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  1. My computer has also been a bit explody and I'll then be off on holiday for a bit. So I'll probably not be on until the start of August.
  2. Please, please change the shulker box floors. I drop to low 10s of fps when they are within visibility range. I can't believe that locking them will have any effect on how much they slow rendering down.
  3. No offense totemo, but you are always an outlier in terms of resource gathering. I've spent hours mining from Ambrosia to Clearmont and the north east portal and other ways. This has barely produced enough rails for the distance. In fact I needed to ask Clearmont for iron to finish off the connection to them. It's far from not being bothered to play the game.
  4. Any chance of a high resolution png of the logo rather than the ai or eps? I mean I could copy from the forum header but still...
  5. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of the iron spawners this time at all. They're far, far slower than mining (which has its advantages in terms of getting people doing the diggy). Personally I think we had them right when they were introduced with the level cap in rev 17. They were good but not utterly ridiculous like they were last rev. After the first week or so's high usage levels, PvE is at its best when it is a rail heavy map. It's when getting from A-B is hard that it feels dead. And that needs decent amounts of iron. If you're frugal, there's roughly enough iron to make the rails if you dig between points, but that leaves little for other purposes.
  6. Would it realistically drive any interest in our servers though? I can't say I've ever looked at the details of any schematics on there. If there was some way to link to a page which could track referrals from minecraft-schematics it may be interesting.
  7. I will be attending the whole meeting. You can apologise to my wife if I wake her up if it overruns :p
  8. I'd second most of that, the only thing I would say with hindsight is that boating around is a safe way of exploring without having to worry too much about starving. Whilst boats are fast for travel, I still prefer horses, roads and rails, which the ocean disrupted & affected exploration and building. 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock on the map is virtually untouched which is a shame. Could we perhaps get a magic dispenser with bread or cooked potatoes at spawn rather than melons, with a cooldown if necessary? It's just so tedious repeatedly eating when you're started and trying not to die. Bread & cooked potatoes can't be abused as far as I can tell, while giving good saturation.
  9. It was far too overwhelming for me. I wasn't around until Sunday evening UK time which affected my enjoyment I'm sure. I had read the info post in advance but the start time on Friday was middle of the night for me and I wasn't going to stay up to be there for the start. This was my response to the info post: Ok, CTF that's interesting. Now, forcefields. This is beginning to get complicated. Buffs? Oh god. Diamond and iron chestplates + more needed - that's a lot of resources. New commands... I logged on, joined a team and found myself on an end island with a potato farm. After running around the whole place I couldn't see anywhere else to go, and I didn't have a clue how I would go about getting a jet pack or even coal to power it. There was a derp bridge probably about 50 blocks below but if I dropped onto it I would die. Without an idea what to do I logged off and waited for the event to end. I play on p because I like building but really dislike pvp on Minecraft. Whether its my computer's lack of power or my internet connection I can't rely on players being where they appear and this means that admin hunts and even spleef are frustrating to me. Chasing another player around is even worse. The event was amazing in terms of the work involved in world building and getting the system working, but it was so non-vanilla that it seemed to be a completely different game. Joining on Sunday I had no idea how much longer it would last and whether it was worth trying to figure more out. So far, my laziness. But I didn't realise that there were builds of significance to be found. Narissis's spaceship sounds awesome. If there was some way to go sight seeing I'd probably have stuck around longer. But as far as I had understood it there were just a couple of bases and flag stations. It seems bizarre to put so much effort into something so ephemeral. A year of some of the best builders on the server working on something which will be gone in 48 hours! Now that I know that there was more to be seen I wish I would have stuck around a bit more. I donated a bit despite rather than because of the event. I know I sound like I'm moaning here but I'm not really. It's a negative sounding post because the event didn't suit me which is my problem and I thought I'd explain why in depth. I've really enjoyed some of the other "events" we've had recently. The Viridian Journals were excellent. Holiday mobs are a good laugh. The tree competition was really good fun and had lasting impact on the map this time. The PVE Awards are a great motivator. Nightoak is terrifying. Rather than an event which will be lost in time like tears in rain I prefer something which lasts. I absolutely love the lobby map this rev, and the scavenger hunt in it is brilliant (I worked out the answer even if I haven't quite found all of the clues...) What can I suggest which could actually be productive? Something to unite the different server player bases. Some sort of view-only trophy house or museum server that event winners can be immortalised in in some way. Maybe take screenshots of winning builds, turn them into maps and display them on the walls of the museum. Or world edit in significant parts of the builds and equip them with warp signs to go there and back. I'd actually suggest an event with different levels which only get unlocked as donations reach set amounts, like Kickstarter goals. As long as players aren't paying for an advantage over each other this should be perfectly acceptable by the EULA.
