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  1. I like switch's proposed layout. I say lets go with that.
  2. Mumber we will not be releasing or discussing your resignation in public. I can't stop you from doing it, but we're not going to be part of creating drama on the forums.
  3. You were not removed, you resigned. We have made a decision not to discuss your resignation in public out of respect for the work you and Aca have done and these threads will not be released. I believe most of these other threads are slated for release, its just time consuming going through them to remove items that relate to specific people / privacy concerns.
  4. This is a current admin concern and we're working on the criteria for a mass amnesty on old bans. The last time it was visited I believe we had over 80% of old bans in the "unbanned" column and we're looking at some specific bans (mostly for old community issues or excessive hacking, etc.) to make a determination on those. As soon as we've finished going through the list all the heads are in agreement that the mass amnesty will happen. I am also in support of timed bans for minor infractions. I am not interested in making a bunch of kids pay some lip service and pretend their sorry to get unbanned, and for minor things like grief temporary bans are just fine for getting their attention and letting them know that is "not ok" on our servers. As Barli has said, this is something Deaygo is working on for MC Bouncer.
  5. You know, I bet if you added Watson (and Watson Keybind support) then lots of mods would use this pack since it already has CUI and the macro mod- those 3 are the top client mods that nerd.nu mods install to help with moderation activities. It also adds handy things like highlights for regular players.
  6. The other party has refused arbitration. With that in mind, you have been banned for 2 weeks which I feel is sufficient for a forum signature quoting another player. You are unbanned. Please refrain from any other activities that could be construed as harassment toward the other individual. Honestly, its best if you just avoid interacting with the other player at all, or posting anything that could be seen as an attack against their person or character. The penalty for the next occurrence will be more severe than either of us will like.
  7. Hello, I have removed the notes from 2013 and back from former staff members. It will be up to MrG (current S admin who issued the note) if the note from 2014 still applies and should be removed or not.
  8. Ban for Smexy_Legit on c.nerd.nu for x-ray on S observed as it happened and admitted in chat nerd.nu/appeal by elbeauon 2014-09-01T18:23:33 (no more bans, 1 notes) If you have never played on our servers then your account has been compromised and you need to change your password. Please change your account password and reply here saying you have done so to be unbanned.
  9. The community interaction policy was intentionally written to cover broad categories of issues without being specific- it was done this way on purpose to prevent rule lawyering and people going around specific named cases. It has been used to curtail a very small portion of the community from, for lack of a better word, being dicks to each other. 99% of this community has no issue with it because they don't do the things that policy was designed to prevent. In that sense, it is effective and doing its job. I'll level with you d3, I don't want to ban you (temp or perm). While I think you lack tact, its obvious you want to be here and I think your input can have merit if you could learn to present it in a less combative way and stop this petty bullshit with the other player. I've been thinking about this for several days and I've alternated between several options here. I could: 1. Ban you forever, deal with 2-3 months of fallout and 5 or 6 angry players, and then move on. This is the easiest solution for the head admins. 2. Ban you temp for 3 months, deal with fallout from mods and admins who think you should be banned perm, and wait 3 months and see if you've grown out of whatever this petty thing is between you and Twilexis. This basically punishes you, but it doesn't solve the problem and I have a strong suspicion you'll either continue your actions outside of nerd.nu services or start right back up when you're let back in. 3. I could force arbitration and an ultimatum and not ban you- You will get in a PM with everyone involved and the heads and workout whatever your problems are, and after that If any of you do one more thing that could be construed as harassment against the other you're gone, forever. There will be no lawyering, no drawn out appeals. A line in the sand. This will let you be personally accountable for how you act, give you an opportunity to patch up whatever the problem is, and then an expectation going forward. I'm honestly leaning toward 3 at this point. I'm so, so tired of dealing with this harassment crap between a handful of players. I'm tired of my forum inbox filling up with complaining about and from the same handful of people. I'm ready for you all to work it out like adults or be gone from this place.
  10. I apologize for the delay in response, but I have been taking a few days to discuss this with the other heads and decide on a course of action. I think you will agree, I don't want to make a hasty decision on this appeal because there are some deep seated community issues at play here on all sides. Thank you for your patience and I will update this appeal soon.
  11. I've already notified the other head admins they can respond to this appeal, as I said in my reply. You are not being denied anything.
