completely by myself, I could make the map and probably start building stuff but I don't know anything about plug ins or tech work lmao
  4. As far as server settings, it should be pretty simple in theory (but i'm no tech admin). From my limited knowledge, all that would really be needed is a plug in for the clan bonuses and citadel. Everything else I'm pretty sure nerd already uses within its servers already (with a little tweaking). Making the map would probably be the more difficult part. I mean one person could do it, but having people help build would be pretty neat. I'm not sure honestly. Actually making the world would be simple, only the building would be time consuming. However there are some people who enjoy doing that kind of work so hopefully they could help :-)
  5. o u kno who it is folks its ya boiiiii dizney bringin u anoda brilliant idea oooooo here we go Actually this is an idea I've had in my google docs that I found while writing my final term paper lmaooooooo but I thought I'd post it just to throw something else out there and see if someone wants to take off with some of the ideas or what not. Map: - The map is made up entirely of desert biomes. - Three major cities (destroyed, apocalyptic looking, etc) spread out across the map - 8 to 10 smaller destroyed locations (amusement park, boardwalk, airport, hospital, etc.) spread out - Everything is destroyable Basic Gameplay: - Players spawn with a kit of leather armor, stone sword, and a bit of food in one of the three major cities. Whenever a player dies and respawns without a set bed, they always respawn in one of the three cities and always with a kit. - No trees, wood can come from abandoned structures. - Ores are sparse but still exist. Diamonds can only be found in diamond blocks scattered around cities/structures or won in arenas/ruins/colosseums. - Citadel style system is used to protect blocks and structures, griefing is allowed. - Whenever players spawn they begin with a "guidebook" (not a rule book, but more of an explanation of new things) - Rotten flesh can be cooked to make it not give poison hunger (or whatever its called) - Health doesn't heal unless hunger is 100% full - No enderchests - Mobs that spawn in cities/structures are significantly more strong than mobs spawning in the desert. - XP is vanilla and enchants are restricted. Better enchants/unique enchants are only available through mob drops in the ruins or through winning colosseums/arenas Clan Bonuses: - Players within an official clan (registered by a mod/admin) get a strength boost when fighting near one another - Registered clans spawn with leather armor that is dyed whichever color they choose (128 different colors if I did math right) The Colosseum: When players enter the colosseum (with /colosseum), they spawn within a room on the bottom floor of the arena. Whenever a fight begins, a random amount of random rooms will be opened (maybe 1v1's, FFA's, etc.), and those people are expected to fight. If a player is killed, they become a spectator and may leave the colosseum, however if they return, they will spawn within a room again and might be expected to fight. This forces players to come as equipped as possible if they wish to enter the colosseum, and all winners will be given amazing gifts. When players leave the Colosseum, they spawn at their bed or at a city. Mob Ruins: Taking the place of the mob arena, these ruins consist of different floors going down. Each floor has mobs, with each floor getting more powerful mobs. However the more powerful the mobs, the better the drops (diamonds, armor, unique enchants, etc.). Players won't know how many floors exist, however defeating the ruins means the players will have a statue built of themselves in the center of the world along with bonuses to their character overall. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer, and suggestions are welcome. Even if this isn't something nerd is looking for right now, maybe it will be in the future!
  6. Most players commenting on this thread have been playing for years, and left for different reasons. I left because I really didn't have as much time to help out as I thought I would during the fall, and then S was shut down so I didn't really have a place to come back to. However this doesn't invalidate my opinion, or anyone elses opinion. Players who have played on the servers for years in the past have an idea of whats going on. We can check the forums and reddit and see that nothings changing (in terms of the rules and other things being discussed here), which leaves it largely the same as before we had even left. Personally I don't really mind the ban system as a whole. Changes that I think would benefit players more is have a set auto unban time, meaning if a player is banned for a couple days for griefing or whatever, they're automatically unbanned in 6 months or so. This way we won't have players always banned from our servers, and we won't have to see the "hi i was baned like 2 years ago lol my brothers sisters dog was playing on my account and killed 3 billion cows he really doesnt like cows lol pls unban" posts. Tempbans would be cool too. I like the idea of giving a small ban to newer players who break rules unknowingly. Overall I just want a system that doesn't revolve around the staff, but revolves around the player. Right now, bans are set by the staff member and that's that. If bans are set up to be relaxed to first time offenders and punish players who are continuing to break the same rules, we can't pin that on the staff. It's the players fault.
