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NerdNu New Servers Icon Contest!


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Many moons ago, the NerdNu Server Icons were created and ....we haven't really touched them since!  To celebrate our recent re-acquisition of our NerdNu domain, we decided it was time to freshen up our icons with a server icon contest!

Read on for instructions on how to enter!

  • You must have a NerdNu Forums account to submit your entry.
  • You must submit a generic NerdNu icon as well as an icon for each of our currently active servers:


Example of the Generic nerdNu Icon & the Creative and PvE server icons:


  • Please also give us icons for Chaos, Minigames, and Fundraiser to possibly be used for future updates - we love a matching set!
  • The icons must be 64x64 pixels and in PNG format.
  • If you have high resolution versions of the icons, that would be handy for use in other places, like the MC Servers list.
  • You are not required to include the NerdNu glasses logo to be consistent with our branding, but it would be nice as these logos will be see outside of our usual log-on screens.
  • Icons do not need to be identical, but sets that match will receive higher marks.
  • Icons MUST conform to community rules.

Plans are to accept submissions for the next couple of months or so, at which point they will be evaluated by head admins and icons that meet the requirements will be put to a public vote!

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Head Admins - pez252, Fazaden, or defiex on Discord, here in the forums, or in game!

Please post your submissions below - imgur links are preferred!

Thank you and have fun!

-Head Admins






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