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  1. I support bringing it back, but with bi-weekly wipes. It's a good server, but the problem with past instances were the power would become unbalanced and those who were underground were found by undetectable unfair measures. It became a game of you can run, but you can't hide and skill didn't matter. Or disable armor.
  2. you need to disclose what type of spawners they are.
  3. iron grinders: too expensive. The fact that you make it dependent on the nether makes it very unattainable for anyone who isn't a major town. If you keep the skull requirement, then any skull should be eligible to be traded in. That way it's not taxing in the nether and players are more free to explore and conquer. Ore: This rev hasn't been fun because of it, honestly. I quit trying to build out to other places. I understand the ore had been "plumped" (bullshit obviously), but the non vanilla factor and certain resource scarcity really ruined the fun. Special spawners: You NEED a list of what spawners have and HAVE NOT been found! YOU NEED THIS! All you managed to do is waste the time of many by telling us jack shit and now you need a special event to find the creeper spawner. Unbelievable. Closing thoughts: One thing that i truly enjoyed this rev was the dungeons. Those have been absolutely fantastic! I'm disappointed because theres no new ones to discover, really. Maybe a new one every few days or something? The lust to explore really died when the interesting stuff was all found. I havent really been on too much lately and the reason is not because im bored with minecraft, but it's because it's simply not fun this rev. Attainability is a huge thing for me and if it's not doable even with the effort, then it's not worth the effort and thats my problem with this. I work 45-55 hours a week with a ton of other stuff going on in my life. I don't have the hours upon hours it takes to get this stuff. I know things take an effort, but this rev made certain projects unrealistic in ways. I just really hope rev 21 is better...
  4. Yet even all 3 grief notes were all from 1.5+ years ago? 1 year and 7 months ago is a pretty long time, and since there have been no issues. In the space of those 2 years? If you pay attention to the dates, all 3 of those notes have been in a span of less than a year. And it's been over a year and a half since the last note pertaining to grief. I'd politely like to ask that you reconsider your method of determining whether you would like to remove a note or not. My other notes have been from general misbehavior in chat and tinkering around with Worldedit on C with items that werent banned.
  5. Got a bunch of notes from forever ago. http://zstgbep.mcbouncer.com/u/1e775262c1b94d23a77a9f4c88819ce5/notesFor Can you erase them? This cat said you could.
  6. Avalon, the Glorious town that has lived on in many different revs. From inside the heart of the jungle, to many other places, it's a town that you can gladly call home. Just a sample of the many adventures that have been had. Building is half the effort, but Adventures are to be had!
  7. Keep the old format with a twist. (pre space) The old CTF was a giant map with strongholds, traps, and spawners. This time, it should be 4 smaller CTF maps. 1 Hell map, 1 Deep Jungle map, 1 Desert Map, and 1 Other type of Environmental map. Each of these maps should have strongholds in them and mirrored on both sides, to keep things balanced. Either about should be about 800x800 in size each. Lastly, these maps should carry into the minigame map rotation after the CTF fundraiser event. Carry over server settings too.
  8. You could allow spawners to claimed like the elytra. Iron quantities to be mined won't be enough for regular players.
  9. Make snow skeletons spawn as much as enderman? And likewise with vindicators.
  10. PvE has gotten kinda stale since special mobs are gone, but even those got kind of annoying. However I'd like to recommend letting all current (and upcoming) overworld mobs to spawn anywhere randomly. Just like how a normal mob will spawn, except sand zombies and snow skellies can spawn anywhere regular mobs can. Also with Illagers coming next update, allow them to spawn freely with the rest of the mobs. It's an idea to keep pve exciting by making an adjustment to vanilla gameplay. Also ban the totem of undying or make it redeemable like the elytra or make it have a .5% chance to drop.
  11. The underwater lobby is absolutely massive in size with an adventure waiting. The screenshots includes only gets about 1/6th of the actual lobby itself. Here is a pic to demonstrate it's size http://i.imgur.com/tcHw1Ho.png And here is an album of the lobby to show you what kind of adventure awaits! http://imgur.com/a/awV3R
  12. showcasing builds with links on twitter would also help. but i'm optimistic about using the schematics website. The better the builds, the more recognized they will be and people can see where and who it was built by.
  13. No. I was looking to discuss having a server sanctioned account on http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/ for players to volunteer and submit their builds to in order to contribute our ideas and creations upon the general minecraft community and not just ourselves, in a way our builds live on and never die or get erased when a new rev launches. But also this will help advertise our server, which can help boost C's player count/activity and activity on p. I did a test submission with a taco truck that inerd71 built (uploaded with his approval ofcourse. All submitted builds must be volunteered by the builders) and it fared well with a 3.5/5 rating and 42 downloads so far. http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/schematic/8159/ I think it would be a very successful idea that would help our reputation on our servers.
  14. I'm disappointed that i don't see anything about my recommended idea for the discussion even though it was requested due to my forced hiatus due to hurricane Matthew. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/4261-preserve-nerdnus-greatest-creations-forever-click-here-to-find-out-how/
  15. anyone can submit. It will go through a minimal quality control to weed out cobble derp and just derp builds. Lets say i make a basic house and i want to upload it. As long as it looks like an ok build, it should have no problem being approved to be uploaded. Unskilled builders are welcome to submit aswell.
  16. The schematic will be on the website for anyone and everyone to download. Nothing will be kept on nerd.nu's servers unless techs add a place for it. Unfortunately mods who have the responsibility with schematics will be the ones to move/upload it. Or users can schematic their own builds and submit them.
  17. As we know, many great builds and creations are made here on nerd.nu that are simply amazing. Sometimes, unique builds whether it be redstone or aesthetic are created on this very server and only stay on this server. Unfortunately when the end of the rev comes, our builds kinda go to be erased and forgotten in the archives as we start all over again, but I have an idea on how to keep our builds living forever and having our creativity reach others like we've never done before. There is a site called http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/ that hosts many builds on here for others to download and build. We should create a nerd.nu account on that website and upload builds as a way to spread our creativity and as a way to advertise our server at no cost to us! For builds to be submitted, players must volunteer their builds to be uploaded. We should not, and cannot upload builds without permission of the original builder!!! All builds should be approved after being volunteered to weed out cobble derp and other derpy builds as a form of quality control. All builds uploaded should have this in the description: Server: Rev #: Builder: Town (if applicable): A brief description of the build and any info if need be: Submissions should be open from the time a new rev is announced until the announced rev starts. Both PvE and Creative should be included in this program. All submissions can be houses, buildings, farms, and even redstone builds.
  18. http://imgur.com/fKvAZrs My amazing steak recipe
  19. How do i get my equipped item icons to go away? This is very irritating http://imgur.com/a/MgHEp
  20. Instead of removing them, we should take a different approach. Skelly Horses should instead be treated as regular mobs that can spawn and de-spawn. Each freshly spawned skelly horse will bring a can of ass-whoop to open if you get too close and the horses will de-spawn like any regular hostile mob, repeating the process. This creates a solution that decreases lag/clutter, but also brings a challenge with it.
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