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  1. I think this is a great compromise if needed. It would also have the effect of unaffiliated players and new players not be seeing colors in chat. Only those who are playing and form formal clans and use the friend/enemy feature would end up seeing colors. This combined with a fixed indent for player names would really improve the look overall. Nice idea Getafever!
  2. I logged in the other day for the first time on the new rev. and my eyes hurt from the colors. I thought it was extremely distracting, but more importantly found it difficult to figure out who was talking to me because I had trouble tracking where their names started vs. the clan name. Three possible solutions in my opinion: Surround the clan name with parentheses or something similar Move the clan name to after their player name Have a set indent point between clan name and player name so that the first letter of the player names all line up. Make it easier for the eye to zero in on the name I think. I think #3 would be the best and also the hardest techwise (could you do it by making all clan names the same length artificially?) but .... For everyone who said hi that I didn't respond to that is why! BTW: Server looks nice!
  3. Nice Thrawn! Hey didn't you do this for a while way back. I only mention because I thought you found it was labor intensive. Might want to plan on keeping it very simple information and not try to be overly complete. Hard to keep it up if you have to write long after action reports on everything.
  4. I just have to point this out because it is so funny to me, You posted an almost 5 minute video of a fight to prove that fights only last 30 seconds now.... seems like a bit of a disconnect there.
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