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Creative Revision 33 Update!

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As previously mentioned, Creative will be launching Revision 33 on Saturday October 14th, less than 4 weeks from now!

At this time I am going to bring mention to a major rule change so everyone has fair warning.

Due to this map being the biggest ever for the Creative server with a radius of 7,500 blocks, we will be encouraging players to make claims larger than they normally would to include their own buffer zone. The rule change will be as follows: There will be NO 10 block minimum block region buffers, meaning players can claim regions right against each other. Players will need to factor in a buffer of their own into their claim size - the map size will easily allow for this.

In Revision 33 the Cadmins will be cracking down on troll builds. Examples of troll builds include military type builds, huge canons, standing armies, copy/paste generic looking buildings meant to block expanding cities - things of that nature, directly beside cities or other builds with the intention of trolling. If you wish to build such builds, do it in your own regions or in areas that are vacant. There will be no excuses for this behaviour - we have put up with it for long enough. Troll builds will be determined at the discretion of the Cadmins and will not be dealt with by moderators. Such troll builds will be promptly relocated with a warning to the builder.

Revision 33 we will be bringing back Weekly Build Contest, if it is popular we will keep it going. Also we will be alternating between Speed Build and Spleef Competitions every week. Lately Speed Build numbers have dropped so we will be doing this to change things up a bit.

As usual, here are some Revision 33 Teaser Screenshots!


Also a reminder to finish your Speed Build Arenas! Voting will begin close to the launch of Revision 33. We will update you at a later time as well as the Changeover Schedule.


Happy Building!




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