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  1. Please provide examples of how I was toxic aside from my leaving rant-bullshit?
  2. I am remorseful and you guys are full of it lol. I wasn't toxic, it didn't span years, and I'm p done appealing. I'll just start playing anyway, thanks for shooting me down when I tried to go through the "correct" means anyway. Have a good day man.
  3. Hey, am I ever going to hear anything back?
  4. Bump, haven't heard anything and actually completely forgot about this. Anything I can do to try to help my case at all, or is this just a waiting game here? Unsure how anything works as it's been like at least 3 years since I've ever even interacted with you guys. I think I appealed my ban once already and was told to try back in a few months, but then forgot all about the ban or the appeal.
  5. Alright, so I'm guessing that you're taking some kind of vote or something. Also I was heading to bed, but u posted this like not even an hour ago so I feel like a stalker. Am I outside your window? Am I even outside of your mind? Are you me?
  6. Alright man, thanks ahead of time. Someone just now told me I can bump every 48 hours but that seems a bit excessive IMO. I just want to play blocks.
  7. Bump in hopes of a response. Also MrLoud15 said on my ban that I was a long term negative influence on the community which was entirely just him writing things out based on either personal feelings or an emotional response from what I did to finally get banned. I highly doubtful I was toxic %100 of the time, seeing as a lot of what I did in-game was based upon building, leaving things for others, etc. I just wasn't liked by the staff, like most, if not all, S players at the time. But I'm not really one to remember things all too well, I know that I "doxxed" a kid by saying his steam name that happened to be his actual name without me realizing it, and there was one or two infractions that from what I remember, didn't make much sense either. I was straight up harassed and bullied by a lot of people on here at one point, not saying I didn't deserve some of it, but those are some parts of the community that will never leave me mentally. So it wasn't all pancakes and daisies. I just want to know if I can play on here or if I should be finding a new community for myself.
  8. Alright thanks Mewcifer! Im going to guess there's no ETA for a response. I almost completely forgot about this until I went to boot up minecraft this morning to test my new keyboard. I'll respond, and if I don't you can just let someone know to message me. I'm still in the discords of a few old players so maybe you can find me there, I just don't want the thread to get locked because of a lack of response.
  9. Honestly I p much forgot the entire reason while I was banned. All I remember is that I got pissed off about how people were being treated and went on some tyrant like a dickhead about how minecraft politics were going to "feel my wrath" like the shut-in edgy teen I was. All I really remember is that nerd.nu was my entire life and my friends-ish were being treated poorly so I took it upon myself to be a huge raging cock to everyone. Now I'm like... 22 and work a lot, and am planning to be a sort of business person, re-selling items and doing 3D printing, but for now I'm just waiting on a lot of things and have only enough free time and bandwidth for vanilla Minecraft. The only people I know play on here, and the only server I know that has any sort of community is also on here. So I figured I would re-apply seeing as it's been a LONG fucking while since I had anything to do with you people. I have a slew of good community records to show that I'm no longer the raging hard ass wipe I used to be. Vanilla MC, CSGO, Overwatch, etc. So if you really want to know that I've changed I might be able to pull some admins and people that I've helped out to come here and say a few words. It's up to ya'll. I was just looking to get on the server again and play vanilla. I also uploaded a hank hill meme because it's fantastic. At the very least one, maybe two people laugh, and you guys tell me that I'm forever banned and I just carry on with my life. Enjoy the dank maymays.
  10. Alright fair enough. I just want to be unbanned from the game servers themselves really. Most of the shit I did was in mumble and stuff like that so if it helps at all you guys could keep me banned from that stuff and even mute me or whatever if you don't feel "Safe' about a full unban, I really just want to look around at stuff and whatnot. I want to catch up with some people but yeah. Just a thought.
  11. Hey, I was talking to some old players on the server and I was reminded that this place still exists. I was told a long while ago that I could maybe try to re-appeal in a few months and see how it goes then. Not sure if that was just a dead end or not but meh, I'm gonna try I guess. Mainly just to see who's left. I don't plan on joining the mumble at all really and certainly don't plan to start any more drama lamas (because that period of my life is over) so yeah. I apologize for what I did because thinking back on it, it really wasn't okay. Without going into too many details I wasn't okay at the time of doing any of that. I took shit way too seriously and honestly I'm just looking to get unbanned so I can jump on the server and play with some old friends. I doubt I'll do much other than walk around and say "hello" occasionally. I don't know what more there is to say other than that but yeah.
  12. Am sorry, I do now realize the true meaning of these servers. To make a sequal. GG
  13. Didn't mean to link a video, just copied a bit of my mumble log into my post. Heres more of my mumble log, because fuck it. Never mind.
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