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Revision 29 Suggestion Box Responses


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Suggestions Pulled 16 Oct 2022

  • I'm not for custom sacks/bags of holding/whatever, but it would be nice to have something that held all the custom items (like pokemine cards)
    • Not sure of anything we could add that we be much different than shulker boxes. We suggest using those! Maybe soon someone will find that hidden shulker spawner in the overworld and shells will be plentiful!
  • there should be more suggestions
    • We agree! Keep sending in your suggestions
  • I would love it if players could request a full rollback on a build they've done if they are planning on abandoning it completely
    • If a player decides to move away, they should tear down their own build before leaving. Incomplete builds that are not in a region can be modreq'd as an abandoned build. If the player has not logged in for 30 days we will move the build upon request. Again this is for INCOMPLETE builds in an area you would like to build. We DO NOT remove completed builds that are protected. 
  • give regen effect at spawn
    • We give away free food at spawn to get you started. If you are looking for regen for spawn secrets, we suggest coming prepared. If you are not quite geared up (food wise) maybe work on farms before hunting spawn secrets
  • it would be neat to be able to check if a bed is anyone's current bed, I'm always worried I'm moving a bed 10 people are using
    • You should never move a bed you did not place, and we do hope that town mates discuss sleeping arrangements before moving a town bed. However, we do think that there could be some benefit in having such a command. We will bring this up to a discussion with techs. 
  • let us ride phantoms
    • For now such things would only be used for very special occasions. The best we can offer is a phantom disguise saddle, coming SOON™. 
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Suggestions Pulled  30 Oct 2022

  • add some custom crafting recipes for uncraftable items like saddles, bells, etc.
    • Items like saddles and bells may not be craftable, but they are easily obtained by visiting a villager market. Some harder to get and rare items may be added to a custom villager at spawn in the future.
  • to help with mob limiter problems, just delete phantoms
    • Well it wouldn't be a suggestion response day if we didn't have a suggestion about phantoms. Again, this is a vanilla mob and we will not be removing any vanilla mobs from the game. 
  • A "perfect" dropper/hopper that moves a stack at a time. Reduce lag by redusing overall time that machines operate. eg, auto-sorters can operate up to 64x faster.
    • We are working with techs to find the best option that will work for the server. While moving a stack at a time will help with some farms, it will likely break other hopper uses. We still encourage players to be considerate when using redstone mechanics on the server. Keeping builds reasonable and minimizing sources of lag ensures a good playing experience for all.
  • instead of removing phantoms just lengthen the time until they start spawning so that sleeping at the start of events means no phantoms will spawn during the event. Phantoms still exist but won't disrupt as much
    • We like this idea better, but for now no changes will be made.  We will continue to listen to your suggestions regarding phantoms, but this vanilla mob will remain on PvE
  • disable enderman blcok grief in protected regions; they mess up terraforming and place block where they're not wanted
  • Can we turn off enderman griefing
    • We all agree that enderman grief can be frustrating, but, just like the phantoms, we intend to keep this mob in it's vanilla state.  
  • chest shops or some sort of way to trade items in chest like 32 chicken for a diamond or something.
    • Nothing is stopping players from trying to set up shops like this. Most times trades happen in chat and we like that players buy/sell/trade with each other in gen chat.
  • I would like it if we would be able to modreq for lightblocks as we can for barrier blocks in arenas, would make it easier to prettiry them without spamming torches in the play area
    • We also like this idea. Look for a update as soon as we decide on a price and how best to implement it
  • You should make it so that ShakShuk specificly gets infinite bread forever
    • nope
  • because you guys have been complaining to us about darkroot lag, you should let people get perfect librarians (maybe 3 or 4 to fit all of the core enchants) and maybe make it so that we need every core enchant and like 9 stacks of em blocks
    • Everyone was asked to cut back on things they were doing that were contributing lag. The fact that darkroot was by far the biggest contributor (from multiple sources) means they were asked to cut back multiple things. This is in no way targeting or punishing only them. Players should always be thoughtful and respectful of others. If there is an issue and lag is being created to the point of making the game unplayable , being asked to cut back or modify should not be an issue and should be done
  • tnt for regions plz so we can make tree farms
    • This suggestion comes up quite often, and while we would also love to see tnt used for some farms and mini games, there are still too many what ifs associated with tnt explosions. These farms would also require tons of tnt to work and tnt dupers are not allowed on the server.  
  • Instead of allowing us to trade Pokemine stuff to other Pokemine at spawn, just trade them for squids and release an list of what drops where
    • What? ummm, no. You don't have to participate, but what is the point of a game if you don't want to play it. 
  • make a suggestions discord channel as its the most common place of ideas and suggestions
    • Splitting the suggestions up into 2 sources will just make it more difficult to keep track of, especially as a discord channel. They will also no longer be anonymous. This also insures that suggestions are from players that actually play the game and not just hang out in the discord
  • check out the techstuff discord for a variety of options for moderators to be able to moderate chat without going against our morals
    • The tech stuff channel is listed under general and is meant for general chat between tech loving members, not under the Minecraft header. This is not a channel for server specific tech talk. That being said, having the genchat kept English is not a new concept or new rule. It has been an unwritten rule, but it is considered to be like political talk, a quick hello, or a message or 2 is fine, but longer conversations should be moved to a pm or clanchat. We have reviewed this policy with all staff.  Expect official word from the heads to come out soon.
  • make staff elections truely demoratic and representitive of all our community, let members vote on new staff.
    • You are free to self nominate or nominate a player you feel would be a good mod for us to review, discuss or vote on. This server is not and has never been a democracy. However, we will pass this suggestion on to the heads.
  • there should be some sort of apology mechanism for when staff do or say wrong on non staff/staff, apology mechanisms are used on member in appeals and such, why not staff?
    • We do our best to admit mistakes as we think it is the right thing to do, but don't think there needs to be a formal process. Apologies are not required in appeals, just a statement that the player has read, understood, and agrees to follow the rules though we do appreciate when an apology is given.
  • Add cooldown to the /pvp off, currently highly proine to abusement as it stands
    • We will work on getting this implemented in the near future!
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