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Idea: Countries

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Idea: Countries. Divide the world in countries, with different cultures, religions, politics, etc.

How would the culture and religion would work: There would be different cultures/religions in the world, one for a country. They wouldn't be obligatory, but would serve as inspiration and/or lore. For example: I want to make a temple, but I'd need to have a religion/culture. Since irl religion/culture is polemic and would probably cause problems, and a person would have to create a religion/culture only for that building (maybe others by them, too), having several bases would be good.

It would also be good to locate a building. For example: "My build is on (Country name), at the northeast region".
We could have more events too, based on the religion/culture festivities. For example: "October 27th is (God name) day".

Say your ideas and opinions in the comments!


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Some people actually already do this, like myself and a few of my friends (Its a big lore collaboration project) with our made up country. We've set an independence day and planned out ~550 years worth of lore already, as well as several lores. 

In fact, lots of people like to do this, however, some people just like to build cities just to build. While I do like this idea, I think it wouldn't do well with a population of users who all have different interests. Why not seek out a group of people who likes to build cities and write lore instead? You're more than welcome to join the UCC group, a lot of what we do is lore building, just message me about when you can.

TL;DR: Good idea, but not everyone would want to, seek out a group instead. 

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