PvE blog

Week One Update


Plugin is not ready, we hope to bring it to the server soon™


Towns with portals will be shown on the live map as a nether portal, we will not be adding a second house marker to the live map. If you want /place for your town to lead players to a location that is not near the nether portal, you are welcome to ask for a /place, but a second marker will not be added to the live map. If you have a mob farm that is open to the public, we will add a skull marker to the live map but will not be adding mob farms to the /place listing


Due to the custom generation used to create the map guardians are not spawning in the ocean monument, we have opted to add spawners to mimic the vanilla generation of guardians.


Due to the custom generation used to create the map, pillagers are not spawning in or around pillager outposts. We have opted to use the Beast-master plug-in to replace mobs in the area with pillager mobs, similar to how the end respawns shulkers. This will be implemented soon.


If you would like to purchase nether roof access please place 64 $pudcoins per 1 block of bedrock in a chest and modreq which blocks you would like removed. You must remove all possible blocks that are not bedrock, admins will not clear excess blocks. Theres is no limit to the size, we ask that roof access be located in the wild (global region) or above your own nether portal (please do not add holes above someone else's build)


We realize that the Terra map generation is missing some of the flowers from the overworld. We have added Florence the Florist who will sell flowers and plants at the following rates: 1 $pudcoin or 128 seeds for 16 flowers or 1 double tall flower

If you find that other items from 1.16 are missing, please contact the admins.


LadyCailin has created a new notification system for PvE's suggestion box. We hope this change will help us keep on top of suggestions throughout the revision. Another new feature added is that the padmins can respond to your suggestion in game. We will also keep a track of all suggestions and responses here


Speaking of LadyCailin, she has also added a couple of new commands to PvE. The first one is /cdefault which can be used to default your lwc shest lock before placing chests. Please remember to change your default back to private when finished using the default to make a number of region or public chests. Admins take no responsibility for chests being locked incorrectly which then led to a lose of items Next is /shrug, which does pretty much what you expect it to.


We are still looking through the current set of region flags available and have marked the following as flags you can modreq to have set in a protected region (not a claim) This list may be expanded later. Please remember that this revision is being used as a test revision and some of these flags may not continue to be offered.

For all Protected Builds (for decoration purposes only)

  • Crop-Growth deny
  • Vine-Growth deny
  • Ice-Form deny
  • Frosted-Ice-Form deny
  • Allow-seating deny
  • Use-Trap-Door deny
  • Use-fence-gate deny
  • greeting messages
  • farewell messages

For Arenas Only

  • Enderpearl deny
  • Chorus-Fruit-Teleport deny
  • PVP allow
  • Mob-Spawning deny