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Revision 27 Suggestion Responses


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  • Entirely disable poision potato drops from mining potatoes, only have $pudcoins (perhaps slightly larger than other comparable sources?)
    • If we removed poison potatoes from mining potatoes, then what would happen to the counterfeit $pudoin market?!?!


  • Make a user poll to see if region protection policies should be changed to allow protections more easily
    • We feel that it is already pretty easy to be granted a protection. There just needs to be significant work done on the build or in the terraforming of the land. We will not protect large amounts of land that have no builds, which is why we have started the claim regions this revision. Feel free to submit another suggestion explaining in more detail what you want to see made easier.
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  • A region flag for public farms - e.g. pumpkins can be broken, but pumpkin stems cannot; berry bushes can be harvested, but not broken; bottom sugar cane and bamboo blocks can't be broken, etc.
    • Thank you for your suggestion. we have always allowed for regions for public use farms, just modreq for one. Public farms can be created in this way by creating separate public regions for just the area you would like to be public use. Please remember that square or rectangle farms are best for protection purposes.
  • update to 1.17
    • We are waiting for a few more stable builds for the plugins and back end stuff we need to run the server. This is why we stated in the info post we plan to run this revision a little shorter. Also, if possible we could update mid-rev and add spawn traders for the new blocks. 
  • Nerf Olav
    • Olav is an amazing part of this community. He makes amazing farms that benefit the whole community. 
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  •  Make next rev spawn  a massive tower plz. love seeing the new people who join only to grief fail to leave spawn and just fall death.
    •  Thanks for the suggestion!  You never know what these crazy padmins might come up with 😉                     
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  • Edit the welcome message for noobs to include "yep, this IS the oldest server"
    • We don't currently have any kind of welcome message for "noobs". Yes we are the oldest server, but not everyone asks that or cares, and being greeted by players when we notice the - on log in is part of what makes this community so cool. 
  • A countdown command for events
    • But what fun would an event be if I didn't mess up the countdown? We can look into it, but it is not high priority.

There are still a few suggestions to respond to, but they require a bit more discussion first.

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  • $pudcoin block custom recipe
    • $pudcoin are the currency for the rev, therefore not craftable.  That would be counterfeit $pudcoins  !
  • Make the harder Achievements Display in Chat 
    • Though I Understand why you may want your achievements to be broadcast, Chat can become spammy very quickly.  All the random broadcast could become a problem and add to the chatspam. 
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