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Archaeologists' Guild: Poetry Competition

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Introducing our PvE Poetry Competition!


The Archaeologists’ Guild is in a bit of a pickle. According to the Head Researcher, they are supposed to have collected numerous samples of poetry from the world of PvE for an upcoming anthology to be issued by the Spawn Museum.


However, due to someone accidentally deleting the entire team’s schedule from the Museum computers, nobody actually remembered this… until the Head Researcher called a meeting about it. Archaeologist Mike (the obvious, IT illiterate, suspect of said deletion) declared loudly to the Head Researcher that everything was on track! What was he thinking?!


Now the Head Researcher believes the anthology will be ready for his very important dinner with the SNOOTY (Studying Narrative, Odes, & Texts of Yore) Society. If it isn’t, the entire Guild could be fired!


Please help the Archaeologists’ Guild by delivering short poems from your region of PvE to them. They are desperate! So desperate in fact, that we’re sure there will be some rewards for your help.


Details of this event:

- A free ‘book and quill’ are available from the Archaeologists’ Guild at Spawn.

- Create a short poem that is able to fit on 1-3 pages of a minecraft book. Poems should reflect one (or both) of the following:

A memorable experience on PvE.

Perhaps you once modreq’d for flowing water but forgot to place it first, or maybe you won an event, or fell in lava with ten stacks of diamonds. If it was memorable to you, it counts!

History from your town or settlement.

Maybe your settlement has a long and rich history spanning multiple revisions, or perhaps you like to construct a different backstory each revision. Either way, we’d love to know more… in poetry form!

- Sign your book so we know who it’s from!

- Deliver the signed book back to the donation chest at the Archaeologists’ Guild.

- Everyone who makes a serious and good natured attempt at an entry will receive a prize:



Prize for Giving it a Go!

9x Diamonds

4x Gold Ingots

Enchanted Unique Participation Certificate

A Copy of your Entered Poem

- There are also special prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:


1st Place:

1x Iron Pickaxe with Fortune IV, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III and Mending

72x Diamonds

36x Gold Ingots

Enchanted Unique 1st Place Award

A Copy of your 1st Place Poem


2nd Place:

45x Diamonds

26x Gold Ingots

Enchanted Unique 2nd Place Award

A Copy of your 2nd Place Poem


3rd Place:

27x Diamonds

10x Gold Ingots

Enchanted Unique 3rd Place Award

A Copy of your 3rd Place Poem

One submission per person only. If multiple are submitted, we will only accept your first submission.

The competition will be judged by PAdmins.

Here’s an example from our settlement, Gitland - the famous story of one resident’s terrible addiction...


Barlimore knew, with a bit of luck, it

might turn out that a furnace bucket,

Had been used, and therefore emptied,

A situation that had tempted

Previous excursions into the depths

So many, in fact, he'd carved some steps,

to visit his most favourite place

Below the earth of Gitland's face,

That's right, a bloody lava lake!

He was an addict, make no mistake.

"Lava buckets are great!" he said with a grin.

...I fought the urge to push him in.


There’s a lot of latitude - you can be serious or funny, rhyme or free verse, and take liberties with the topics. Remember to stick to 1-3 minecraft book pages though or your entry will be disqualified!


The closing date for poetry submissions at spawn is the 5th May!


The Archaeologists’ Guild thanks you for your assistance.


GOOD LUCK! :cool:

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