  12. Actually, this is our conversation about the signature. Nowhere did you say you would remove it. As a matter of fact, you replaced it after I removed it. Also, I don't think my asking you nicely to remove it is "harassment" in the least. That was me being nice and treating you with respect, something it appears you are not capable of if you think we're either too inept or too stupid to figure out what your "short alphanumeric string" was. It took all of 12 seconds to figure that one out. Every interaction I've ever had with you, from the tone of your ban and warning point appeals to PMs on the forums have had the same tempo- the constant rule lawyering and trying to skirt around the rules to get your troll across without being banned is tiring and has worn out more than one admin in the past. I don't know what your problem is. Maybe you think you're smarter than the admins. Maybe you have made pushing people's buttons for the lulz in to your game instead of actually playing minecraft. Honestly, at this point I don't care anymore. I have taken the time to look through your post history on the forums and your contributions. I have looked at your removed posts and threads, what notes people have sent me about your behavior in the past, how your trolling of nerd.nu players has extended on occasion outside our services to reddit and steam, and I have taken the time to see your play time on all the servers. I have determined that, although it may be an unpopular opinion among a small subset of players, nerd.nu in general will be better off without you and the discontent you sow. I'll go ahead and head off the "Who do you think you are?" comment now- I think I'm a head admin with the job of looking at the overall health of the community and making hard decisions. Some of those hard decisions include removing the people who have no respect for authority, the 10% that cause 90% of the drama and trolling. You are one of those people. Not least importantly, I'm tired of dealing with issues around you and your behavior. I'm happy to leave this appeal open for the next few days so that any other head admin who may not agree with me can comment.
  13. The "short alphanumeric string" is the image ID on imgur that you were asked to remove, refused, and then removed by admins twice. For the sake of brevity, why don't you just explain your thought process to me when you re-added the string to your signature. Please, be detailed and specific. I honestly would like to know what goes on in your head when you do things.
  14. I like a good story, but this is just crazy talk. NEVER.
  15. Avada- I doubt we'll make a new category. I think this is really more of a fad in the sense that we're getting several now and it will calm down in a week or two. If it continues to be a high volume thing we'll take a look at organizing them in to another forum section.
  16. This is the most arrogant bullshit I've ever read in an appeal. "Your opinion is appreciated?" Really? MrLoud is a head admin. You can request a head admin review your appeal if you are banned by a mod, but you can't request a different admin review you appeal if you don't like the outcome. You are lucky MrL is doing your appeal. Have you not seen the ban lengths I have given out for harassment in the past? Also, for the record, I believe you knew exactly what you were doing when you picked that username. You have your ban reason and length set by MrLoud.
  17. Timed bans are something that is being investigated by Deaygo. I will check on timed notes. Right now, there is no policy on notes other than "If the staff member who added the note is inactive, a head admin will review the removal request." I personally work off this system: 1. Is it really old and no longer relevant? then remove it. 2. Does it reflect the behavior of the player currently? then don't remove it.
  18. Since this note was a minor issue and is a year old I've gone ahead and removed it. Have fun on the servers!
  19. It wasn't ignored, it was to bring C moderation policy in-line with moderation policy on the other servers. We didn't take anything away from mods on C- we just made it where the use of the tools was consistent (in modmode) across servers. Tebok- Do "/rg i" when you're near the build. If its protected (most builds are so they can use worldedit in their region) then it will tell you the region owner(s).
  20. The Creative banned item list is not accurate. I know for a fact that the vast majority of those items are allowed (snowballs, eggs, bottles, etc.) A cadmin can give the current list.
  21. Based on server and modreq activity the following mods are being moved to inactive: Bestor betajippity CaptainViridian dan1son Darkskynet emptyafternoon muldoonaz NEVAstop palmeirl PolarTux Speializedowns TheKingDuff VarukaSalt Vortex_Oxide WickedCoolSteve These mods have not logged in to the game (based on nerd.nu/usage) or completed any modreqs in the past several weeks. Mods who are moved to inactive for lack of activity may contact a head admin at any time to be retrained and have their permissions restored if circumstances change or they return to playing minecraft on nerd.nu.
  22. I would really like to see this mod added http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1282892-gammabright-advanced-brightness-fullbright-mod-200 I find it super helpful when I'm using my laptop with the screen brightness turned down to save battery. I already checked with the Padmins and its allowed on P.
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