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The Archaeological Sculpture Contest!

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The archaeologists at the spawn museum have been seeking to expand upon their collections and include several pieces in the exterior gardens to become part of spawn history.


How it works

We are accepting new sculptures to fill up the 8 plots at spawn. Your submissions can be built anywhere on the map that you have permission to build within but ideally your builds will be at your settlements.

We’re looking for sculptures that represent either your settlement or are in the theme of archaeology to be copied and replicated at one of the eight spawn plots. Your submission may become a part of spawn forever!

After 2nd July, the padmins will review all sculptures and decide on winners within that same week. For any submissions that do not win but we really enjoy, we will be issuing Runner Up prize boxes.

For every sculpture, at a maximum of one per town (even if there are many submissions from a single town) we will issue an easy sign that will encourage visitors to explore, to receive a unique item for visiting your settlement. We will also set up a category on the deadmap to easily find all of these unique signs for those who wish to visit all of the sculptures!


  1. Your build must be a sculpture representing your settlement or in the theme of archaeology!
  2. Your build dimensions must fit within 19w x 15d x 33h.
  3. Your build submission(s) must be started after this event is announced.
  4. Submissions are being accepted between this post going up and 2nd July.
  5. Once completed, please “/mail send barlimore My submission is at X:__ Y:__ Z:__.” If you want to explain anything about your submission or give it a name too, that’d be lovely to hear also!
    1. Padmins will then document all submissions.
  6. Multiple submissions may be submitted per person, including joint submissions.
  7. For joint submissions, we will issue any prizes to the person with the most edits.
  8. We will be looking for 8 unique winners.


Winners (8 up for grabs for 8 different submissions!)

All winners will have copies of their submissions pasted in at spawn.


  1. Diamond Blocks = 16
  2. Diamond Boots - Feather Falling V, Fire Protection V & Mending.
  3. Fragment of Amber = 64
  4. Gravel = 9 stacks
  5. Nether Quartz Ore = 4 stacks
  6. Sand = 9 stacks
  7. Gold Axe (decorative enchants and name).


Runners Up (granted to submissions that don’t win but that padmins really enjoyed!)


  1. Diamond Blocks = 8
  2. Fragment of Amber = 32
  3. Gravel = 4.5 stacks
  4. Nether Quartz Ore = 2 stacks
  5. Sand = 4.5 stacks
  6. Iron Axe (decorative enchants and name).

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Guest Former Staff
On 6/18/2018 at 10:56 PM, Barlimore said:

Your build dimensions must fit within 19w x 15d x 33h.

We are being a little more relaxed on this - one block over won't hurt. The width in particular is something we do have more room for at spawn.

Submissions so far are looking great, keep them coming!

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Guest Former Staff

Thank you to everyone who participated! We received only 10 submissions for a total of 8 winning spots, so we have decided to make an additional two plots and include everyone who participated as a winner!

Each sculpture has an easy sign added to it out in the world so that you can receive your token of recognition for visiting. Each sculpture is worth visiting not only for themselves but for the existing builds created in the area too! All of these sculptures will be listed on the deadmap soon but all coordinates exist at the East side of spawn in the trophy wing located at 52, 24. All winners should head to these coordinates in spawn (as mailed too) to receive your prize.


Here are a full list of the winners:


Builders: Buzzie71

Location: 1754 76 -3443




Builders: Cujobear & King_of_queso

Location: 741 71 -1983

Other details: The Warped Villager Statue was recovered from a ravine digsite in Vizmosas. The ravine itself was created by a tear in the space time continuum. Scientists are still investigating the cause of the tear.





Builders: Defiex

Location: 3444 64 -3952

Other details: Anti submission? ;D down with feeesh!



Builders: Disriter

Name: The Trueseer Monument

Location: 3624 102 -3579

Other details: it is themed after my settlement and soon to be town called Jargon.




Builders: Lethal_tree & Reon27

Location: -2538 116 -2989

Other details: This is a raven representing Raven Rock.



Builders: Olav3118 & SilentRecon

Name: Glorius Mobius

Location: 3877 66 -4219

Other details: artistic scale model of the town




Builders: Ruthlesssss

Location: 643 63 787

Other details: My sculpture is of an evil Lord of Stonemist wielding the War God’s Greatsword from Guild Wars 2! :)





Builders: Schererererer

Location: 3630 75 -1500

Other details: Excavated ancient Martian bust and obelisks, circa 21000 BCE" I'm in the process of expanding Pico's Mars colony theme into the sphere of xenoarchaeology, should be fun!




Builders: sunstarshine192

Location: 3382 81 -295

Other details: All the different wood types in the tree symbolise all the types of trees we protect, and the bed and lapis block inside symbolise that people here live in trees and put their stuff in trees.




Builders: Zahldar

Location: -1004 72 2430

Other details: It's a skeleton and the (theoretical) armor / weapon of a Giant -- an unimplemented Minecraft mob. Added in Indev, they have never been able to spawn naturally in vanilla Minecraft.



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