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GunHands ban appeal

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Hey nerd.nu moderators.

I understand that i was banned last year for using x-ray hacks on the pve server.

I no longer used hacked clients or mods to advantage myself and put other people in a lower position in the server. I understand that hacking can ruin the experience for other plays.

I would be very interested in joining the server again, and I apologise for hacking previously.

I have an interest in playing on c.nerd.nu as I enjoy the creative community on your server!

To whoever is reviewing this, may I add that my username may have been VCookies at the time of the ban.

Again, I apologise for hacking on your server. I do not expect any forgiveness but I would really like to join your server again.

Edited by GunHands
Added information on username change.

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Hi there! Since your banning moderator is no longer on staff, I'll be handling your appeal. Here's some info about your ban for documentation purposes:


As it has been over a year, I'll go ahead and unban you. Please make sure you are familiar with our rules.

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