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  1. Hi friends! I am moving and likely will not have internet service set up in the new house until the end of the month. I can still be contacted on the forums.
  2. I am moving this to closed appeals. If you want to be unbanned, please appeal again.
  3. Hi Jesus_MF, it's been quite some time since you were banned for griefing. I appreciate your promise that you won't grief in the future. To be unbanned, all I need from you is a statement saying you read the rules, and the section that states that griefing is illegal. Once I get that from you, you're good to go. -Stellar
  4. Zomise, if you have the time. I don't want to say "oh yeah I got this" and then be unable to complete it.
  5. An update- I have an awful lot going on in my life and I cannot commit to Buff Tower 3. The reason why is not because I don't think I can, but I'd hate to make a promise that life would not allow me to keep. I'll still attempt, but I'd like to make this known
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and give the third buff tower a try. I didn't realize that Zomise volunteered but I will so she has less to work on
  7. Hopping in again to mention that I will be inactive beginning sometime in October due to financial constraints and having to suddenly relocate.
  8. Currently closing this appeal for inactivity. Please post again should you wish to have your ban rescinded.
  9. Hey ImmortalPvPer, I just wanted to bump this again to make sure you see this and the necessary steps to have your ban rescinded.
  10. Hi ImmortalPvPer, You were banned approximately three months ago for the following reason: Spamming on S I appreciate your apology and your recognition of exactly what you did to break the rules. Because it has been three months and you seem genuine to me, I will unban you once you respond that you have re-read the rules in this thread. -SV
  11. Hi guys, I'm having health and computer issues. I'll be away for just a bit but in all likelihood back by the end of next week.
  12. Ha! How comical! I, too, will be absent at the end of June. I am leaving for a trip early on the morning of the 24th (will be active on the evening of the 23rd) and I will be returning on July 2nd.
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