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Revision 21: Blog Post II

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Welcome to the second blog post of revision 21! We are now nearly three months into the revision and nearing the halfway marker. Let’s dive into the latest news, facts and community sections!


Admin Hunts

From the weekend of January 6th, admin hunts will be returning again! Around a week before the hunt, we’ll publish an exact time with all the details!

This admin hunt will involve the settlement of Catsenberg from revision 14, as voted on by yourselves! Take a sneak peak of the area below!


Death Messages

We have recently concluded a community-sourced update of all our death messages. We went from around 90 death messages, replacing them with around 460 new death messages!

Thank you to everyone who contributed. We enjoyed working with you on this update (you were far more creative than us)!

Golem Spawner Costs

Throughout the first few months of the revision, iron golem spawner costs reduce over time. The last time was on 22nd November, with the final cost reduction due in just a week!

Mid-Revision Feedback

From the New Year, we’re going to be reaching out to you once again to discuss how you’re experiencing the revision, in our Mid-Rev Feedback topic. Keep an eye out for that as we head into 2018!

To reiterate one detail from the expectations within the revision 21 information post, there is no reset on the horizon currently. The current revision will last until at least March and we will continue to give a month of notice for a reset.

Secret Santa & Christmas Festivities

Now that the Thanksgiving event has ended, we are in the full swing of Christmas and the Secret Santa event! Currently, those assigned to a secret santa can place their gifts into their assigned chest by the deadline of December 17th!

Tabula Rasa have build a fantastic Christmas Town (at /place Christmas_Town) for you to explore while dropping off your gifts, there are a bunch of events within to enjoy too!

Make sure to claim your Christmas gifts from the sleigh at spawn too!


Special Traders

Up until Christmas Day, there are special traders at spawn for you to get rid of some of your excess materials in exchange for building and decorating resources!

These trades are here due to the 130 golem soul donations from across the community, following your decision to have a community-contribution! Find them at 0, -100, or with /place special_traders


The Prophecy Unveiled!

Over the past few weeks, you have been involved in a game of tag, you have been fighting a boss under spawn and solving the mystery of the verses!

It has all led to this reveal, this is the prophecy unveiled!



We’re going to dive into a bunch of different stats again in infographic form, enjoy! Stats are provided courtesy of pez252.


Additionally, a big congratulations to all of those who completed the Knights’ Quests, started within the Adventurer’s Guild in spawn.

In order of completion, congratulations to;


We found this dusty image down in the hidden basement where the King awaits to reward new knights!



Within this section, we’re going to start by taking a look at the community happenings of the past month but

then we will dive into a special feature with the mayors of Tabula Rasa!


Progress Updates



Community Resources


How did you first get involved with Tabula Rasa / How did Tabula Rasa start?

Hinterlandz (AKA Zead):
I started Tabula Rasa Rev 21 after being mostly AFK a few years.

It started because i wanted someone to play with and everyone had their own little cliques already. So i decided i was just going to make a spawn town to catch the new players and hopefully strike up some conversations to have a good time.

I'd had previous experience Mayoring a town over multiple revs with a group of people i still stay in contact with. I didn't have a plan because with spawn towns really no one is going to stick to it and it needs to constantly change.

It just had to be easily accessible, easy to understand where boundaries are, and promote interaction between players. It had to be new player friendly.

I joined this rev by mid-october and Hinterlandz welcomed me to the server and invited me to Tabula Rasa. After building my house I started working on community projects with Tabula's members and things kept growing from there!

I got started with Tabula Rasa the same way most of our town members do, I was new to the server and was invited to start my adventure here. After about two weeks of serious community work, I was promoted to mayor.


Who else is a part of Tabula Rasa?

Everyone. Just come on down, we're a spawn town so it doesn't matter if it's good or bad or even if it's gets finished. Feel free to come join in with the community when ever.

We've reached over 50 members, of which only a handful are particularly active.

Which are some of the builds you'd recommend people check out in town?
The monorail so you can have a look at a range of builds, the giant skull on top of Mt Rasa, Christmas town (Duh), Clucky monument.

I would recommend you to take a tour using our monorail first and then go all the way west to Christmas Town. On your way you will come across TheCoachAdair's carpet paradise and Meliz's parkour challenge. Specifically in Tabula's center you can visit Clucky's sculpture (may it bless you!), Tabula's Promenade by PPGome and promaxxe, the various farms, houses, stables and shops. As for special services you can check out our cookie delivery and local newspaper run by cat4laugh!

