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[AC] Event Plans and Ideas


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Thread is inactive, use: https://trello.com/nerdnustaff



Hey everyone, I wanted to post a list with all my current ideas and plans for events. I intend to update this very frequently so check back often to see what events are in the works. I will also being utilizing Google Docs a lot in planning things out so that we can pass around and share the document with other staff members and players.

Plans: Things that are currently/actively being worked on
Ideas: Brainstorm of ideas and things I would like to do in the future but I am currently not working on
Green: Everything is on schedule and almost ready to go live OR is already live
Orange: In progress/WIP, in a building/working stage
Blue: In a planning/discussion stage, but no ingame work has been done
Red: Canceled or major problem has come up

Lobby Design Contest #2
Status: Event is live!
Info: Google Info Doc
Donation Drive
Status: In progress
Info: Forum Topic, Google Info Doc, Event Lobby Google Doc
Friday/Saturday Night Gaming
Status: Ongoing
Info: Google Info Doc


July Firework Show & Scavenger Hunt
Status: Planning, need to contact PAdmins
Info: Google Info Doc WIP
CS:GO Tournament
Status: Planning
Info: Google Info Doc WIP

TF2 Staff VS Players
Status: Planning
Info: Google Info Doc WIP


Community Brawl
Status: Planning
Info: Google Info Doc WIP




  • [redacted]
  • Speed Building Events on Creative
  • Mob Area Event on PvE
  • Scavenger Hunt on P/S/C
  • Spleef on PvE
  • Horse/Pig Racing on PvE/S/C
  • PvP Tournament on P/S

Recent Updates

April 15th 2015 - Updated several events with google docs

April 12th 2015 - Updated with 2 new events

April 11th 2015 - Updated events

April 9th 2015 - Canceled Ruins Event, fixed font/formatting
April 8th 2015 - Created Topic, Mrloud15 Pinned Topic, Reformatted & Cleaned Up
Past Events
Donation Drive Ruins Contest
Status: Canceled - The Head Admins and I decided that in the best interest of time we should not host this, we also don't plan to have that many ruins scattered around the map. I may bring this back for future donation drives.
Info: Hold a contest for ruins that will be scattered around the CTF map.


Maze Arena on Survival
Status: Event completed
Info: Announcement

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Redacted ongoing event.
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