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[PMC]How to help with revision 20!


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Hello again all, it’s that time again where we open up spawn and ask for your help in adding your own decorative flair to the upcoming revision!


All on staff have been preemptively whitelisted and we’d like to remind everyone now that the content you see is all to be kept private! 


Sekrit defie edit: Use /mode while in modmode to get to creative mode. You no longer have to wait for an Admin to switch you over!


  • The primary point of contact for all spawn related queries is defiex but should defiex not be around then you can drop myself a message and I’ll ensure it reaches defiex.


  • To reach the development server, type [redacted] while on the lobby or pve.


  • If you need use of easy signs at all then please contribute to this document here! We will check this document as often as possible (feel free to just nag us too if we’re too slow).


  • We’re also in slack at /join rev20spawn


The tasks which we would like help with are:


  1. The front of the spawn building needs a path down from the cliff it overlooks. Ideally a waterslide would accompany this path so that people can slide down there from spawn. Completed!

    1. Teleport to modreq 1 to go directly to this location.

  2. The rear of spawn needs to be converted into a park which surrounds a spawn nether portal. Heysofia has put herself forward in the last staff meeting for exterior decorations so we’ll ask her to spearhead this area with anyone else who wishes to help.

    1. Teleport to modreq 2 to go directly to this location.

  3. General decoration is needed for two floors in particular which have been reserved for us to use. This includes some rooms which are marked with signs to give an idea for what to convert the rooms into. Some rooms are reserved such as those for the adventurer’s guild.

    1. Teleport to modreqs 3 to go to floor one and 4 to go to floor two for decorating these floors respectively.

  4. Paths leading away from the cardinal decorations to the edge of spawn so people can connect them with roads would be ideal!

  5. On all floors there are lobbies surrounding the staircases. These are fairly empty and have a lot of room for decorating!

  6. Hiding secrets around the place is always welcomed!

  7. We are looking for an Easter themed scavenger hunt to be integrated into spawn that will run for two weeks from the reset.

    1. Suggestions here are easy signs / custom skulls placed around for people to find.

  8. Within the first week of the revision, we’re looking for someone to put together a short teaser video for the new revision.

    1. We are preferring to use teaser screenshots until the reset hits.


Please do not hide any items in the shulker box floors as all will be locked to defiex before the revision starts.

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Guest Former Staff
7 hours ago, TheNightsKing said:

Please, please change the shulker box floors. I drop to low 10s of fps when they are within visibility range. I can't believe that locking them will have any effect on how much they slow rendering down.


I'll poke defiex to respond here as I understand the shulker box floors were intended to be used in a mini event of sorts.


Edit: Discussion happened in the slack channel #rev20spawn which has culminated in the shulker box floors being replaced.

Edited by Barlimore
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Guest Former Staff

Pve-dev is now closed for sprucing up! Thank you everyone who came to help out or even just to take a look. Your comments and input into sprucing up spawn was very much appreciated!

We understand that some people are looking to continue their secrets in modmode into the new revision- we'll keep the #rev20spawn channel up to leave us messages in there. See you all at the tail end of revision 19 and then in the new revision!

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