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edward1331 [tacodude3]


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Ban information:


Ban for edward1331 on c.nerd.nu for alt of banned player (nbroosky) nerd.nu/appeal by tacodude3 on 2013-09-16 17:46:51 (1 more bans, 1 notes)


Please be patient and someone will be with you as soon as they can. If no one has attended to your appeal after 48 hours have past, please feel free to BUMP (Bring Up My Post) your appeal.

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Sorry, not falling for it.


Your IP has numerous banned players attached to it, including:









About half of those bans are listed under being an alt of another banned player.  


Furthermore, this is what prompted the investigation: http://imgur.com/1byLeIb


It appears as if you left a comment on one account, and then replied to yourself on your other account "nbroosky."  Would you care to revise your story now?  Telling the truth will streamline the process for all of us.

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  Telling the truth will streamline the process for all of us.




Not saying anything yet, may have to reply tommorow.


By "streamline the proccess", do you mean the unban proccess, or the your perma'd proccess.


If I do tell what you say is the "truth" and believe the truth (see, no quotations on the 2nd use of truth, take note) am I more likely to be unbanned. So tell me, how do I go about this, is it similar to the salem whitch trials, where I am accused of something, and if I deny it I am hung, or if I confess to something I didn't do I am set free. Or is it not like the salem which trials where I could have really done somehting and confess to it, but am still hung, and if i deny it I am set free?     That may not have made much since since im a little buzzed right now, will reformat it in the morning after a good nights sleep.

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Also in reply to http://imgur.com/1byLeIb


You cropped out the rest of the conversation http://i.imgur.com/7BpQlpv.png


mind blowing isn't it, that someone responds to someone in a comment thread not started by them.


I won't even get into the fact that Nbroosky's account hadn't been used in five months, coincidentally the account was banned from the servers at this same time.  Edward began playing on our servers, as well as creating a reddit account within a few weeks of this incident.  But regardless, it's a mute point to be fair, as we have no business meddling with your reddit account history.


However, due to the fact that Nbroosky had been caught using alts to evade bans before does not lead me to believe your case.  I look forward to your reply.

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