  7. Riding on this, keeping players happy is the key to success. You can have everything possible in a server to make it great, but if players aren't happy, they aren't going to stay. Sure you could tell blocknoob123 that they can just punch stone to get out of the ravine they accidentally fell in after spawning 5 minutes ago, or you could TP him out to where he fell, tell him "be more careful next time :)" and probably make his day. What is wrong with that mentality? It's not abuse, it's saving time and making the staff look like they actually care about the players who play here.
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to say I'm finally taking a leave from nerd. I could write a sap story, a funny story, a negative drama post, or something about the friends I've made here, but honestly those all cover everything. Since I've been here nerd has brought many different emotions out of me, and I really do love this community. I plan on returning in the future sometime if possible when I get more time, but right now it's looking like I'll be away until at least december, so I'm gonna say good bye for now. So here's a list of some people from nerd that I've found awesome in my time here: - mgmt/mafianation: lmao you guys suck but miss you both and thanks for introducing me to nerd <3 - AC13O: yooo this guy taught me how to pvp and then we were enemies the next rev and on :') - Getafever: you smell bad but you led the first clan I was apart of, and it was awesome honestly. everyone hating us was more fun than I imagined - Mumberthrax: ayy lmao thanks for trying to fix S and thanks for being a good friend even when everything was going wrong - Eehee: this guy is just a clown honestly - Abiuv: greatest author ever, and we started a clan together that i was in charge of and not you ;-) - TornadoFatherDown: lmao you three crack me up. at least some people still tried to PvP after everyone else stopped, and please keep your shirts on - DementedM0nkey: I may have brought you to nerd, but it was hella fun messing around with you ya dang monkey. shout out to our 2 episode lets play - djt: this taco might be part tortilla, but he's one of the best friends I've made on nerd and will always have a place in my heart even if you won't send me a selfie on snap chat like come on fam we've been friends for years - rtr69: ayy lmao we used to hate each other and i loved it, then we stopped hating each other, and then we were sadmins together, and now i can confidently say you're one of my best friends. from trying to figure out economy, to zerging, to trying to hunt down techs, to messing around in random games on steam, it's been a blast getting to know you. you can always come to me for anything, and i wish you all the best in life. but remember, when all else fails, when everything is going wrong, when life picks you up and throws you off a bus, it will always be my swamp <3<3<3 ya that's def not everyone, like I could say great things about diznatch, Aca, Uni0, Barlimore, c45y, and the list goes on and on but really I don't have that kind of time. So basically, if you think I like you, I probably do, and you probably had a positive affect on my time here at nerd so ily bby never forget me <3
  9. Been inactive for the past few days (maybe a week, not sure) because of moving, but should have set internet up and running by tomorrow! EDIT: Yeah, so the internet never happened. Plus preseason means I probably won't be around until monday the 17th and that my legs are dead :-(
  10. I'm absolute trash but if you need someone to fill the bracket I'm down. If anyone else wants to sign up though, please put them in in front of me :-)
  11. r u kidin me ur supose 2 b ded m8 how r u respondin
  12. What if instead of changing the timer, we made it so players can't use /spawn if another player is within a 20 block radius (or something like that). If you see someone trying to use /spawn, ender pearl into the radius and then it gets cancelled. That way players aren't awkwardly sitting in the same spot for a full minute, but also gives the player more of a chance to interrupt the process. Thoughts?
