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Horses and Stables on 1.6

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Hello everyone!  Well to keep this short and to the point, I will start by stating this is more of a question forum for head admins and tech admins.  So recently I discovered that logblock does not record the destruction of leads that can be used to keep your horses tied to a post.  In addition there is a vanilla "feature" (if you want to call it that) that deletes leads after a chunk despawns.  My main question is if there are any plans as to fixing these issues.  One alternative I have found that could be useful in securing horses would be the LWC feature of locking fence gates (bottom screenshot).  *credits: would like to thank glue for helping with screenshots. note* I did not post this in problems and issues because it is not a current issue obviously. 





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totemo    407

I've been working with the P admins over the last week or so to provide technical measures to protect horses on P.


As described here: http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/1jpop6/162_coming_to_a_pve_rev_near_you/


  • If you tame a horse, people who are not the owner cannot right clicked on it to ride it unless the owner types /unlock-horse and right clicks on it.
  • LogBlock does log kills and I have written commands for admins to provide an exact replacement of a horse in terms of colour and markings.  It is up to you to establish proof of your horse's appearance with a screenshot.
  • Normal P practice of replacing griefed mobs will apply, as substantiated by the kill logs.
  • Locked horses can't be right clicked on by non-owners without permission, meaning no use of leashes to steal them.
  • Doing brain surgery on LogBlock is not worth it at this time because there's no Bukkit API for leashes at all.  Heroic measures to write code for version-specific classes from CraftBukkit will just increase the time it takes us to update next time, so we prefer to stick to the Bukkit API only.
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Ah okay, I do also like the ability to craft name tags and such.  Well thanks for the fast response, cheers!

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