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[PvE] The Pyramid of Inferno Spleef Tournament will be held on 5/23/15 at 5pm EST (2pm Pacific). Lots of prizes!


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The tournament will be inside the Pyramid of Inferno located at 2807, -2541. (Fastest way is through the yowie portal. There will be signs directing you to the Pyramid of Inferno) The prizes will include diamonds, gold, and skulls. Top prize is 3 skulls and 4 stacks of iron blocks along with some gold and diamonds. Following prizes will include gold, and diamonds.

The rules are fairly simple.

Shears only.

Armor is not permitted during battles.

If you fall to the bottom first, you/your team loses

If you die, you/your team loses.

If you fall out of the arena, you/your team loses.

Though this spleef arena comes with a twist that is suited for the Pyramid of Inferno. The walls are made of fire and cactus. So if you touch them, you can be slown down as you take damage and even die, which will result your enemy gaining an edge and possibly in a loss.

These will be 1v1 matches with 2v2 matches following the 1v1 tournament.  ( 1st and 2nd place prizes for the 1v1.  1st and 2nd place prizes for the 2v2.)

Be ready to battle!










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