  13. Ah I see, I searched nerd.nu and nothing comes up. Kind of odd, but I'll relook everything back over tomorrow :-) Yeah that's what I thought but I didn't want to assume anything either
  14. In my opinion, every single site here that's free we should be on. There's literally no reason not too, free advertising is amazing. From there a simple thing to do would be analyze what sites are bringing in the most people (which we can do by setting up some kind of link to a survey in game on all servers). Then we can determine which sites would be smart to actually invest money in (i.e. making a bid for sponsorship, becoming premium for a month/couple of months). From there, we should have an even larger influx of players (in theory of course). Also something I brought up to the heads is that a really strong tool in marketing is videos/trailers. Allowing players to see what exactly they'll be dealing with is a great move. Showcasing town walkthroughs of PvE, arenas/fights from S, massive amazing builds from C, etc. If anyone has seen the trailer for the upcoming game "The Division", the trailer is shown as players playing through the game, giving viewers insight to exactly what's available. This in my opinion is a strong way to showcase our server, and we can add it in with any advertisement we create.
  15. Hey guys, I decided to do a bit of research involving advertising and marketing (since I’m a marketing major all this stuff interests me) to see what sites we should be marketing ourselves on, what sites we can ignore, and what sites give us the best advertising for the best price. I'm going to continue to update this throughout the next few days (I want to try and hit every site on that list for now, but I'm probably not going to stop there). Heads, feel free to move this to Modchat (or even public in the minecraft section) as this isn't meant to be a secret, but I wasn't sure if you guys would want this+a discussion to be private about it or not. To start, I'll be using this site to begin my research (though I won't be posting sites that have less than 100k visits a month): https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/199/Advertising-your-server.html A template of what this is going to look like is: Site address Price per month Internet traffic Are we on it already/should we be ===================================================================== Site: https://minestatus.net Price: Free to post server, bid to get a server sponsored. They only sponsor 5 servers a month, with the lowest bid being $265 last month. Traffic: 3.2 Million total visits in June | Were on the decline for a while, seems to be rising back up currently though. Lowest in 2015 was 1.45 million in feb, currently June has the highest. Are we on it: No. Why not? We can post a server for free, this seems to be a solid option overall. Site: http://craft-list.net/ Price: Free to post server, VIP purchase gets a server to the front page but I couldn’t find out the price since you have to select a server to make VIP. Traffic: Not enough info, but one of the comments on the site is that at least 1,500 players visit the site a day. That comes out to be around 45,000 players a month. Are we on it: Same as before, not on it however it’s free and we don’t lose anything to at least have our server on the site. Site: http://minecraftservers.org/ Price: Free to post server, bid to get a server sponsored. They only sponsor 5 servers a month, min bid is $200 Traffic: 15.4 Million visits in June | Seemed to be steady at 5-6 mil a month, huge jump in April and is now on the rise. Are we on it: No. Seriously, are we on any of these? Sure to get sponsored it costs something but why not at least post our servers on here? Site: http://minecraftservers.net/ Price: Free to post, to sponsor the owner has to have a server so I can’t check pricing Traffic: 1.1 Mil in June | Was normally in the 300k-500k range, moved recently to the low millions Are we on it: No. Free to post, not posting. I’m seeing a trend. Site: http://minecraftserverlist.eu Price: Free (and we can even post our CS:GO server here as well), premium is €20 a month, ultimate is €50 a week (mainly to get on the top