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  1. No. Never. I can only imagine. Love you bruddas, sometimes I join mumble but nobody is there </3 Hot as hot can be. You bby ;) Give me five minutes. Seventeen of them
  2. Why do you insist on desecrating my namesake?
  3. What's the best part about being my Mom?
  4. I hosted the original one, looking into getting another one set up for some time over the holidays, looking for help if anyone is interested.
  5. The AMA continues until the day I die.
  6. Is it weird that I have this bookmarked from like a year ago and still regularly use it....
  7. Absolutely love this song. Underrated classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q6nKP10j4s
  8. As much as I love the timeless classic that is cobble pony, piston pony represented the epitome of ponyland
  9. 1) I think and cry about it daily. 2) Some idiots from up-on-high decided for some reason it would be a good idea to give a talking Mexican dish with his head halfway up his ass mod powers, perhaps as a cruel joke. TL;DR: I have no clue. 3) For some reason I actually remember this quite clearly. "Tacuh, if I were a lady, how many licks would it take to get to the center of me?" 4) askgdlgasgkh;asdghasd;glkas;hgs;aglk;hsg;asdghsdag Meh, probably not, never been the biggest fan of undercooked meat, or fish.
  10. Not a clue, probably just a troll referring to some friend, or an old grief group. Best not to dwell on it.
  11. 1. Seriously, I thought you knew me better. Pyro, all day every day. 2. Batman 3. Robin 4. thedonvito17, those biceps man, if I wasn't straight.; (jk, obviously Dumbo) 5. Shut up Lord Farquad. As I'm typing that I realize that his name was supposed to sound like Lord Fuckwad. TIL. 6. Gioncarlo Esposito Nicolas of Sicily 7. If only I knew what it was.
  12. I've said numerous times that I don't want to get involved in this whole drama debacle, but, from a pure, objective standpoint who witnessed these events unfold, I can affirm that John's post was merely what she claims it to be.
  13. I plead the 5th. Potatoes. Far more nutritious.
  14. 1) 11.5 2) Typically a 13. No more 21's. Ever. 3) Right. Lefties are satan spawn. 4) The gutters, unless the bumpers have flashy lights. I like flashy lights. 5) Blue. Why did you spell color like that, you're from murica. 6) 282 7) 68 8) More than I'm proud of. 9) Less than I'm proud of. 10) 78 11) I got a cookie once. 12) THE ONE WHERE YOU GET A STRIKE AND THE COWBOY BOWLING BALL COMES ON PULLS OUT HIS LASER GUN AND KNOCKS ALL THE PINS DOWN AND A GORILLA DANCES ON SCREEN. That one is the best. 13) French fries. They have to be really bad, it adds to the authenticity. 14) Free soft drinks that I get from my punch card. 15) I'm not supposed to go near hammers. Doctor's orders. 16) LULZ LAX-BROZ 4-LYFE 17) Football for dirty british people. 18) I don't like bugs. 19) I play tennis, it's like badmitnton, but for people who aren't complete losers. 20) See question 15, replacing "hammers" with "point objects." 21) I thought we were talking about sports? 22) I already turn left enough on my commute to the bowling alley. 23) My bod blinds people with its glorious light. I'm not allowed to take off my shirt within 10 meters of another human being. 24) I like my teeth. 25) vroom vroom. I just like making the sound. Just like the real thing. 26) They are sports. 27) No 28) No 29) I dropped a 21 pound ball on my foot today and fractured it. Now I have to wear a purple booty. 30) Shhhh, they don't know. 31) See above. 32) Yes, anything to stop the pain. 33) Yes. 34) Yes, no, uh, I DON'T KNOW. 35) Is it wrong I actually did that?
  15. I won't even get into the fact that Nbroosky's account hadn't been used in five months, coincidentally the account was banned from the servers at this same time. Edward began playing on our servers, as well as creating a reddit account within a few weeks of this incident. But regardless, it's a mute point to be fair, as we have no business meddling with your reddit account history. However, due to the fact that Nbroosky had been caught using alts to evade bans before does not lead me to believe your case. I look forward to your reply.
  16. I'll let the picture speak for itself. http://imgur.com/G3xGs0w
  17. Sorry, not falling for it. Your IP has numerous banned players attached to it, including: wamboz abroosky edward1331 nbroosky bashosen huffdady123 About half of those bans are listed under being an alt of another banned player. Furthermore, this is what prompted the investigation: http://imgur.com/1byLeIb It appears as if you left a comment on one account, and then replied to yourself on your other account "nbroosky." Would you care to revise your story now? Telling the truth will streamline the process for all of us.
  18. Closing this, please make a proper appeal. Read nerd.nu/appeal for instructions on how to do so.
  19. I'm going to go ahead and unban him unless anyone has any objections, as lpoql has been inactive for quite some time. Please refresh your memory of the rules located at nerd.nu/rules. Have fun!
  20. How does it feel to never be allowed to be the mayor of tacoville?
  21. 1) I...I don't know. 2) Why do you dribble? 3) I didn't? It was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Cooki Jar. ...You DO know I was joking? Uh....no
  22. 1) Wut 2) tacodude3 3) tacodude3 4) They're ok. 5) Um, yes? Not quite at that stage in my life though... 6) Uh, that isn't up for me to decide, heh. 7) Possibly
  23. Just a quick crosspost for those not active on the subreddit! Enjoy!
  24. Because burritolass4 is much catchier. Don't really use hot sauce, unless you are are referring to salsa. In that case, green tomatillo. 1) Flying to Pluto in a rocket made of string beans? Of course. 2) Totally not avo griefing videos in early 2011. That's just silly... 3) Creative 4) I play three musical instruments. And, just to brag, went bowling last night and finished with a 272.
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