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  1. Somebody should totally ping Dumbo on IRC about this, he loves making little plugins that add cool features.
  2. Unbanned early on 3/5/15 after conversation with Bmx.
  3. And just so I'm clear- this is not EeHee specific- this is for anyone that thinks admins ignore them as trolls. I read everything you post (for the most part, some threads I miss because I'm human). I agree that there is a social dynamic issue with Nerd.nu in which there is a small group of very vocal, dissatisfied players who many label as troublemakers. I'm not really sure what I can do about it though since: a) Lots of people already think you're full of shit b) You go in to every situation expecting to be ignored and treated like you're full of shit. This usually leads to acting like an ass for most people. More acting like an ass = more people think you're full of shit = more acting line an ass = ... One of these things has to change to make it stop, and I'll tell you right now that making everyone magically think you're not a troll while you're acting like an ass is not going to work. If it were up to me, everyone would have rational discourse on the forums and we'd solve some community issues. However, we're all human and I can't wave a magic wand and make every admin think that EeHee (or anyone else) turned over a new leaf and is done trolling and 100% community improvement oriented. Thats just not possible- people hold grudges. I can't make them go away. This post by you was one of the most reasonable and coherent I've seen. If you posted more like this (without the passive aggressive bit about "Oh I know I'm going to be ignored") then people's opinions will change. I know my opinion will change, and silly title aside thats a big stride in the right direction since I'm one of the few admins that will actually engage with you while 5 other people are flinging shit at me.
  4. There were other alts still being investigated (which resulted in more bans, none of which have been appealed). 3 out of 4 head admins have been here for over 3 years that I know of. You're taking this to a crazy absolute that I didn't intend, and for that I apologize for not being clearer. The point of me saying "you should play somewhere else" is that when your entire discourse devolves in to to angry shit slinging on the forums then you should absolutely play somewhere else. I don't take any of this personally because its a game. if a player takes it to such a personal level where they need to attack every decision of an admin then this is not the community for them and they should move on. I don't think its fair to lump me in with the "don't listen and shut people down" group- I have shown time and again that I will listen to anyone who wants to talk to me- from players who contact me for more clarification on their ban in IRC to player concerns and compliants in game (which you and I had a spirited hour long conversation on C and I didn't shut you down as everyone was asking). Hell, I talk to players I don't even think should be here because its the "job" that comes with my silly title. Now, that said, I don't have to DO what players tell me or agree with them but that doesn't mean I won't listen and at least give you feedback about why I'm not going to do a thing. If you like my answer or not, I will always give you a straight answer. I don't see this head admin brick wall. We've responded to widespread community feedback, filled a server with admins who play on that server, and more based on what the community says. I'm even open to revising rules based on community feedback except where it removes the teeth we need as administrators to manage the community. I get that you're angry, and I honestly care what you're angry about or I would just ignore this thread, but I can't figure out exactly what that thing is thats got you all mad.
  5. On a side note, this thread has seriously derailed in to a "why jchance sux" thread, which is fine, but you might want to stay on topic. You can start a whole new thread why jchance sux if you like.
  6. I'm pretty sure he's referring to me as the "toxic" influence in the community. This brings up an interesting question- if I have to hurt the feelings of 10 people in the community to remove 90% of the drama, am I acting in the communities best interest? I think so, although I'm sure the 10 people who I make angry won't agree. You can call me toxic if you like, I have thick skin. abroosky's second appeal was summarily dismissed for these reasons: I already told him that based on evidence I would not unban the account. How many times have any of you seen me change my mind? I know some must think I just shoot from the hip on decisions I make, but the truth that anyone who actually knows me is that I am very careful and calculated in my decision making process BEFORE I post it. Did you want me to give the kid (or banned player pretending to be the kid, who knows?) false hope? That wastes everybody's time. The account shared IP and alt checks with over 8 banned players, including alts that have been known to be shared with permbanned players. Many somebodies were sharing accounts and most of them were banned. Its not like I found one banned player and then decided to ban 10 accounts- I found 90% banned players and decided to ban the other 10% to be sure. His second appeal was written in a passive aggressive and hostile manner as a "fuck you" too, so he didn't do himself any favors there either. Do you guys honestly think that approach works in life? "What gizzle does have access to is my cracked alt" What? You admit to using a cracked alt on our servers and want to be unbanned? The fact is I don't have a crack team of NSA analysts here at nerd.nu to figure out which alts are shared, being used to evade bans, or whatever. All I know is that they're all related and 90% of them were either banned or alts shared with banned players. That is enough justification to know that something fishy is going on with that group of alts and none of them belong on our servers if it means there is a chance of letting the least desirable players back in. The time comes when there is enough evidence for me to act knowing that I might remove one marginal player (who has been banned a few times in the past for conduct) to get rid of alts being shared between other banned players. I made a judgement call. I'm sorry if he was your friend, or if he got banned in the crossfire as it were. I still hold that the entire community is a better place without those accounts using our servers. I don't really know what to say to you if you think that is toxic. FWIW, I carefully look at evidence in all decisions and make the choice that I think is best for the community. They're not always popular decisions, and some people are apt to get mad every now and then, but I stand by them. If you guys honestly believe the head admin team is so bad then the only advice I can give you is to play somewhere else. If you agree with our decisions or not we are in charge of this mess and we're going to continue to act in what we see are the best interests of the community, not the best interests of you personally.