My personal favorites are the helix, Clucky statue, and the new promenade.


How was it to establish yourself as a new town? Which challenges have you encountered?
The biggest drive for the town is everyone enjoying playing together. When i see people working well together and accomplishing things it's like doing drugs. The excitement from adding people to the region permissions and watching the list grow isn't even as good as seeing people get excited about building in the town.

It was a lot easier than i thought it was going to be.

After coming back from being away so long some of my technical skills where off. We ended up getting our chests griefed because i'm a dumby who just let anyone have access to anything. Now we have multiple layers of permissions so people new to the town can't just come in and swindle us until some trust is built.

If you're going to orginise a public project, understanding, empathy and compassion are crucial skills. Kids and adults act differently, people have different interests, some people have no interest, and you need to be able to let people make mistakes.

Building roads sucks.

trying to mine resources while also having multiple conversations via text at once sucks.

Having to deal with real life and loosing motivation sucks.

The design is modular so we can fit around other peoples builds which means fewer land disputes.

This is my first time being part of a town, and I became a mayor fairly recently, so the whole experience has been new to me. It's been a blast. I think with so many players working together my challenge has been to keep things well planned and organized.

I'm not a founding member of Tabula Rasa, so I can't really answer the first bit, but I can say we haven't had any unexpected issues. Yeah, there have been trolls, gross miscommunications, and bruised egos; however, that's pretty normal when you're working with a group of people.

Which is one of your favourite memories with Tabula Rasa so far?

I woke up one morning and checked the discord to see people had been sharing pictures and chatting and having fun while i was asleep. It felt really to good to have been the one who set that up.

Meeting players with whom I can plan and build projects and events with. It is really endearing to share these adventures and struggles together.

We've had so many great times, I don't think I can pick a favorite moment.

What are you working on in Tabula at the moment?

Pretty much nothing honestly. I wanted to build mass storage out near Christmas town but hoppers and droppers are straight fucked on this server so i've had to abandon the design.

Storage has been an on going problem, if anyone wants to team up and design a town based around a storage facility next rev or if there's enough time we might be able to fit it in this rev, i'm so keen.

As a town, we are working on Tabula's Promenade and we have a zoo underway. Personally, I am going to rebuild a ship that I created a year ago in another server. I feel like it is time to continue my sailing adventures, but now in (and with!) Tabula Rasa.

I'm one of the people experiencing the mid-rev slump. I'm not working on anything as much as helping out when someone needs something.


How did Christmas Town come about?

Like i said i started the town shortly after quitting my job, and the last few months have been pretty stressfull IRL so i've been absent.

Kitty, PPGome and me were talking about Christmas and we decided to plan a secret santa, at first for Tabula Rasa's members only. It then grew and PPGome told us we could host the whole server! Kitty helped us get the permissions and choose and clean a bigger area, allowing the project to become what it is now. Then I planned the town, created a little quest and special artworks as prizes and PPGome and me built the main attractions, leaving some empty plots for Tabula's members to build their own and join Christmas Town too.

Christmas Town was born when I suggested PPGOME and ieuweh move their awesome Christmas decorations to a bigger, more amicable space and it became the wonder it is now through the hard work of several town members.

How do people join your town?

-Kill yourself.
-Go to Spawn.
-Walk to ground floor.
-Go north out of the building and follow the path immediately left (if you go right just get on the spawn rail and chose the very back... left? corner? 00, 01 or something? Can someone fact check that? [Fact Checked: Bottom right corner, G1 - Tabula Rasa]
-Walk 420 blocks to the pot plant out the front of the town sign, monorail, and town hall. (Co-ords -420,-21)
-Look at the town sign and PM any of the Mayors.
-Build a house in the residential district.
-Ball out.

It's a starter town, so new or newly returning players are invited to join us to make the best of their new beginnings.


What do you see in future for Tabula Rasa?

I don't know. I'm honestly probably going to go start a new build at some point that's invite only, so maybe discuss giving control of the town to some other people who can handle it.

Bigger projects and more community-based events!

Considering the success we've had lately, I see great opportunities for communal achievement and even more awesome experiences in our future.


Thank you to the mayors of Tabula Rasa for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and agreeing to be featured in this blog! And thank you to everyone on P, we wish you all a…



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