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Voting for the Speed Build arena is over and we have a winner! And with this, we're bringing back weekly Speed Build!


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Congratulations to Heysofia for creating a fantastic Speed Build arena! Here it is in case you missed it in the voting.

I hope you're all excited to get started. We're glad to announce that we're bringing back weekly Speed Build! 


Here's what you need to know:


  • Starting June 13th, Speed Build will take place on the Creative server every Saturday at 9pm EST.

          (Here's a time zone calculator in case you can't figure out what time that is for you.)


  • You can access the event in-game by typing /warp speedbuild 


  • There will be 3 10-15 minute rounds, all with random themes.


  • All the builds will be judged by staff members.

          (The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will get their names added to the Winners Board at spawn!)



-Cadmin Team

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Guest Former Staff

I've added this event as a recurring Saturday event at 9PM EST to our forum calendar from the Saturday after the 2015 Fundraiser (as creative will be down), as per our sticky topic instructions. The only detail I've missed is how to access the speedbuild, which leads me onto my questions:


How will people access the speedbuild on creative? For example, is there a specific multiverse world to use? I took a quick look now but could only see the contest-speedbuild world. If you can share this information please then I will edit the calendar event to include that detail too.


Please consider removing this recurring event from the calendar if it is cancelled at any time in future.

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