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  1. The 1.8 update broke my GUI text. Now my chat bar appears blank even as I type, and several buttons in the options menu are missing their titles. I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem either, so it must be some arcane problem with my elderly pizza box laptop.
  2. True, true, and true. I was just paraphrasing a few small selections, not writing a thesis summary.
  3. So far 15 people (16 including me) have posted in this thread. Has a single one made an actual suggestion? And I don't just mean a generalization. jchance's "Become a better person and Nerd will get better," LRO's "Own your actions," and Eehee's "Listen even to those you disagree with" are certainly good advice for all, but not exactly a plan of action. What should actually happen, and how would it be done?
  4. Blah blah blah "should" be done. Revving in neutral here. We should focus more on who should do it and when and how often. Probably Head Admins and Now and Regularly (maybe at the end of each admin meeting?). Shoot them PMs, get their attention.
  5. Assuming? Scher has said it verbatim twice... I think everyone can agree on the bottom line. Changing names can be fun, and we should let it be fun. Unless it's ruining the fun for someone else, only then does it even become a "case."
  6. Evidently there seems to be some confusion over this. I think it would be better clarified sooner rather than later. With easier name changes, username trolling will be (and has been) more common. I think that the harassment rule applies more directly than the impersonation rule, really. Staff members aren't the only ones with usernames, after all. I suggest we interpret changing a username to obviously mimic/mock another player to be considered trolling/harassment unless that player gives explicit permission. Staff members, because of their positions and responsibilities, wouldn't have the option to give that permission. Inadvertent similarities would be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  7. I admit it. I'm part of the problem. Due to my recent inactivity, I feel I can no longer justify holding a staff position. My interest level in Minecraft is waning (no pun intended). PvE is too socially involved for me, S too aggressive and competitive, and now, being out of building ideas, C has lost much of my interest as well. I don't expect to be around much in the near future, though I may pop in now and then, and will probably keep tabs on the subreddit and forums. No, I haven't been "driven away." Maybe I'm just a placid person, but all the various drama storms have little effect on me. They're a nuisance, yes, but no more. Nor do I think they're a result of some cultural "toxicity" unique to our community. It's all human behavior. People acting lazy, cruel, prideful, contentious, indifferent, ignorant, unforgiving, etc. We do it. We're human beings. I've held on this long simply thinking that there wasn't much reason to leave modship. Even if I signed on less than once a week, that was one more pair of hands that night for modreqs and griefers, right? I can still provide a little insight and level-headedness to mod discussions, right? I certainly haven't done anything that would get me kicked off staff, right? But these reasons, though not entirely invalid, have worn out. The servers need people that are truly interested in them, players and staff alike. If it's become a chore to me, I'm just deadweight. Like everyone, I would love to see Nerd.nu regain at least some of its former glory. I can still remember chatting casually in C with dozens of other online players as I determinedly traced out contours on the Enterprise. Or developing scoreboard redstone nice enough that I was allowed to replace the /warp spleef existing system (and commissioned for several revs). Or even my earliest days, on good ol' Chaos. My underground living space was a mere 400 blocks from spawn, and never found. Dang, was that really 3 years ago? I haven't lost all hope. If I get any big ideas for creative mode, I know where I'll want to put them. One thing I'm sure of; if/when I return, Nerd.nu will still be there. I formally request my mod privileges be removed, and bid you all a fond and probably temporary farewell. See you around.
  8. Usually that should go without saying, but I suppose in context it's worth articulating. Any moderator or admin that can't adopt this attitude should ask themselves if they really want to be on staff, because, as you say, that's the expectation. That "negative vibe" you mention, nickeox, shouldn't really be there. That's what the staff members are supposed to be; the players who can get past that kind of thing. If you were voted in, then you have the support of the entirety of the rest of the staff, including those who apparently felt you weren't right for the position (or you should, anyway, and anyone who sticks to their "no" vote is as guilty as any grudge holder if not more). As long as the community understands this, then seeing some of the process of how some things get hashed out shouldn't be a danger. Anyone who would try to gain advantage by driving a wedge between staff members should be beating their heads against a brick wall. While it is important for the sake of consistency in moderating, we shouldn't need to keep everything under wraps just so we present that "united front." With transparency comes some accountability, another thing staff members are selected for being able to handle. If people are more careful about what they say because more people can read it, so much the better. Disagreeing in public is not something we should be afraid of. The nerd.nu community isn't something we should be afraid of. We're supposed to be part of it. And there's another thing I would hope we could chip away at. For a few of the players and a few of the staff, it's clear from what they say that they don't trust each other anymore. nerd.nu has existed for over 5 years and all sorts of trusts have been burned this way and that. But the staff's authority is supposed to be based on that trust, with the force of permission settings a fallback. If we let ourselves get cynical and jaded, we might slightly reduce the total volume of disruption, but we all have less fun. Which is kind of the servers' root issue right now. Oh, and reading back through my posts, I suppose I'd better reiterate here that I'm not advocating making everything open. There are still issues for which the private channels exist in the first place, and they should stay there.
