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  1. I personally wouldn't mind having admins always able to go into a modmode sort of thing and that moves them into a neutral "team." However, the last time we did CTF we had at least one staff member around the entire time. And the time before that I was up the full 24 hours, so sorry if I wasn't very fast :p The idea originally was for mods to be able to play and not have to worry about doing anything mod-related, but mods being able to use modmode should be fine. We had modreq last time, and as I recall we had at least two staff members who kept on top of the modreqs for most of the time. Not that I don't trust the staff, but having a 100% neutral staff team is nice. I, for one, plan on moderating the whole time, and I had a list of about 5-7 mods who were willing to moderate the entire time as well, or if they wanted to play, would do so on an alt. They represented the North American and UK time zones. And I would post again asking for more volunteers. I think the idea also was not having to worry about getting modmode to play nice with CutePVP, but totemo, if you are willing to tangle with that and get it done in a timely manner, more power to you. LWC and people being able to set permissions to chests based off teams would be great because, yea, having your teams' chests raided sucked.
  2. As a followup, I propose Friday, September 6 at 6pm EDT/3 PDT. Convert this to my timezone. It's early enough (sort of) for the EU and UK, but not too early for Australia and New Zeland. It's up for negotiation maybe an hour or two in either direction, though 11pm in London is already a bit late. We'll announce it as lasting 24 hours from when it begins, but if people are still having fun at the end and there's at least two or three staff around with me (including a tech), I'd be happy to let it run longer. I can personally plan to be there at the start and the end (extended if wanted) at the very least, but most likely I'll be able to be around for several hours of it.
  3. I try to play as much as I can, but a lot of the stuff I have to do as a head interferes with the little free time I do have to dedicate to MCP. For example, today I woke up, worked on my dissertation, wrote a post in response to Tharine that took me an hour (my lunch hour), wrote my dissertation some more until about 4:30 my time, and then I have been dealing with Head Admin issues (currently listening to complaints about someone's behavior in mumble at this very moment). If I'm lucky, I'll get to play on the servers - although I have no projects on C or P at the moment and I'm not one to just run around for the fun of it. I tried playing S but then someone claimed the little island I had claimed, and rather than deal with the land dispute, I picked up and left. I've got a small clan, but I don't have the enthusiasm for it as I had for my (ex) little island :/ Reefer? I'm not really sure what you mean. I don't smoke anything. I don't facebook much, so I have no clue what that means. I am not, actually. I have a good vocabulary, but my spelling is terrible. I rely a lot on spell check :3 I joined C on Rev. 15, P on Rev. 5, and S on Rev. 10 (I think it was 10). It was July-Aug. 2011. Hard to pick just one heh. I suppose anything having to do with the people I've friended over the years. High up on the list would be my birthday party on C back in 2012. That was very special. I've not really interacted with you enough to form an opinion of you :3 Label each server? Honestly, C is a sandbox, P is towns, and S is hostile in every sense of the word. But that's just over-simplifications and don't really do the servers justice. I might :)
  4. 42. Or if you'd rather, something in the ballpark of I yolo so many swags per second you can't count 'em ;) That second question is... hmm... Maybe C. If I had to choose. I'm not really sure to be honest. I suppose S players need to trust staff to make legit bans, even if it's the player's friend, and if they genuinely think their friend is being misused by a staff member, to bring it up with another staff member. It's as simple as, "I don't think ____ made a legit ban of ____ because...." and back it up. I know I'd investigate, or at least ask the staff member who banned the player about the ban. And it would, as always, come down to an appeal and proof. Short of this, I'm not sure. We can't make any player like us, regardless of what server they play on, and I can't double check every single ban. I wouldn't want to - I trust any staff member to make legit bans, and if it ever proves to the contrary, you can be sure that staff member will be dealt with accordingly. House cats. Hands down :) Um... the one that comes to mind is one time someone on C modreqed "My dick is on fire" and I replied "You should have a doctor look at that." It did not occur to me until I had told that story for like the 10th time that there may have been an actual NSFW build staff lit on fire somewhere.... On a side note, I do love teddybears :)
  5. My sympathies with what you've had to deal with IRL, Dumbo. And while real life always should take priority, it's good to have you back! We missed you, and I know C missed you :)
  6. Your name here in the forums notwithstanding, I did say by Aug. 13 and it's in the afternoon thereof for me. Unbanned. Please keep nerd.nu/rules in mind as you play on our servers, thanks :)
  7. So fucking sick of these abusive modsUpdated 11 Aug ยท 1 comments Really. Your status update? I'm growing irritated with your attitude.