  10. Reduce their spawning and moblimit them. I was excited when they were announced as I like skeleton horses, but the fact that they're not tameable means that anyone can take one from you.
  11. An additional point for custom flora: the shortage of normal dark oaks led to lots of the glowstone trees being chopped down for saplings. So both really need to be there.
  12. I'd say it's all good this rev. Really good. As with Pez, I'm finding gold to be the major limiting factor for rails, and the downside of the excellent nether is that without a roof a gold farm isn't really feasible. Although I have been making stations and other features with a lot of vertical travel, so I'm probably using more than I would for CARBON lite etc. I'd suggest having a flock of sheep in mapworld. I have a plot but haven't used it yet as carrying 256 stacks of materials there and placing them is a very intimidating prospect.
  13. I like totemo's idea of dropping Mojang's portal mechanic, and have been taking the next step in my head. If the two ends of a set of portals could be placed and connected manually, could this be done arbitrarily? So for example a portal at 0,1000 in the overworld normally goes to 0,125 in the nether, but let's say it gets pointed to 50,-60 instead. The HP Lovecraft fan in me likes non-Euclidian space, and it would add to the challenge of navigating around the world most efficiently. Think of the London Underground map - the shortest route may not look the shortest. Part of the fun of the first few weeks is the collaborative mapmaking, and this would put one more wrinkle into there. Combining with a reduced nether ratio would encourage the building of infrastructure in the nether AND the overworld, as the shortest way from A to B may be via Y and Z. This would also help with adding portals later on in the rev: an admin could pick a random untouched spot in the nether, and connect the portal there for reduced drama. Potentially mark out a large number of possible locations in the nether with some sort of custom structure that is protected against builds. Perhaps anyone who gets the right to light a portal through finding an announce sign, or an event, would have to also find and claim one of these inside-nether portal locations to match. But this is just thinking as I type. Another, more important, portal request I have is that the one at spawn should be made animal safe, as I don't enjoy dragging animals down there only for them to drown! On a separate note, I'd prefer smaller biomes, but more than one of each. The Jungle From Hell is handy when you want to grab a jungle tree, especially compared to last rev, but it would be nice if it wasn't all in the north east. Likewise stained clay all being in the south west is also limiting.
  14. All good points - especially about the nether portal placement. It had already occurred to me that it would have to be handled by mods or admins, but as the nether side can be anywhere within 128 blocks of the theoretical location it shouldn't be insurmountable. The drama is something I can see coming though whatever! I think I'd be happy enough if there was a basic level of infrastructure around the overworld side which would be expected - horse accessible roads to the edge of any protections for example, and some sort of railway station that you could ask to connect to. When I see something like Long Lake (which I'm not a part of but which seems productive) appearing mid rev, it's a shame that they're hamstrung by being so far out. Perhaps keep the existing system of claimable portals, but then give the opportunity for later builds further out from spawn to qualify for a portal? This may serve to encourage wider spread builds, rather than clustering around spawn and the other portals. Hopefully it doesn't seem like I'm moaning - I'm just musing over how the server could be even more fun!
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