  9. I wasn't really referring to IRC (this idea, you're right, would apply quite poorly there), and my biggest point really is that Mod Chat is terribly underused. I don't see why, for example, discussions about policy or moderating practice couldn't be made here, unless the discussion for some reason includes sensitive info. I agree some threads could get rather long, but if an admin needs to speak up now and then and get things back on track, well, that's what admins are for. In the current system, things often have to "trickle down" in order to get anybody in the loop. If threads start to peter out without getting anywhere, the rest of the community know who to poke, and about what, rather than soapboxing and hoping the right person is listening. Players can only see one channel of the Staff Discussion, and it's practically a ghost town. But another reason for opening staff discussion a bit would be as a way to combat some of the "divide" between players and staff and even between the staff roles. Nobody creates this divide on purpose; it's a side effect of private discussion. The more you discuss with just a few people, the more time you are spending with only those people. They'll probably, on average, know each other better and become closer friends, leading them to trust each other's judgement all the more, and feeling less need for further discussion. This kind of thing happens naturally and gradually, which is why it's so easy to overlook and why it needs to be actively countered now and then. And if there have only been 2 or 8 threads made in admin level forums, maybe those are currently being a bit underused too. Real-time discussion is inestimable, no question. But they do leave out anyone who's not "there" at the time. And if discussions are being born, growing, and dying in there with no sign or record, then the illusion of inactivity remains, and I think that's something we need to push back a bit as well (although the changelogs have taken that pretty far already, it's true).
  10. A lot of the more vocal elements of the community, on the forums especially, have been complaining about a lack of "transparency" in the servers in terms of policy and process recently. I believe there is a very easy way to begin to address this. A wall can be made to be seen through in two ways. One way is to set up a camera on one side, run a wire through the wall, set up a projector on the other side, run power lines to both, have the projector put the camera image on the other side of the wall, aim and calibrate everything, and then actively maintain the whole system. The other way is to make a window. I think one of the problems with nerd.nu's openness in terms of process is not so much secret-keeping conspiracy or callous disregard. It's because we've been relying on the camera/projector setup, which is a friggin' hassle. A good example is the old thrawnlog. Everyone thought it was a great idea and a good step for the staff in general--and it lasted 5 days. With all the other stuff the admins do (which we got a glimpse of in said log), keeping up a little "minutes" thing every day, single-handedly, must have seemed pretty low priority. The new changelogs are working out much better so far, I think, but it's still a just summary of a conclusion that someone has to put together, and its setup seems to be geared mostly towards major announcements. So forget the projector, why don't we add a window. To clarify; It should be standard forum practice to hold staff discussions in the most public staff channel possible. i.e. most mod discussions would happen here in Mod Chat, and would only take place in Mod Chat Private if privacy is absolutely necessary (e.g. nomination discussions or plans for surprise events). Ditto for Admin Chat and Head Admin Chat; only if really necessary. Ideally, HAC would become a pretty sparse place. Really, I don't think there should be much discussion in there, that level of privacy is pretty high and should be reserved for when needed. One reason I am suggesting this is because it would be very easy to implement. No new plugins, no editing permission files, no website code changes--all it would take is for the staff in general to agree on it and then start doing it (which requires no more effort than clicking on a different link before hitting the "Start New Topic" button). Think we can manage it?
  11. I was just about to suggest myself that, after the initial "name-triage" removing the obvious cases, each name be discussed one by one rather than an open floor. This, however, could result in some quite long threads indeed if we have to finish one discussion to start another. I like your idea much better, allowing more specific and informative/informed discussion for each candidate simultaneously. As a small detail, if we're going to be making a list of such "character evaluations," a sticky post on top reminding people that future mods will have access to their own evaluations (and other decorum guidelines) might keep things a little more on the civil side.
  12. A little confused by this one. Does this mean that poly regions have been disabled/disallowed completely, or that we can still make them for protection if a player doesn't care about world edit in that region?
  13. I'm not an S player and probably never will be, but I too am sad to see it dwindle. There's one aspect that I think hasn't been much addressed, one I'm rather sensitive to, being such a non-competitive sort; what is there for players who "lose?" Most old guard S players have fond, satisfying memories of being a member of a widely feared clan, pulling off heists and assassinations, winning duels and arena fights, etc. But what about those who die and lose their gear/load of goodies/chest of valuables? This applies to new players especially, which we always need. What reason can we offer them to keep playing? And how do we offer such a reason without sucking all the fun out of "winning?"
  14. That whole 2025 thing was a joke... Dumbo was pretty clear that he didn't like the exponential "doubling every time" idea. I don't see what's so complicated about the idea of a ban length either resetting or adding 2 weeks minimum (if the ban length being reset was too short) in the event of an alt evasion.
  15. I've actually been ruminating a bit on an idea like this myself, MCPublic could definitely benefit from a regular newsletter. Running it would require a lot of effort and collaboration, so hopefully this is something people would be committed to long-term. Articles, editorials, quotes-of-the-week or something, staff/admin public notices, even comics, etc. are all things the community could contribute, but there would have to be someone prodding everyone for this information and putting it all together.
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