  8. I'm going to set the ban length at two days from the date of the ban (timestamped in North America August 11). You can expect to be unbanned sometime on August 13. In the interm, please read our rules at http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules for a refresher on them. Also, next time you can right click with a wood sword to see if something is in a "locked" region :)
  9. I direct you to this: https://nerd.nu/forum/index.php?/topic/20-banned-for-a-homophobic-or-racial-slur-read-this/ And also point out that, as pictured, your comment followed a sign I had placed saying "such rud ness." The context is derogatory and potentially offensive. Block spam is the placement of blocks to no end (usually a large number placed all over) or the creation of something meant to troll, such as an AVO sign. As an AVO fan I'm surprised you're unaware of the term.
  10. Sorry, that should have read "block spam." You were building an AVO sign but couldn't get past the "V." The homophobia appeared on a sign: We don't take kindly to griefing groups of any kind, nor their active supporters, either. You can see the "V" portion of what was to be your AVO sign in the picture above. I also quote from the C logs (which I was waiting on to update): 2013-08-11 14:08:42 | <Giblet_00> lol no swatikas ? #avo 2013-08-11 14:11:49 | <Giblet_00> where the fuck do i build 2013-08-11 14:12:06 | <JohnAdams1735> Any place that isn't claimed 2013-08-11 14:12:23 | <Giblet_00> oh thats helpful. -_- 2013-08-11 14:12:39 | <JohnAdams1735> Most claims have a border or a region that will stop you from building 2013-08-11 14:12:55 | <Giblet_00> again not helpful 2013-08-11 14:13:47 | <Giblet_00> i see whyy avo griefs reddit servers Despite your rude language I still attempted to help you: 2013-08-11 14:13:59 | <JohnAdams1735> try /randloc 2013-08-11 14:14:09 | <JohnAdams1735> It'll tp you to a renadom location 2013-08-11 14:14:11 | <JohnAdams1735> *random 2013-08-11 14:14:17 | <JohnAdams1735> Might be more helpful :p Which you did, and given your belligerent attitude and mentioning of AVO, I vanished and tp'd to you, eventually watching you attempt to write "AVO" in diamond blocks (pictured in part above). And yes, I apologize, you have not been on P. One of the mods I was talking with at the time is usually on P and so I assumed. Also, upon reading the chat logs on S I can see your banter as not trolling but a genuine interest in wanting to know what mods we allow on the server and why AVO griefed us in the past. I have changed your ban message to reflect this. As I was writing the above, you've seen fit to post time and again. We ask that you do not bump your appeal; it will be delt with when the banning staff member has a chance to reply. Also, do not make duplicate appeals. Now then, you are welcome to comment further on the matter at hand and I will consider an unban if you behave like a human being and not a tool. Thank you.
  11. That's right, folks! The HeadAdmins - with input from players and other staff - have picked buzzinbee as the new CAdmin! buzzinbee has been playing the servers since Spring 2011 and was modded April 2012. Some may recall him from the piston pony from Rev. 15... some may recall him from the giant pony in Sandbox... Others may recall him from the CTA, still others for his role in DerpU and helping train new mods! So now he's the guy to go to with your ideas, issues, and all things Creative! Welcome again, buzzinbee, to the CAdmin role! Link to subreddit post: http://redd.it/1k5x7w
  12. Ban for mathews123 on4 c.nerd.nu for alt of edster1234567, permbanned for evasion | nerd.nu/appeal by muldoonaz on4 2012-11-28 19:38:12 The account mathews123 is banned for being an alt of edster1234567. Our policy is to keep accounts used to evade bans permabanned. I will leave this open if you'd like to comment further on the matter.
  13. Ban for4 slideout25 on4 c.nerd.nu for spam nerd.nu/appeal by pilot3033 on4 2011-08-13 21:46:5 So your ban actually dates from two years ago, not a few months. In any case, I'll go ahead and unban you. Welcome back.
  14. Well, I've been wired because it's behind a different firewall. Good game, ISP. But I ought to be back now, so it's up to you to decide if that's good or not :3 Thanks for the concern and I'll see ya at S Rev start tomorrow ;)
  15. I totally lost connection just as we were talking in irc :/ Also apologies to gsand for seemingly ignoring him in RedditMC. %^$$^# internet :(
  16. For reasons still unknown to me, I cannot connect to mumble, irc, or any MC servers. Obviously my internet is working, but these three vital things to me aren't working. Most have suggested that it has to do with the firewall of the network - an issue I've raised with the network's owner. Until it is resolved, I'll be a little scarce :( I can still be reached via the forums (probably the best way) and reddit and a few other staff have my phone number if things catch fire (though I don't know how I'd be able to help). I am also still able to get into mumbles via my tablet for brief bursts (until the wifi network catches up to me D: or something) that do not require certificates (as I do not have the paid plumble app for android). I'm also sometimes able to connect to irc and nerd mumble from my computer, again just for brief bursts (although that's not much help to be honest). I have not been able to connect to irc on my tablet, either, using andchat. Which suggests it is indeed something on my Uni's end and thus out of my hands for now. I apologize for any pm's in irc I have not responded to and I hope to return soon. I want to play the new S rev >:/ not to mention *cough* CTF >:/ and the new C rev >:/
  17. I've moved the Survival Rev. 22 post to News and Announcements (and added it to the calender!). We can bug a tech at some point soon to get it so Server Admins can add posts to that area for new Revisions and the like.
