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Spleef Event Details


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Tonight we kick off our first official Spleef event. We'll be doing Spleef on Creative every other Saturday night at 8pm Central (with Speed Build on the other Saturdays). We've talked about how we want to run it and here's what we've decided:

To get to the arena type /warp Spleef 

To start we'll have everyone who wants to participate gather underneath the Spleef play area (big snowy floor). In there we'll assign teams. For now, we will not let you pick teams, they'll simply be assigned randomly. You will go to the dressing room for the team you're assigned to and put on your team uniform, then head to the starting gate and wait for the countdown!

We'll have 3 rounds of normal elimination, and the last man standing wins for his team and earns a spot in the Spleef Hall of Fame! Teams will not be reassigned each round. 

After the 3 rounds are over, we'll have 1 or 2 rounds of Free For All (every man for himself, no teams). 

An actual list of official rules has not been established yet but once we have one I'll edit them into this post.

In the future the rules and the way we play MAY change, like we may start using actual brackets, or start letting you pick teams, or other changes. For now we're experimenting since it's so new.

We hope to see you all there, whether it be to watch or play! Please give us your feedback here in this thread about what you liked/disliked, or any suggestions for how we can run it differently!

-CAdmin Team

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