page) Traffic: 1.2 Mil in June | Sits around 400-600k pre-summer, in the summer is topping 1 mil consistently Are we on it: I think everyone can see the pattern here Site: http://vote4craft.net Price: Free to set up a server, $19.00 a month for a sponsorship (front page banner) Traffic: Hovers around 30-50k Are we on it: No Site: minecraft-mp.com/ Price: Free to set up, wayyyyyyy too much to bid (lowest bid was like $2,500) Traffic: 9.2 Million this month | averages around 5 mil Are we on it: YES. Site: http://topg.org/Minecraft Price: Free to set up, $19 a month for premium Traffic: 4.2 Mil this month | Averages 3-4 Mil a month Are we on it: No Site: http://mineservers.com/ Price: Can’t find any info on pricing, looks free to set up and that’s about it Traffic: 600k in June | Averages between 300-550k Are we on it: c.nerd.nu is, but at the time of writing this it says there’s 21/200 players on, so I’m thinking this is nerd as a whole (since when I was on minecraft-mp.com it said around 9, 4, and 6 on all the servers) Site: http://www.minetrack.net/ Price: Free, premium is $15 a month, bidding for sponsorships is done monthly (lowest bid was $21) Traffic: 180k in June | 100-200k average Are we on it: Can’t find a way to search so I’m not sure Site: http://www.minepick.com/ Price: Free, sponsorships available Traffic: 300k in June | average 100-400k Are we on it: No Site: http://mc-serverlist.com/ Price: Free, sponsorship bids min $30 Traffic: 260k in June | on the rise, use to level out around 100k, now consistently getting 200k Are we on it: No Site: https://minecraftiplist.com/ Price: Free to set up, £15 for 14 days of premium Traffic: 390k in June | Averages 200-300K a month Are we on it: No =======================================================================================
  16. Just because spawn is made PvE, that doesn't mean spawn camping will be completely stopped (this has been an issue for some time). What is then stopping the players from just waiting outside of spawn for players to come out? If ender chests at spawn is the answer, what's stopping friends from transferring gear over via ender chest and then teaming on the player outside of spawn (thus using a PvE area for PvP advantage)? What's then stopping players from running inside of spawn to avoid PvP? When rtr and I were discussing different econ things, we never wanted spawn to be about the shops. In video games, you go to shops for three reasons: The items, the prices, and the location. The problem with this is within minecraft, everyone has the same access to every item. Therefore players don't need to ever use the shop, as there is never going to be any rare gear, they can go mine diamonds and make their own armor. The game then becomes about who can set the lowest prices on the server (since everyone will be selling around the same thing), and it seems to be now just players choosing whichever shop they attend. Lastly that leaves location, which rtr and I agreed was probably the most important on a minecraft server. In regards to this, players should be able to open a shop anywhere on the map. If this is the case, players can choose which shops to go to based on who's at which shop. Maybe a player knows someone in full diamond on one road, so he goes to a shop down another. It's no longer set up perfectly in one place. Personally I'm for removing shops at spawn all together, as all it does is increase spawn camping. Removing them will encourage players to create their own shops on the roads, which leads to players having more options. Yes players will have to travel a bit to get there instead of just being able to go straight to spawn, but that's part of the risk and reward of playing on S. Of course I've been largely inactive this revision due to many other things getting in the way, but this was my previous opinion and it still holds true.
  17. Hour and 20 minutes til game time bump!
  18. Personally I don't mind if people drop mid-match (within reason, staying for 10 turns and then leaving is slightly irritating) especially due to the length of normal Civ games. With timer, quick movement/combat and quick pace, the games should move fairly smoothly as well!
