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  1. That's a cool idea, contingent on whether or not the livemap plugin supports such functionality. I would suggest it should come with something like a 24-hour delay before the sections appear, though, just to reduce its impact on location competition in the first day of the rev.
  2. What about making it interactive for the people who like to explore: when the users manage to post a full map to the subreddit or forums, then it's declared that the server's intrepid explorers have successfully mapped the landscape, and the livemap goes live at that time?
  3. Most of the redstone in the Othello is very simple! Just a toggle switch for each blast door, wired so that the override button would toggle it open and the exit airlock button would toggle it back closed. The hard part was actually fitting all the courses of redstone wire into the walls, ceilings and floors. XD But torteela definitely deserves a thanks for designing the functional redstone for the oxygen plant, so that it could detect water buckets. :)
  4. Maybe we ought to make the map available with CTF plugins disabled and free, unlimited-fuel jetpacks (or simply flying enabled) as sort of a "museum" server to allow players who missed the event or want a second look to explore it.
  5. One crazy idea that might help to address some of those issues would be to have the third-party PvE team actually take the place of each PvP team's resource-gathering efforts. What I mean is, players joining could choose whether to PvP or PvE. If they choose PvE, they get put on a neutral team that amounts to the "civilians" of the map. If they choose PvP, they get assigned to one of two military factions. Those two factions would PvP and cap flags as per usual, but instead of making their own farms and doing their own mining, they would have a means to find currency on the map, which they could then trade with players from the PvE faction to obtain supplies. This could potentially be done through the application of an economy plugin. Just some food for thought.
  6. Oh, if only it were always just this simple... >:) Also... dat trailer. Hnngh.
  7. Went on last night for some finalizing work on the Othello: Tested door system and enlisted Silver's help in resolving a no-fly-zone-related piston issue; all doors are now working as intended. Repopulated mobs that had disappeared over time from the bio-labs. Replanted a couple of crops that were trampled in hydroponics before trampling was disabled. Added some cargo containers and pallets to the main cargo hold so it wouldn't be so strangely empty. Replaced orange wool in reactor room ceiling with lava now that it doesn't flow. Expanded floating glass panes in reactor room mini-parkour so that it is once again feasible. Replaced blue wool in smugglers' shuttle with orange to better match its colour scheme. I think that about covers it. At long last, I can safely describe the damn thing as "finished". There are still a lot of empty chests in the ship that we could seed some loot into between now and the event, if we feel like it. And I'll probably pop in to do one final door system check shortly before the event goes live, and to make sure the doors are properly reset in preparation for the arrival of the first explorers to make their way through the ship.
  8. Typical Nightwish: Starts weird Ends awesome Lyrics leave you scratching your head
  9. Ribfest starts tonight. I'm not even there yet and it's already made my day.
  10. I've contributed messages for a few that had none or only one. And peppered the sheet with System Shock references. :P
  11. Crock, I think you're mistaking "use of power" for "abuse of power". The admins are in charge of the server. They reserve the right to remove builds at their discretion in order to maintain a standard of quality for builds. If the build you're complaining about really had as much work put into it as you claim, it certainly wouldn't have been removed. The only builds I've ever seen admins remove are extremely derpy ones, or unfinished somewhat derpy ones where the player is long gone and obviously not returning to complete. You're claiming that they arbitrarily destroyed a high-quality build without providing a reason. That's ridiculous. As in any context, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and since you're unwilling to provide that, there is no merit to your complaint. It's ludicrous to suggest that the admins are some kind of oppressive presence actively prowling the server for builds to remove just for fun. Even if they wanted to troll the server by removing builds indiscriminately, they have far too much on their plate to even have that much time to waste. I'm sorry if you have problems with authority, but the simple fact of the matter is that the admins manage the server and they are fully within their rights to remove builds and read chat logs. If they wanted to rollback the rev entirely tomorrow, they'd have the right to do so. They won't, because that would be stupid. Just like they won't aggressively remove builds that are actively being worked on, because that would be stupid. Your claims would be concerning with evidence, but since they're baseless accusations they're dubious at best. I agree with Zomise; all you're doing here is attempting to incite drama based on your persecution complex that the admins are somehow after you. It's not going to fly if you refuse to provide evidence.
  12. Did another LEGO train layout at a show this weekend; had lots of time to detail it so it came out quite nice.
  13. Wellp, I promised Silver I would post a photo when I reached 180 lbs. and this morning I weighed in at 179.8, so I guess I have to put my money where my mouth is. These glasses looked a lot smaller when I weighed 220. :/
  14. Sounds like I have a name for my bridge on P now.
  15. I like building Lego trains... so I guess there's some small overlap there.
  16. Oh, I see. Wellp, maybe mine is the most tedious for sure, then. XD Even when you know your way through, it's an ordeal. And I've yet to try it in Survival mode having to actually fight through the creeper room...
  17. Not deadly, she says... with around-the-corner jumps over lava... :P
  18. As a corollary, I think the buff strength should scale to the difficulty of the buff tower. Bluue's buff tower is the easiest to achieve (especially for repeat visitors since it's a treasure hunt), so should have the weaker of the three buffs. Mine and Zom's are probably pretty close in terms of initial time-to-solve, though I'd say Zom's will be a little more time-consuming to repeat except for players who are masters of parkour and can finish it faster than it takes a player to slog through my doors.
  19. I may need to get in touch with torteela at some point about the bit he helped me with in the center buff tower; at the very least it needs some cosmetic re-working and tweaking. Will see about having a look at it tonight.
  20. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Tharine. :)
  21. From Didy's previous post: One thing still in need of a builder is an initial lobby/spawn point area, which is meant to resemble a space station from which the player is about to ‘beam’ to their new colony. Details: No larger than 120x120. Space Station theme. A central point from which a player can click a sign to be warped to a random team. Fully enclosed i.e. players must not be able to get outside the build or be able to get back in once assigned a team. Windows are fine, if fully glassed. Enderpearls will be disabled in this build’s region, so you don’t need to worry about any pearl trickery. Something referencing the two team colors (lime and red): perhaps there are armor-stand ‘recruiters’ dressed in team colors, or a docked ship belonging to each colony - anything you can think of.
  22. Destination shuttle is done; all rooms inside Othello are furnished. As soon as we have the redstone set up and the oxygen plant built cosmetically around it, plus the easy-signs set up and tested, we'll be finished. Also, those chests - Didy, any suggestions as to items we could leave for players to discover as a reward for exploring?
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