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[PMC] Zombie Survival Event Request



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  1. 1. Would you like to see a CTF where dieing players become mobs?

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Create/modify existing plugins to host a Zombie Survival Event.



My goal with this event, as a C moderator, is to provide an avenue in which C players can feel more involved with our events. C players would get the most out of building structures needed for the event, and providing them with the Zombie apocalypse as a backdrop will inspire them more than simply asking them to "build a base". This focus will also hopefully raise the quality of builds. 



The most basic description of this event is it will be a multi-team (2+) CTF, where dying players respawn as various mobs until the following (in-game) day to wreak havoc through various abilities. NPC mobs will also be present as normal. Dieing players will respawn at the same location as a mob. Players dieing as mobs will respawn at a ("graveyard") mob spawn away from the CTF bases. At the very least, players will respawn as zombies and creepers (with destructive explosions so no base is perfectly safe), and we will try to have other mobs as programming and play balancing allow. Every part of a base will be editable by both teams, except the immediate flag area ("laboratory"). Water and Lava will not be placeable by players for that reason.



Each team will spawn at their base and be told that they need to gather enough research material to study the Z-Virus and end the zombie apocalypse. They will also be told that the other bases are research facilities where the virus was intentionally created and distributed, and so they are unwilling to share this information peaceably. In this case, "research material" is the same as a flag and will be kept in each team's "laboratory" which the teams will defend and return their research materials to.



  • A working CTF plugin.
  • A working Mobdisguise plugin. (Start by getting zombies to work, and expand from there.)
  • A plugin to cause the Mobdisguise to trigger on player death and carry through to the next morning.
  • Map
  • Starting Bases


There are a lot of other really cool details, improvements, and variations I think we can do with this, and if this is possible, I will create a planning thread where those can be discussed. For right now this is what I think we need at a minimum, and would like your input below to answer several things:

  • What needs to be changed from this plan to make it possible/functional?
  • Are Admins willing to consider hosting this type of event?
  • If so, when can/should we do it?
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An interesting feature to add, in addition to player mobs & a generic horde of other mobs, is the Blood Moon Mod

This is the perfect addition to any "impenetrable" defenses. Mobs can break ANY block you specify, instead of just doors. Obsidian crumbles to their might, bedrock lies in shambles. Explosive damage ripples through water, sending shock wave upon shock wave until the opposing structure collapses.


The PERFECT addition to any Zombie event

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