  19. This is 100% true. No prizes from S came from fundraisers or donations, they came straight from LRO. This is completely separate from the Event thread
  20. Hey guys, tonight I'll be hosting a Civ V game around 7 pm CST! We'll be using all DLC (unless a majority of players are lacking a certain DLC) and standard rules: - Quick Movement/Combat (to help with lag/to make turns quicker) - Pace: Quick - Barbarians On - Map: Continents - Map Size: Depends on the amount of people, no smaller than Standard *If there's less than the amount of players to fill standard, AI will be included. *If there's more than the amount of players to fill a huge map (12 players) then it will be first come first serve - Victory: Time off, all others On - Timer will be ON to speed the game up as well All rules can be changed if everyone agrees to change them! Player list: 1. dizney07 - Polynesia 2. Scubasteve1194 - Korea 3. Barlimore - Random (or selecting at menu) 4. MrLoud - Random (or selecting at menu) 5. kingwill - Celts We'll meet on mumble and I'll be in the channel a bit earlier as well. If you'd like to play, leave a response! :-)
  21. Other: I have it, but I rarely play it unless I'm just goofing around with friends so I don't think I'd be able to help in moderation
  22. Wait but didn't MrLoud say that the heads were the ones who chose the route to go, not the other admins? I'm really not trying to be involved with the drama, I'm seriously curious how it was decided. Yes it's true CS:GO is probably one of the most popular games on steam and that's great, but I thought we would be expanding into something that our community would enjoy first and foremost. Looking at the stats it's clear CS:GO has a large advantage in players sure, but if there are more within our community who would want something else, then why would we focus on outside players over our own? In my opinion it would have been smarter to start off with TF2, as the player base is still high, it had the least amount of no votes while still holding a majority of yes (more than CS:GO), and to top it off it's free to play. Free to play means anyone in our community could join in and try it, while players who are questionable on CS:GO wouldn't want to pay the $15 for it. So I guess I'm just asking for more of a reason that CS:GO was chosen over different games other than "most players" and "popular in the poll" (which isn't really all that true btw, unless having the 4th most yes's out of 8 games is considered popular).
  23. Coming from the person who "left" and is still responding like this is an AMA? 1v1, you and me, monkey balloon tower defense. I'm about to make you say "Hasta Luego" to the internet after this destruction
  24. Oh wow didn't see the responses..my b Well for youtube, I'd like to see trailers or something like it for future revs of servers and events. They're not difficult to make, and more advertising is never a bad thing. As for the tag, switch your post actually is what inspired my mentioning of it. I love the idea of some kind of tag, I think its something that helps in a community that spreads across different games. It's just a cool thing that I'll probably start doing for smash at least As for teams, I was thinking more of what switch said. Competitive gaming teams are cool (at least to me) and would add a level of competition in the community with players who play certain games (like CS:GO and TF2). Sorry for basically dropping this post, I'll be more up to date with it in the future if there's more responses
  25. So going in order, here are my thoughts on the changes listed here: - Good, a smaller map encourages PvP and less hiding away from other players. If you're the kind of player who enjoys the danger of building when you could be killed at any minute, this should make things more tense and add more of that danger. If you don't enjoy either, S probably isn't the server for you to be playing on. PvP and Survival are the focuses remember. - No opinion really, it was cool while it lasted but it didn't add that much imo - Something that players have been asking for for a while - Again something players have been asking for, Strength II was dumbbbbb - Not having beds goes back to the first point. Players who like to PvP will see more players through spawn, and players who like the survival aspect should try to not die if they don't want to get seen at spawn. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean spawn killing/camping. Something DementedM0nkey and I would do is follow players from spawn back to their home so we knew if players were on, we knew where to go (Shoutout to Casey back in rev like 24) - Ayy a reason to PvP? Not bad - Well. Now I wish I would have participated last revision, but rewarding players who play consistently? I like it. - You better believe if my casino ever gets built, that's where my ads will go. Not a big change, but it's a cool edition with economy. - Meh. I personally don't like giving players things on a Survival server. It's not the admins job to help players survive, that defeats the purpose of the server imo. But I know a lot of players pushed for this - I wish there was more specifics with this, I kinda liked shops last rev, but if they're better then I'm all for it. - How you gonna put me out of a job like this? I'm out here tryna make a living by flowing water and now these fancy machines be givin out my water flowin? rip dizney's career - I like this, it allows players to move to spawn and PvP/find players easier. - Not quite sure about this or how it works, so I don't really have an opinion - Good. This adds value to animals, which adds value to their droppings, which adds value for economy. If you're upset about this, then I'm sure the players who are smart with their animals will be happy to sell you some steak. - A good addition to economy, not much else to say. All in all these are changes I like, and suit me better as a player, and suits the server better imo. If I had more time I would probably play on S again. Alas other things pre-occupy my time now, and I probably won't be on as often as I'd like to be, so I wanted to voice my support for these changes.
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