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2018 Fundraiser - Looking for Community Builders

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Greetings nerds!

The 2018 Fundraiser event is in the works and we invite all community members to join in by building dungeons to be used in the event. 

To participate:

  • Log onto the Creative server 
  • Use /warp FundraiserDungeons to teleport to the building area
  • Stand in an empty plot and use /nerdplot claim. This will protect the plot to you.
    • If you would like to build with others you can use /region addmember <regionname> <playername> (Find out your region name by standing in it and typing /rg i)
  • Build your dungeon.
  • Deadline is June 1st!
  • Contact cujobear for all things dungeon related 

Basic Information:  (updated 3/5/18)

  • Plots are set at 50x50x50 for the dungeon and 10x10x10 for the above ground entrance
  • All builds will be referenced as dungeons as most will be underground 
    • Dungeons can be or include mazes, traps, parkour, mob battle arenas, etc, and can be lethal!
  • Dungeons should have only one point of entry (There should be only one entrance. The exit can either be through the entrance or via an easy sign warp)
    • Use yellow wool to designate where the 10x10x10 section will connect to the 50x50x50 section should you choose to include it
  • Dungeons will have a treasure that will need to be found by players
    • Admins will place the prizes, so please place a gold block with a sign that says ‘TREASURE HERE’
  • All builds will be completely protected as they will be visited by multiple players throughout the duration of the event. Players will not be able to break or place any blocks.

Advanced Information:

  • The use of non-vanilla mechanics (including, but not limited to, command blocks, easy signs, and spawners) can be discussed with Head Admins.

Admins reserve the right to edit your dungeon if necessary to fit it into the world properly.
Admins may make exceptions to any of the above, but also reserve the right to say no. 

Please ask if you have any questions. Cujobear can be found lurking on P most evening hours (Central Time)

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