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Creative Post Office Contest - Voting!

Creative Post Office Contest - Voting!  

15 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Vote on your #1 choice for a Post Office to be placed near Spawn on Creative!

    • Haiku - Entry #1
    • Murtauh - Entry #2
    • PPGOME - Entry #3
    • TuxyWhale - Entry #4
    • venom20078 - Entry #5

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The Post Office Build Contest has ended last night and thank you to all the players who entered a build!

Below you will find photos to make your judgements by. I would also recommend checking out these builds in-game as well.

They can be visited at /warp postcontest and for reference, the winning build will be placed HERE

In the contest post I stated voting will be open for 3 days - I feel that is not long enough, the voting will last 1 week - until next Saturday.

Haiku - Entry #1

Murtauh - Entry #2

PPGOME - Entry #3

TuxyWhale - Entry #4

venom20078 - Entry #5


Good Luck to all entries!!!


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The poll is now closed and Haiku has won the contest! Congrats!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and those who voted! The Post Office is open for anyone to claim a chest as their mailbox. This can be done through a /modreq


Haiku, your Post Office has been placed at /warp postoffice and you have been added to the region permissions so that you can do more exterior work if you wish.

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