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  1. 1. Oh, boy. Better. Hmmm.... That's a tough question to answer off the cuff like this. I mean, I suppose it comes around to what I see is wrong with the servers or at least what could be improved. For example, the server population. I suppose could be a better place by bringing more people in, especially to S and C. I had intended for this AMA to make it clear that the Head Admin staff is accessible and approachable, which I think helps the community as well. This isn't much of an answer, and for that, I apologize :3 2. Ummmm..... sure? 3. I have no idea, sorry :/ Have you tried under the couch cushions? 4. It says clearly in the Book of Minecraft that "and then lo, God willed it that the blocks gamers play with shall be cuboids; not pyramidyls. Yea; cubes are more symmetrical and represent the holy quadraty, those being dirt, stone, sand, and ice." Beyond that, I cannot account :3 5. Probably not
  2. I usually don't eat breakfast :/ But I did have a really good one not too long ago: Eggs Benedict. I'm not usually an egg person, but that was amazingly delicious! Lunch: Um.... Given my answer for dinner, can I say pizza here? I love pizza (but then again, most people do ) Dinner: Probably lasagna. It has pasta, cottage cheese, and tomato sauce. What isn't there to love?! Uhhhh.... I'd be terrified of both, I guess, but running away from a single horse-sized duck might be easier. Hah! I'll say.... a 2. Usually I was going to say 42. CRAP!
  3. Server Admins lookout for their server and basically protect its interests. Like if someone proposed an idea that would benefit C but would harm P, the PAdmins should be among the first and most vocal to protest. They also create the new maps for each revision. They either make or host a contest for the new spawn and put it into place on the new map. They also decide (with player input) the road designs, where the portals go and other such design details. They also do anything that requires world edit (like moving builds) or locked chests on P and S. Head Admins are like a server admin, but we have to keep in mind the needs of all three servers. We help with the new map stuff as well (if needed/we want) but also just sort of make sure things are moving along as necessary and help the server admins with new map launches and the like. Head Admins are also responsible for making the community safe and comfortable for legitimate players to play, socialize, and maybe make a "home." By extension, then, we determine server policy - i.e. what's bannable, how to handle new issues that come up, and so on. Of course, it's all informed by the general population of the server and other staff (without bending to every whim). We try to act in what we see as the best interests of the servers/community as much as we can. That's a big wall-o-text for that question, but I hope it helps. As for a new PAdmin, yes, discussion has already begun (and in some ways had started before thrawn was even made a head). Most of us have lists in the back of our minds in case we have to fill a slot quickly. And it's human nature, I think, for people to keep an eye on the up-and-coming mods who stand out as potential Admin material, much the way I think mods keep an eye out for players who they think would make good mod material. It usually helps to just be prepared.
  4. You'd probably kick my butt irl. I don't play Quake 3 :/ Sorry!
  5. Ginger snaps. I love the molasses. But it's hard to find a good ginger snap sometimes :3
  6. Hmmm.... maybe writing fiction. It's a lot of fun and I love using my imagination. It's also a good way to escape from reality for awhile :3 >:D Sam Adams was cool, sure. But I always liked John Adams because he didn't (and still doesn't often) receive the attention the other "bigname" founders did, such as Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin. Yet he did so much for the American Revolution effort. More than I think a lot of people realize. And he was a a highly intelligent, interesting person - and so was his wife! So they're just interesting people to study.
  7. Ohhhh, a typical day? Well, lately I've been logging into irc about 2-4pm my time and catching up with people. Saying hi to people, both players and staff (I separate out the two because... and this might sound odd... but I consider it a part of being a head to check up on the staff and see if everything is running smoothly. Also making sure they're alright/happy. It's hard to describe). Anyway, I then hop into mumble and usually talk with people. This is usually when I encounter drama (if there is any). Most recently I've dealt with an inter-personal issue between two players and some issues/questions from mods. Of course, I've also been spending a lot of time dealing with server-related stuff, as well as new mods things and a few additional discussions. How can people help me help them? Well, I understand that building trust takes time, but I'd like to think that my track record shows that I'm trustworthy. So I suppose the thing I want to emphasize is that I want people to feel comfortable coming to me with their problems/questions. The first thing people can do to help me help them is to feel comfortable coming to me to make me aware of a problem. I can't be everywhere at once and so rely on others to identify issues and relay them to me so I can try to do something about it if I can, or pass it along to someone who can. My favorite event? Well, to be honest, I really loved the first event I ever played. I think it was in September 2011 and it was a museum map of past builds all pasted together on a map. Then it was chaos rules with /i (except TNT at first I think). I hated the pvp (lol) but once I got free from spawn I could go explore all the builds I had heard about from other people but had yet to see (nerd.nu/backups wasn't up at that time). It's a natural thing for me, being a historian, to be interested in this history of the servers I was still somewhat new to. As for events I helped build, I think that was the first CTF event in early 2012. I spent many awesome hours spent helping create the map and getting to know thrawn and alansmithee in the process.
