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  1. not sure how to do this but heres a note appeal for this note, it happened almost a year and a half ago and nothing of the sort has happened since, so could i get it removed? thanks -lethal
  2. not sure how to do this but heres a note appeal for this note, it happened almost a year and a half ago and nothing of the sort has happened since, so could i get it removed? thanks -lethal
  3. teli_pinkerton

    Lethal_Tree note appeal [bermudalocket]

    Ok ill post a new ting then
  4. Hi, Ive got a note for minor grief from about 10 months ago (I believe it was something about me breaking a hole in the end floor or something). Would it be possible to get it removed since there has been nothing since then? Thanks, Lethal
  5. teli_pinkerton

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    I think that it would be cool to see a special item (sword with cool enchants, etc) available for a totem of undying, because I think that they are very rare, but not all that useful. As for the dragon fight, I thought that the level of difficulty was great, but that fight alone should be enough to get the elytra. It would be cool to see the elytra obtained in two ways, to appeal to different players: one with the mining drops type thing, and then another with the boss fight. -Lethal
  6. teli_pinkerton

    Revision 22: Mid-Rev Feedback Topic

    - I really enjoyed having the amber and fossils and things that dropped, and then being able to buy stuff with those, but I do feel that they should be kept to custom items such as the saddles or unbreaking 4 type stuff. - I did not like how hard the elytra was to get. As others have said, it is a vanilla item and people who want to use it should be able to get it relatively easily. I did not like having to mine for 5 hours and then go kill the dragon to get the elytra, and then waiting another 2 weeks for the creeper spawner so i could actually use it. I think that maybe we could go back to rev 21's method of acquiring it, but maybe with a more difficult dragon fight. If people are opposed to it, then thats ok. If you don't want it, just simply don't use it. - I really liked the iron grinder costs this rev, as they are very overpowered but also quite difficult to get. I would like to see a thing where 1 spawner can get leveled up without having to create additional ones.
  7. teli_pinkerton

    Lethal_Tree [kumquatmay]

    Thanks so much for the study ban! It really helped me study for my finals but now i want to play again so pls unban? Also could my alt, Floating_Potato be unbanned?
  8. teli_pinkerton

    2018 Fundraiser - Looking for Community Builders

    oh yay they can be lethal
  9. teli_pinkerton

    Peace out girl scouts!!

    noooo but then there will be only 2 CAdmins edit: can i be a cadmin
  10. teli_pinkerton

    Lethal_Tree [Zomise]

  11. teli_pinkerton

    Lethal_Tree [Zomise]

    So its the 2nd now (Sydney) . Pls unban? I deleted X-Ray.
  12. teli_pinkerton

    Lethal_Tree [Zomise]

    Ohk thats ok. Again, sorry. I also was wondering if it would fuck things up if scgirl, an account that i don't own but is from the same house as me plays because i have used it as an alt before and she has already played a little bit this rev.
  13. teli_pinkerton

    Lethal_Tree [Zomise]

    Hi, I recently got banned for Xray. I realize it was wrong for me to have done this and would like to sincerely apologize for my actions. I have read the rules and would like to be unbanned. I logged on, realized that I had had it on, and decided to do some mining. Xray ruins the experience for other players as well as my own. I have since deleted the resource pack. Please don't ban me for too long as is new rev! Thanks, Teli