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unnamed205 [i_c_e_]


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banned i guess

reason: "study ban"

idk i mean i asked to be banned so..

i think it was because i was mean to someone and called everyone smelly poo poo

someone tell me what studying a ban is or what a study ban is

i mean im sorry and i wont be mean to another player again, but I have one question.

What IS a study ban?

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Hi unnamed you stated you were reading the Iliad and to please ban you - many request study bans when they  need to study and not play the game -" 

" unnamed205    ban me pls for 3 hours  unnamed205    tell them that its the iliad and that they are dumb  unnamed205    BAN MEEEEEE "

 To quote Homer -“Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.” So in other words be careful what you ask for you may get what you wished   - example Ban me !!!. 

So tell me what was the main conflict in the Iliad ? 🙂


I have unbanned you- since you were not truly asking for a study ban as i thought. 



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