  7. Ok, REAL TALK YALL: Toxic is not even in the current admin lexicon. We don't bandy the word around in private conversations and honestly the only people I see calling others toxic are specific players to each other. That, and the players who other players have called toxic wear it like a badge of honor. This is so obvious I feel stupid even typing it out, but here you go: IF YOU DON'T WANT OTHER PLAYERS TO CALL YOU "TOXIC" THEN STOP DOING WHATEVER IT IS THAT MAKES THEM FEEL LIKE YOU ARE A SHITBAG. I know, thats hard. You actually have to examine yourself and wonder why people won't listen to you and think you're full of shit. Its way easier to start a thread on the forums complaining about some perceived slight against you or your friends. Sadly, starting these threads does nothing- You're not going to change how the administration handles things because the people that start these threads are already so deep in to "Everybody thinks you're full of shit and just trying to start trouble" territory that nobody will listen to you anyway, and they're going to devolve in to a troll fest within hours. Instead, you should focus on using some people skills in your interactions with others so they'll actually listen to anything you have to say and stop talking about some word they've labeled you with.
  8. Just unbanned for grief 3 hours ago: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3147-fresh-boredeth/#entry24521
  9. Lets just cut to the point of this thread- There has only been one ban for a name change close to a staff member and I made it. Before that regular player changed his name to 1 letter different from a staff member, he talked to the staff member and told him he was going to do it. That staff member told him that he would get banned for it. The staff member also talked to me about it and I told him the same thing- when a regular deliberately changes his name to something close to a staff member then it is obvious they are trying to either troll the staff member or confuse players. The player went ahead and made the name change anyway, then joined the servers. They were warned before joining the servers that they would be banned. They did it anyway and got banned. This is not a shocker for anyone, including the player who was banned. There is a lot of "oh yeah well what if" in this thread trying to poke around this ban. Honestly, its tiring. I will make it simple for everyone: If you're a regular and you change your name to be something extremely close to a staff member expect to be banned. I don't care what you say your intent is- it is going to be interpreted as trolling or impersonating staff for the "ayy lmao." If you're some joe-blow off the street and just happen to have a similar name through pure luck (so rare I can't even believe this thread is dragging out) then we'll handle it on a case-by-case basis, with a lean toward doing nothing as long as they are not pretending to be staff. I think those two lines are pretty clear and easy to understand for everyone.
  10. You're right, you won't get unbanned. Closing appeal.
  11. This account has been used to or involved in ban evasion numerous times: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/920-epic-sauce124-barlimore/?hl=mathews123#entry6177 https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/717-mathews123-muldoonaz/?hl=mathews123 It appears you or a family member is sharing this account with permabanned players on our servers. For this reason, this account will never be unbanned. I'm sorry, but you are responsible for your account even if its shared.
  12. This alt will not be unbanned, ever. It has been used to evade a ban by a permabanned player: http://4vid.net/javaw-2014-05-27-19-04-22-031.html I realize that video is from Jun 9, 2014. These accounts only started using our servers again after Gizzle was banned. You are responsible for the security of your alt account- letting players who are permanently banned from our servers use your account will lead to your account also being banned. abroosky and wamboz have been banned permanently. There is no appeal.
  13. Ban for mathews123 on c.nerd.nu for Compromised Account, Nerd.nu/appeal by jchance on 2015-02-18T01:04:09.917 (1 more bans, 1 notes) This account has been used or is related to accounts used to evade bans on our servers. I will update this ban with more information after it is investigated.
  14. Ok. Shoot me a message after you have changed the Switchview name again and I will unban that alt. You are unbanned and can play on the servers with any other account you may own.
  15. This account is being investigated as part of a block of accounts used to evade bans on our servers. I will update this appeal after we have finished looking at logs.
  16. This thread has drifted off topic. I am closing it with the OP's permission.
  17. The head admins have reviewed all the community input and decided on a group of admins for the Survival server. The new Survival admins are, in no particular order: LadyRavenOwl Mrgauthier34 rtr69 cab417 dizney07 These staff members have come forward with a plan for the future of S, care about the future of S, are all long time survival PVP players, and are able to work together to accomplish that goal. We look forward to them sharing their plans and updates and gathering feedback from the nerd.nu community. You should look for an announcement from the new admin team soon.
  18. I've been toying with the idea in my head of adding Creative, PVE, and Survival Server sections under Minecraft Discussion (like we do with Mod Nominations and Notes in Modchat Private now) and then moving changelogs and discussions about those specific servers in to those. What does everyone think about that? Think it would help make that section less cluttered, or segment it out too much?
  19. I have no grudge. You got your second opinion. Stop making appeals.
  20. I'll be happy to handle it for MrLoud. No.
  21. You need to work on the kerning of your letters.
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