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  1. We could try to have a section in the forums where we post a thread for each to do item, then whoever is working on it can post progress/exploration/etc. and then it can be closed when it's accomplished or hits a dead end for some reason. Just an idea.
  2. My cat, Fuzz, from a few years ago (He's much older now... like 18 years old):
  3. In addition to the incident you describe, I also hear that you've been asking players for other players' facebook info or real names. But you do seem to get it: which is helpful. I think applies to both things, and I appreciate that you understand why we can't allow this to continue on our mumble. I can unban you from mumble tomorrow around 11am EDT.
  4. Thank you njord, that means a lot to me. I was very over tired and stressed out, but hearing how much people enjoyed it made it all worth my time and effort!
  5. Yes, it has changed me a lot. I've mentioned in several places/answers now how it's changed my skill sets and gave me a place to make friends. Overall I am a more stressed out but happier person. :3 I don't really have a rl job per se - I'm working towards my Ph.D. in US History right now. During the semesters I do work for a professor/class grading papers and tests and get paid for that. But for now I'm focusing on getting my dissertation written so I can graduate and teach University!
  6. Against my better judgement I will unban you. However, this is absolutely your last chance. The next ban will be perma.
  7. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was very much aware of being the first female Head Admin. But it never really seemed to matter with the other Heads or anyone, staff or otherwise. As for thrawn, she's been a server admin for a long time, and it was just a matter of who we felt was best for the job at that time. And we're still on the "hunt" for #5! Tharine is, of course, also a good Admin :)
  8. 1. We've been looking into how to advertise without selling our souls or prostituting out (so to speak). Or spend money (if at all possible). We also want to make sure we're advertising on reputable sites. Not to mention shaping the advertising - how do we want to present/"sell" the servers as a whole and individually? What sort of players do we want to attract (more isn't always better ) and how do we reach those demographics? How will we make any sort of graphics/pictures of the servers and who will make them? And those are just the questions I could come up with off the top of my head in about 5 minutes. All that takes time and a lot of legwork. But it is being worked on. 2. We do, actually (although I don't know if the donation page we used last year still links properly to the paypal account) but we don't really advertise the donation page except for during a donation drive. As for getting better hardware, adding our monthly cost isn't something to be taken lightly. It would cut into any donation efforts in perpetuity. But you're right, there are physical limits on the servers as they compete for a finite amount of resources and perhaps affects their popularity (although P at rev's beginning is still insanely populated). And then it's a balance between asking for money and being annoying about it. We don't want to ask for money too often lest people stop being able to donate. Both are ongoing conversations among staff, trust me.
  9. How hard? It can be very hard sometimes, but yes, also very rewarding. I've had to do things I never had to do before, and deal with situations I've never dealt with before. But I've been learning a lot about myself and people in general and I hope to apply some of these skills to my real life work. For example, I've had to learn how to understand tech stuff to some extent. I've learned words like parse, what a wrapper is, some basic java coding, and what the heck a "tick" is besides a blood-sucking insect. I've also had to deal with interpersonal issues with staff - much like a Human Resource manager in a company. I've had to learn how to determine server policy, which can often seem like being a leader of a small country. I've learned how to deal with griefers, ddosers (or at least the fallout of their actions) (had never really herd the term before playing MC here), hackers, trolls (I learned what a troll was from MC here too!), and how to act like a Public Relations person when dealing with delayed events and dozens of people waiting to get things going. On the other hand, I've been able to help make MCPublic a (I think, anyway) better place. I've worked to continue to help make it a safe and comfortable place for people to just play Minecraft. I've been able to work with and get to know a very talented, intelligent, and just plain awesome group of people here. So that's fun, yes. As with anything, there's always give and take :)
  10. I'd not jump to conclusions so fast. But where they are located may change.
  11. I agree that maybe they would be better off in off-topic. I had intended my AMA to be about the server - ask me anything about policy and the like - but the players have asked me more personal (and even silly) questions. Some of them are server-relevant, but most of them aren't. But I can't tell people not to ask certain questions when I meant it to be an as-open-as-possible AMA :3
  12. I paste this in from the old forums: Hey all, It has been 8 months since I have touched this game, obviously being busy with school or even other games. I'm asking to be unbanned because my cousin has recently mentioned to me that I should play minecraft with him. So when asking what server, he offered to use this one. Now obviously, that would hard to do since I've been banned on it for about 8-9 months. My only intention is to come on and play with my cousin and maybe his friends once or twice a week. So just asking to be unbanned and I'm open to discussion. You have a long history with us, including 2 xray bans (for which you are banned now). I can find in the old forums a discussion from July 2012 about unbanning you (after your account had been compromised and it had come on advertising a griefing group, your second ban for such behavior). Which means that this latest ban, dated July 20, 2012, came soon after you'd been unbanned. Convince me why you should be unbanned.
  13. Oh boy. Ummm.... well, the one that comes up the most it seems is that high school sucks, but it's not the end of the world or the whole world (though it may seem like it when you're in high school.) If you can stick through it you get to see how much better things can get afterwards. Related to that, I suppose, is that life is hard, but true friends make it easier. And all it takes is for one person to care to really make a difference in someone's life. That seems a little happy-go-lucky, maybe, but having been in high school, seen the other side, and having gone from having no real friends to having a few to having quite a few (:3) it's what I've observed. And while I tend to be on the "feel depressed must seek out friends" side, I've also been on the "this person is having a rough day/week/year/life, I want to try to help if I can" side. So... yea. Hmmm... heh. Mistake? Uh, well, as far as mod/admin comments and things go, I suppose it's when I //cut and then //paste a build instead of //copy and then //paste and lost half of it when the server crashed midway through the //paste. Luckily level heads and hands came in to help me recover the build (and the owner was very chill about it). I think that was also when I finally learned the /lb redo command :) That being said, I think I've messed up social relationships badly with a few people on the servers. :/
  14. We have total control over these forums (but wouldn't have such control on Reddit), and it is much more difficult if not impossible to make troll accounts/anonymous accounts here and downvote to oblivion or make trollish posts/ask trollish questions. Sure, the questions are silly, but if that's what legitimate players want to ask their Head Admin, then that is what legitimate players want to ask their Head Admin. At least I know they're legitimate players. Or at least serious enough to bother to make an account that links an email to it and be held accountable for it (no anonymous accounts). Yes, it *could* be done on a subreddit or the subreddit, and I get that we are (and I want to continue to be) the Reddit MC servers, but I saw my AMA post as a way to put the new forums through its paces and see what it's capable of. I apologize if this has begun a trend, but there it is. I agree to some extent that the subreddit would be better for such a post, as it would better keep my responses under/near the questions. But scrolling through to find my answers, which always quote the questions, is pretty straight forward.
  15. Yea, given the age of the ban and your attitude above, I'm going to just unban you. Welcome back!
  16. I am in the United States. Try the living room. Um... I think I prefer Marvel. Because of Professor X and the X-Men.
  17. Enjoy! Everyone needs one :) Hope to see you around (and maybe back later?)
  18. heh. I have no food in that race. I like both in real life, though :3 Edit: And Potatoville looks cool.
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