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Creative Revision 36 Launch!


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Launch date

Creative Revision 36 will be launching on Saturday, May 1st 2021, finally ending Revision 35 which will have been our longest revision ever! (1 year and 3 months).

  • End of Rev 35 (+TNT) On Friday April 30, 6:30 pm EDT, Rev 35 shuts down and a final backup is made, then you can blow up the old map.
  • Launch of Rev 36 On Saturday, May 1, 6:30 pm EDT, Rev 36 launches.

Minecraft version

We will launch the new revision on Minecraft 1.16.5

Info & changes

  • The main map is a custom WorldMachine/Worldpainted map made by Bardidley. The map features larger plains with less trees and less ocean intending to attract larger builds with less obstruction.

  • The size of the main map will be 7200x7200, same as the current one.

  • Spawn is a completely original build by marting11

  • Something new we are trying this revision : 14 large plots immediately around spawn will be assigned to Weekly Build winners and various contest winners throughout the revision. Watch for special contests! These plots are intended to showcase interesting builds and their content will be up to their owners. They do not have to be in line with the theme of spawn.

  • CTA fans, do not worry! The CTA has a reserved spot within spawn for the spawn station.

  • The archived version of revision 35 will be accessible via a multiverse, just like revision 34 is currently.

  • The redstone and testbuild multiverses will be transferred with their contents to revision 36.

  • The default warps will be : bigtown, spleef, pixelart, playspleef, spawn, speedbuild, weeklybuild, WETutorial.

  • If you have an unfinished build that you would like to continue working on, it will possible to copy it over to the new map with World Edit.

  • The Spleef event normally scheduled May 1st at 9PM will be postponed to May 8th.

The final save of the Revision 35 map will be available at http://mcp-dl.com

~ The CAdmins

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