  8. Oh boy. Um.... I am playing The Hobbit on my android quite a lot. As far as non-gaming hobbies, I knit, draw (usually with pencils), write fiction, and collect US coins (I used to be much more involved with this than I am now). I also love to read fiction - I recently re-read the first three books in the Anne of Green Gables series and I am now working through the Honor Harrington series (on the recommendation of a friend who knows I like the Horatio Hornblower series). I suppose when I'm in the mood I do like walking around and exploring things/places. And running around in the rain or snow.
  9. Um... I am drug free I do have rum now and again, though... and candy. I have a mean sweet-tooth!
  10. I would... rule the world? But if I found myself in the Pokemon world, I guess I would start with Pikachu. I'm an old school pokemon-er (I've not played since Red/Blue/Yellow) I also like the idea of being able to shock the crap out of things with lightening. I mean... hmm... .... Ropes are softer.
  11. Started playing July 23, 2011. So... the math. Reddit? I've had a Reddit account since like.... September 12, 2011 (yes, I looked that one up). So yea, I was playing here for a bit before being a redditor At the time it was sort of like a dream come true. Well, I was relieved anyway. At the time, two old Head Admins had stepped down and it had fallen to another Head Admin to shoulder much of the burden. As a CAdmin, I did as much as I could to help that Head Admin, both in the interest of making sure they didn't burn out as a Head and as a friend. So when I was asked to become a Head, it was sort of a relief so I could actually help. And of course I was excited to come on-board as a Head to help the community as a whole! This was also around the time I had playing P and S much more, and as a CAdmin I felt sort of guilty :3 So being able to legitimately expand my attention to the community as a whole was an attractive and exciting idea. The community had also meant so much to me up to that point and had given me so much, so I wanted to give back to the community and to other people in any way I could. Some of my fondest memories of first playing C was of tebok showing me around his city on C Rev. 15 and I wanted to, in turn, be that cool Head Admin to some other aspiring player (or try to be). This applies to training staff (although the Head to train was me Pilot). I guess the short answer is that it was exciting and an appealing idea and opportunity to give back to others and the community all that I felt I had received.
  12. Tea. I don't care for coffee :3 Theodore Roosevelt was my favorite until I "met" John Adams, but I also like James Garfield just because he's a cousin of mine Not going to comment >_>
  13. Argoth :) I need to come visit sometime!
  14. I have been told I'm a bit off-kilter, yes :3 Like padded-room crazy? No... I'm mostly sane, really. But yes, the servers have affected me in real life a lot. I mean, it's hard to have it not be so. I've gotten to know a lot of the people here pretty well and consider them friends. So of course I worry about them, wonder how they're doing, cry when they leave the servers forever, etc. I also tend to obsess over things sometimes, so I've planned out builds in my head as I try to fall asleep and wind up staying away for hours and stuff like that. The time commitment for being a Head Admin has also affected me in real life. There was a night recently where I was up until 3:30am or so talking with people instead of sleeping and ended up not getting down what I had intended to get done the next day because of the loss of sleep. So maybe that does make me crazy :3 On the other hand, this community was also the thing I looked forward to ever night after getting off the road when I was driving 2,000 miles to live in a new place. It is also the place I came to for comfort when I found out my former professor died in a car crash last year. So it goes both ways, the give and take. And these are only just the most recent examples - I've been playing the nerd.nu servers for nearly 2 years now! How many people have I met on the servers? Oh god, there are so many. Most of them came and went fast but a lot of them have been around for a long time. And, of course, I get to meet new people all the time :D It's one of the reasons I love training new mods - I get to know them during that time a bit better and maybe make some new friends! I have only met one person from here in real life so far (not counting those I already knew in real life).
  15. Hello there fellow Minecrafters, nerd.nu players, Redditors, and anyone else who may see this. It was suggested to me that a Head Admin write up and engage in an AMA post on our new forums as a way to kick them off. I agreed that it seemed like a good idea, and could even be fun. So here we are. This is an opportunity for all of you to well, ask me anything. But it is also an opportunity for you to maybe get to know me as a Head Admin, to see what I actually do around here, and perhaps even see the person behind the name JohnAdams1735. I am fully prepared to answer anything I can answer. There are three limitations to the questions, however. Anything that would compromise our servers' security, anything that would dox me (or anyone else), and of course I cannot answer anything I do not actually know. I am very much looking forward to answering your questions (as much as I can).
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