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  1. Wayne I don't know how we're going to get along without Gas By Numbers fueling our invisible cars on C. You've been a great mod and we all understand the game can get boring. If and when you decide to return you're more than welcome- just msg a head admin to have your status as mod returned.
  2. Yeah, see I'm not going to get in to a semantic argument with you. You're doing this to see how far you can push things. Reappeal in 2 weeks.
  3. You deliberately changed your name to one letter off a staff members name. This was after you talked to Switch about it and he warned you that you would be banned for it. Impersonating staff has been against the rules since day one. Once you change your name so that it is not similar to staff I'll unban you.
  4. On Feb 4th, 2015 Mojang added the ability to change your Minecraft username. Already, several staff have taken advantage of this with no clear policy on name changes and staff laid out. As staff you are in a position of authority on the server and people build a professional and personal relationship with you. It would be disconcerting for regular players to log in and see new staff members who have had no interaction on the server up to that point. For that reason, all staff name changes should be recorded in this thread so we can maintain continuity of staff. If you are on staff (Mod, Admin, etc.) and change your staff username, please leave a simple reply here with that name change like so: You do not need to give a reason for the change or any other information- just let us know that your name has changed so we can reference it when needed. You do not need to tell us about your Alts, secondary accounts, etc. You just need to let the community know about your STAFF account name change if you make one. Please Note: Name changes are a brand new thing. While our servers use UUID based permissions and should work fine, we use many 3rd party plugins which may have issues with name changes until they are updated. If you can wait a couple weeks to make sure all the bugs in all the plugins are worked out that would probably be for the best.
  5. I will not be sharing the reasons behind why they stepped down- That is between the head admins and the survival admins. They can do so themselves if they want it out in the public and I or another head admin will be happy to respond. I will not entertain any other questions on their reasons for stepping down from any other player.
  6. There are a few major changes to survival: https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3033-changes-to-survival/ More info will be posted soon.
  7. This post is announcing a couple major changes to the survival server: I'm sad to announce that Mumberthrax and TheAcademician have stepped down from their roles on staff. We thank them for their contributions the the community and their service as survival admins. This Friday, Feb 6th after Avada's Arena Event (calendar link) we will be switching Survival to end-of-rev PVP TNT Party mode with kits and TNT at spawn for the weekend. At the end of the weekend Survival will switch to 1.8 Chaos game mode while we begin the search for new Survival Admins. The Chaos server will have a dedicated arena area or world set up for the ongoing arena series being planned by the players and events staff. Players who wish to run arena events on S please contact Event Admin LadyRavenOwl for more information.
  8. The admin team has discussed it and decided to standardize on Nerd.nu Gaming Community, or just Nerd.nu for short. Here is the announcement post. There will be a logo contest thread posted very soon in General. Start thinking of a great logo!
  9. Based on feedback from our playerbase and the changing direction of our community, the admin team is happy to announce we'll be changing the name of all servers, websites, and services to standardize on the name: Nerd.nu Gaming Community or just Nerd.nu for short. As we look to the future and the possibility of adding new games, it makes sense to remove the "minecraft" and "mcpublic minecraft servers" from our name so we're not pigeonholed into one game or platform. This also removes our loose and unofficial reddit affiliation from the name. We will retain the /r/mcpublic subreddit and any reddit links we already have in place. Changing those would reduce the traffic to our community and they're where we laid our roots, so we're happy to maintain them. We have opened a logo design contest in the General Discussion forum in which the members of the community can submit logos, and then vote for the best from a group of finalists selected by the admin team.
  10. I can't tell if everyone changing their forum avatar to The Dude is to troll me or what, but I fucking love it.

    1. Cyotie911


      It's "or what"... Definitely "or what"!

  11. You didn't include a close message. It does that sometimes. In the future do "/done <id> Your water is flowing!" or similar based on the request and it won't do that. Closing by OP's request.
  12. Ban for silverdogface onc.nerd.nu for Griefing on C with semple77. Spamming. Avon fanboy. No legitimate edits. nerd.nu/appeal by trevorman on 2012-11-28T18:40:48 This is a very old ban so I'll go ahead and unban you. If you decide to play on our server again please avoid griefing and follow our rules at nerd.nu/rules.
  13. Please welcome new moderators from the January 2015 mod vote: ScaryBilbo Aypop pez252 Silversunset01 Challenger2 ExcessiveToker StatelyFandango stellarviking ghrey303 New moderators: please contact a head admin in game, in IRC, or in Mumble for your perms and initial training. You will then do individual training with server admins from each server to learn their individual server rules and guidelines.
  14. This is a very old ban so I've gone ahead and unbanned you. Please read the rules at nerd.nu/rules and have fun!
  15. I replied to this topic last week and said it would get discussed and a decision made at the admin meeting (which is next week). This is not being ignored, its not going away, and you will have a decision. There is really no reason to get worked up about this until after that meeting and decision.
  16. This is the price of playing on a public server that does not have builder ranks, etc. Everyone can build, and they can build what they want. The cadmins don't dictate what people build, and I don't think fragmenting such a small server population in to multiple themed servers is the right answer. I agree, but lets be honest- builds that work with terrain are harder. There are less people at that skill level. I don't see how this will ever really change on a public and open server. No, and in fact this has really improved since worldedit. Now that people can flatten land there are way less floating cities (because they can easily produce flat land on the ground instead of building a floating platform in the sky) and from what I have seen all over the server build quality has generally improved with less incomplete builds.
  17. This post has the admin decision to not add images back to mumble. The reasons are: 1. Used for trolling 2. Images cause problems for clients 3. There are plenty of other ways to share an image, including linking one in channel chat.
  18. Nowhere did I say you've always had a bad attitude. You are surely exhibiting one here. I don't know how you jumped to this crazy absolute. People are not afraid of discussing matters with you- they just don't want to waste time or brain power responding to someone who supposedly quit the community but now spends all his time trolling the forums and generally trying to make staff angry. I said to myself "Maybe thats just how he comes off, I'll respond to this thread with the reasons why they're not available now, and why I didn't see the point of adding them back." I even wrapped that post up with a question, asking if I was missing something. This is a prime example of "civil policy discussion" and you can ask anyone, including all your friends- I'm happy to discuss any policy with anyone as long as you're not being a dick about it. You're the one that followed up with "I started this thread nearly 3 fucking weeks ago and we're nowhere near an answer - why?"" In short, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, you're not dong much to change anyone's opinion. At any rate, nobody on the admin team wants to entertain this topic with you and now I'm done with it too, so I guess you have your answer on the mumble images.
  19. As your ban is over 2 years old I've gone ahead and removed it. Please check out the rules at nerd.nu/rules and have fun!
  20. I think its mostly because your attitude is poor and people with decision making authority automatically want to ignore your posts, or are disinclined to even engage with you because of your attitude. I apologize- I thought you wanted discussion. Here is your decision, which has been discussed amongst the head admin team: No. We will not be turning mumble images back on. Not worth the trouble.
  21. I've spoken to several other admins about rebranding to "Nerd.nu" but no decision has been made. I will make it a point to add it to the admin meeting agenda for this month to bring up, discuss, and come to a decision about dropping the reddit affiliation.
  22. I don't really see any reason why we need images in mumble- probably 80% of images I've seen in the past were to troll someone else, and for other images there are only about 10,000,000 ways to share an image online- you can easily post a URL in mumble chat. I just don't see a compelling reason to add them back when they were such a major negative that they were removed in the past. Am I missing something?
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