  18. JohnAdams1735

    Survival Rev. 22

  19. Thanks for being honest - Welcome back, unbanned.
  20. The voting thread is in the forums. And you can always ask :) Yep :) I've said it before above but I'll say it again - as Den also said we've had a pretty open policy (or I have) about players suggesting names. We'll consider them - I personally try to make an effort to see the person in action or try to talk with them a little to get to know them a bit so I can personally recommend them in the next round. I've usually got a running list of names on a post it note on my desk! Again, though, as I said above, it seems we need to formalize this system with posts to the subreddit when we're going through a brainstorming thread, so people know for sure they can come to staff with names. Which, as Barlimore said, is something we're going to do next round! :)
  21. I love the idea of skycrapers with hugh sky bridges linking them (preferable over surface roads). I've always wanted to do a city that looks and feels like a real city (lots and lots of black wool for the roads D:). I was toying with the idea for Creative, but I'd make it work on PvE - I've never let the daunting task of materials gathering stop me before and I won't now! That being said I've "promised" myself to Seneca for Rev's start and a plot, but as is often the case, I finish a project and just need more. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for projects like this! :)
  22. Please carefully consider if you think each of the following names should be asked to serve as a moderator and fill out the poll accordingly. If you have comments to add to a "yes," feel free to post them below. As a "no" can either mean you do not know the person or do not think they should be asked, concerns regarding anyone on the list should be brought to an Admin (Server Admins can pass along the information to the Heads). Anyone is welcome to bring their concerns regarding these names to the Admins, not just staff. GMMan_BZFlag HailSaban Sapphric razgrizMC Trooprm32 redwall_hp beastbruiser Emery17 Voting will last one week to end midnight (12am) EDT August 6. Head Admins will take the vote tally plus all the input we receive from everyone regarding the above names. A final list will be posted on the subreddit no later than August 13. Thank you in advance for all your feedback!
  23. The delay has mostly been because of rl restrictions. It was initally delayed because the tech leading it had to leave at the 11th hour for a family emergency. The first tech working on a replacement plugin is working 14-15 hour days most of the time now. The second tech to take it up is... working on it. As are others on the map itself. Of course, now they're working on updating the servers to 1.6.2 - most of the tech chatter today was about that for S. Adding techs is a good idea, of course, but there's such a high level of trust required that they are very careful about who they add. They (and really the whole community even if they don't realize it) have been burned very hard in the recent past - one tech who is (perma)banned and still draws drama to the community and another who suddenly dropped off the face of the earth without a word to us. So this that part of the reason it takes a long time before anyone is trusted enough to be asked. Because of their level of access to the servers themselves is the other reason. I can't speak for the techs, but I don't play as much as I used to because of rl stuff, and the free time I do have is more keeping things going/planning stuff/posting things/ etc. Like today, most of my free time has been posting and planning, touching base with other staff about stuff, and a bit of work on the pending S Rev ;) So that was some playing, technically, which makes today special. I'd play more if I had less Head Admin things to do :3 But I'm happy to do the Head Admin stuff if it means players get to play. Like the CTF, I suspect I'll not play but mod the entire time, which is fine because it means a (slightly) better environment for the players. As far as knowing about stuff and being in touch with the game itself among the players, I rely on mods. If a mod had come to me about those signs, I'd have bugged a tech or figured out how to write the signs. Or the mod themselves could have bugged a tech. Players can do this too - just be polite about it :) "The signs aren't working, will you fix them, please?" or something to that effect. I personally am open to feedback presented in a constructive way. That subreddit post offered a lot of problems but no solutions or even original ideas. It's easy to say "This is broken," it much harder to say "This is broken, but if you maybe..." or even "I was thinking... the public logs are broken. Is there a fix?" If a player came to be like that, I would say "I'm not sure, but I'll ask a tech. Or you can if you'd like." and it would progress from there. I still sometimes feel people expect immediate change or solutions to problems, which is usually impossible. If for no other reason, most of the "bigger" decisions are not the work of a single person - I always consult other staff and I will be even more diligent with this in the future. Which means discussion, which takes time. Sometimes weeks. Or months to deliberate, consider all the implications of the decision, or even just finding the time to deal with it/implement it/test it etc.
  24. OK, currently they are 10 up, 4 down. I was thinking 15 up, 5 down. Sounded like a good 3/1 ratio. Anyone else have thoughts?
  25. I will ask a tech if it is possible and discuss numbers. I can't remember what they are set at off the top of my head... But I think they are independent of each other - meaning that we can cap at like 10 up, 5 down or something like that. So that would mean if nothing else we could increase the up vote cap a bit.
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