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Ban Appeal Policy


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This policy covers appeals for bans and notes on Nerd.nu servers, websites, and services.

Posting Your Appeal:

We treat bans and appeals seriously. This is not the place to play games or impress your friends.

  • Please do not post more than one appeal.
  • Please treat your appeal seriously or it will be denied. Jokes, memes, gifs, and other forms of spam in appeals will result in them being closed.
  • Please be civil in your appeal. Appeals that contain trolling, personal attacks, or inflammatory statements will be closed.


Bumping Appeals:

If the banning moderator has not responded to your appeal after 48 hours you may make a post (bump) in your appeal to bring attention to it. At this point (48 hours of no response), any staff member may attempt to contact the banning moderator and if no response is received in 24 hours, said staff member may take over to expedite the appeal.

For bans, if the banning moderator is not available another moderator or admin may handle your appeal. For notes, if the moderator in question is not available, a head admin will take over your appeal.


Further Note Appeal Details:

Similar to ban appeals, once a note has been added to you then you're welcome to appeal this if / when you wish. Where the notes are deemed valid and end up staying on your account for the meantime, please consider allowing a few weeks / months before re-appealing.

Each note appeal will be handled by the staff member who issued them, provided they are active. Otherwise should that staff member be inactive / no longer on staff then if the note directly refers to activity on a specific server then a respective server admin can handle the note appeal. The head admin team will aim to oversee all note appeals issued from inactive / past staff.

For the staff member handling the note appeal, we would ask that you are fair. Please consider the length of time that the note has been active for and whether the note still reflects the behaviour of that individual. Where possible, we do not want to see notes remain for lengthy periods of time.

Should anyone experience issues with the outcome of their note appeal then you are welcome to approach a head admin. Provided the staff member has followed the guideline in the above paragraph then we will support their decision.

Note appeals have been amended In this post.


Posting in Others Appeals:

Please do not post in others appeals.

If you have information as a player (or moderator) that you feel is relevant to the appeal, please contact the banning moderator via message on the forums, in game, or in IRC. If you are unable to contact a moderator or feel that an admin should review the information please contact a head admin or email admins[at]nerd.nu.

Escalating Your Appeal:

Players may request an admin to review their appeal. The banning moderator (or admin) will still have an opportunity to post their collected evidence for your ban. An admin or head admin will review the evidence and decide an outcome of the appeal.

Please note: As there are significantly fewer admins and head admins than there are moderators this may extend the time it takes to resolve your appeal.


Changing Your Name After Being Banned:

Please reply in your appeal if you change your name, as when we unban your original username it won't actually remove your ban, and it'll help us to speed up your ban removal.


Appealing to Hide Your Old Appeal:

Head admins do case-by-case evaluations whether an old appeal could be hidden or not, but not for light reasons. Contact the head admins via private message or other means to discuss this.

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