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Ok, I know I spawned withers at spawn as a crude joke, I really had nothing better to do and thought they wouldn't work, but they did, great, also I thought they would despawn but nope.. Now I'm banned, I will fight them on my own if they haven't been cleared up already, just so I have to finish what I started. I'm just gonna send this appeal out and wait.

Sorry if my wording was bad or I repeated something.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Wither spawning idiot, CorgiLiam645

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Hi CorgiLiam645

The withers you spawned killed numerous new players, pet wolfs, parrots, horses & farm animals in and around spawn. This falls under our "no indirect PVP" rule.

I do not buy your "i didnt think it would work" excuse because you spawned so many (i counted at least 6), and spread out on each cardinal road as close to spawn as you could which to me implies malicious intent.  Because of this i am setting your ban as 6 days from when this message is posted. Please take the time to read our rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/#pve before you rejoin.

I will reply back here when you are unbanned.

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